David V. Tinder Collection of Michigan Photography, County File, Wayne County (1865-1985)

Collection processed and finding aid created by May Oyler, March 2012. Finding aid revised and updated by Louis Miller, March 2017
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Summary Information

Title: David V. Tinder Collection of Michigan Photography, County File, Wayne County
Creator: Tinder, David V.
Inclusive dates: 1865-1985
Extent: 1,937 photographs, 16 real photo stamps, 6 booklets, 101 pages, clippings and ephemera
The collection contains photographs of Wayne County, Michigan. Included are numerous urban scenes and images of everyday life, primarily in the Metropolitan Detroit area between 1860 and the mid-20th century. The bulk of the photographs were taken between 1890 and 1930. A very wide range of topics is represented, among them commercial and residential architecture, urban infrastructure, public and private spaces, civic and domestic activities, individual and group portraits, and events from across the social spectrum.
Language: The material is in English.
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Cataloging funded in part by the Michigan Photographic Historical Society. This collection has been processed according to minimal processing procedures and may be revised, expanded, or updated in the future.

Preferred Citation

David V. Tinder Collection of Michigan Photography, County File, Wayne County, William L. Clements Library, The University of Michigan. The majority portion donated by David B. Walters in honor of Harold L. Walters, UM class of 1947 and Marilyn S. Walters, UM class of 1950.


The city of Detroit and its vast metropolitan area has dominated the Wayne County area for centuries. Detroit was founded in 1701 as a French settlement with access to the Great Lakes and Canada and quickly became a strategic military post and trade center. It transferred to British control in 1760 during the Seven Years War and to United States governance in 1796. It became a chartered city in 1802, the capitol of the Michigan Territory in 1805, and Michigan’s first State Capital from 1837 to 1847. The city grew with an economy based largely on agriculture and trade in the early 19th century, becoming one of the nation’s prime manufacturing and cultural centers after the Civil War. Large industries based in the region included railroad equipment manufacturing, ship building, iron and steel production, stoves, pharmaceuticals, brewing, wagon making, and many others.

The industrial strength of Detroit created a large middle-class society as well as vast wealth. In turn, this affluence supported cultural advancement, education, and the arts. Commercial photography studios thrived in this environment. Many prize-winning portrait photographers were based in Detroit, as were those specializing in architecture, and the documentation of industry and commerce.

The diversity of industry of late 19th century Detroit gave way to automobile centered growth in the mid-20th century. The boom in wartime production during World War Two attracted workers from around the country and shifted the racial demographics of the city.

The collapse of manufacturing industries, the disappearance of public transportation, and massive population shifts to the suburbs were factors in the decline of Detroit in the mid to late 20th century.

Collection Scope and Content Note

Included in the Wayne County file of the David V. Tinder Collection of Michigan Photography are images of urban Detroit, people in their places of work, at home, at leisure, and participating in social activities and in fraternal and religious organizations. Numerous images show industrial manufacturing, urban transportation, and civic infrastructure. Activities related to entertainment, sports, parades, and the arts are well represented. The many portraits photographs include formal posed images, casual snapshots, workplace groups and fraternal organizations.

A vast majority of the photographs are the work of commercial photographers, with some amateurs. A significant number of photos were taken by Detroit News and Detroit Free Press photographers. Almost all the images present would be considered vernacular photos rather than fine art; however, many are carefully composed with strong aesthetic characteristics.

Although the photos have been largely sorted by subject, related materials may be present outside of the subject categories, i.e., images of transportation can also be found in the categories Architecture, Business and Commerce, Group Portraits, and in other sections outside of Transportation.

The bulk of the photos in this collection were taken in Detroit during the era of rapid population growth and industrial development around the turn of the century. The diversity of industry that appears in the late 19th century images can be seen giving way to automobile centered growth in the mid-20th century. Evidence of the rich residential lifestyles and multi-ethnic cultures of the Detroit area appear in many images.

At the fringe of the collection’s scope are images of the demolition of factories, the disappearance of public transportation, and racial unrest during the decline of Detroit in the mid to late 20th century.

It should be noted that while most of the collection are mounted and unmounted photographic prints, there are a few bound items as well as printed ephemera.

The collection has been organized into various categories by subject. The first group of photos is comprised of those that did not fit neatly under other categories. These include views of military encampments, disasters and firefighting, civic unrest, commercial product promotions, and other miscellaneous topics. Of particular note is a charming outdoor children’s party scene by amateur photographer Robert R. Oesterreich (no. 9); a double portrait montage by Tony Spina of John F. Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy, both speaking at Campus Martius (no. 14); the high quality photomechanical prints of Detroit scenes and architecture in the Detroit Illustrated. (no. 16); and a collection of 28 miscellaneous nightclub souvenir photographs dating from the 1940s-1980s (no. 20). The rest of the material falls under the following categories:

243 photographs. Material is divided between the following sub-categories: Automobiles and Trucks (56 photographs), Aircraft (18 photographs), Railroads and Trains (58 photographs), Streetcars and Trolleys (20 photographs), Roads and Infrastructure (33 photographs), Wagons (20 photographs), Maritime (38 photographs).

Of note are a photograph of an African American couple posed with a new V-8 Ford (no. 71.3); construction photos of the Detroit River railroad tunnel (no. 95); Goebel’s Brewing Co. delivery wagons (no. 98); and a view of the steamboat Tashmoo at speed on the Detroit River (no. 110).

