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David V. Tinder Collection of Michigan Photography, Carte de Visite photographs (1859-ca. 1910)

Additional Descriptive Data

The Clements Library has created a complete list of photographers represented in the Tinder collection of carte de visite photographs: Cartes de visite photographer index.

Related Materials

David V. Tinder Collection of Michigan Photography.

The William L. Clements Library has many photograph albums including in carte de visite format. Search the library's online catalog for more information.


Tinder, David V. Directory of Early Michigan Photographers. This reference work contains biographical information about virtually every known commercial and significant amateur photographer in the state of Michigan from the first known appearances in the 1840s into the early twentieth century.

Siegel, Elizabeth. Galleries of Friendship and Fame: A History of Nineteenth-century American Photograph Albums. New Haven: Yale University Press, 2010.