107 photographs, most of which (113 photographs) are contained in the sub-category Music and Musicians. Of particular note are numerous photos of community brass bands, a photo of John Philip Sousa and his band at Grand Circus Park (no. 122); an image of the inventor Charles Crawford and his patented "Pickaphone" mechanism for playing stringed instruments, ca. 1888 (no. 123); and copy prints of two important early jazz bands, Finney’s Orchestra (no. 131) and McKinney’s Cotton Pickers (no. 132).

505 photographs. Material is divided into the following sub-categories: Individuals (172 photographs), Groups (133 photographs), Children (97 photographs), Weddings (64 photographs), Confirmation and Communion (41 photographs). Of particular interest are a photograph of Joan Baxter and her Hot Dog Cooker (no. 137); three 1860's portraits of members of the Hawley family of Detroit (no. 141), one of which is inscribed with enlargement instructions ca.1901 on its verso; and a portrait of politician and founder of the Republican Party Zachariah Chandler, taken by Benjamin Powelson ca. 1880 (no. 142).

Of the many notable images within the Groups category are an outstanding image of sixteen Packard Motor Car Company employees piled onto a 1911 Packard in front of the then new Packard factory on West Grand Blvd. (no. 144.9); a group of African American women engaged in a ceremonial burning of the mortgage of the Phyllis Wheatley Home for Aged Colored Ladies (no. 162); and a portrait of members of the Direct Credits Society, a Great Depression-era wealth redistribution movement founded by Alfred Lawson (no. 166).

54 photographs. Many scenes of massive parades in Detroit. Of note is a series of photographs of women marching in a racially-integrated United Spanish War Veterans Parade, ca.1940 (no. 179); and a view of five young women in a florally decorated early automobile (no. 180.11).

Business & Commerce:
319 photographs. Where possible, material has been divided into the following sub-categories: Business Exteriors (52 photographs), Business Interiors (125 photographs), Construction (22 photographs), Ford Motor Company (19 photographs). Of note is an image of a group of brewers tapping a keg at the Marx Brewing Co. (no. 186.1); Candler Dock & Dredge Co. workers and surveyors building a dock, taken by the Manning Bros. ca 1920s (no. 192); women rolling cigars at the R.G. Dunn factory, 1909 (no. 204); workers fabricating automobile bodies at the Briggs Manufacturing Co. ca. 1910s (no. 206);interior view of the Burroughs Adding Machine factory (no 209.11); the Penobscot Building construction in three stages ca 1928 (no. 217); and two fold-out panoramic photos of the Ford complex at River Rouge taken by Otto Rotch in 1925 (no. 218).

86 photographs. Material is divided into Street Views (28 photographs), Residential Views (51 photographs), and Aerial Views (7 photographs).

69 photographs. Of particular note is a charming view of a small inn at Springwells, Mich., the International Exposition House ca. 1889 (no. 235); an 1870's print of the large Russell House Hotel in Detroit (no. 238); and a panoramic view of downtown Detroit at its peak, taken by the Murray Studio in the 1920s (no. 240.18).

Labor & Unemployment:
8 photographs primarily focused on unemployment during the Great Depression. Of note is a group photo of the striking Journeyman Bakers International Union in 1902 (no. 248).

Athletes & Athletics:
58 photographs. Of particular note are a copy-print of a 1910 Detroit Tigers team photo featuring Hall of Famer Ty Cobb (no. 261); a series of 3 group photographs of an early soccer team, Michigan Alkali F.C. in 1923 (no. 265); Wyandotte baseball teams (no. 266);. The Slocum’s Island baseball champions of 1882 (no. 272.4); and a 1943 curling team (no. 273).

Classrooms & Schools:
38 photographs. Of particular interest are a student group in front of a one-room schoolhouse at Cherry Hill in 1934 (no. 280.11); a kindergarten band at Clippert School taken by the Manning Bros. (no. 280.20); and a ca.1936 Lincoln Park High School album with personal snapshots and autographs of classmates (no. 279).

Places of Worship & Religious Activities:
43 photographs. One of several images related to African American church congregations shows members of an A.M.E. church dressed in "traditional" African garb ca.1920-1930 (no. 284).

112 photographs. Of particular focus is Belle Isle (approx. 50 photographs) and Waterworks Park. A series of Belle Isle views taken in 1889 by Holcombe & Metzen is particularly picturesque (no. 297.1-9).

Funerals & Postmortem Photography:
14 photographs. These photographs date from the 1910s-1930s and are mostly photographs of open caskets surrounded by the deceased's family.

Subject Terms

  • David V. Tinder Collection of Michigan Photography.
  • Photographs shelf.
Subjects - Visual Materials:
  • Actors--Michigan--1900-1910.
  • Actresses--Michigan--1890-1910.
  • African American businesspeople--Michigan.
  • African American children--Portraits--Michigan.
  • African American choirs--Michigan.
  • African American churches--Michigan.
  • African American freemasons--Michigan.
  • African American judges--Michigan.
  • African American musicians--Michigan.
  • African Americans--Societies, etc.--Michigan.
  • African American students--Michigan.
  • African American Sunday schools--Michigan.
  • Agricultural laborers--Michigan.
  • Airports--Michigan.
  • Aircraft--Michigan--1930-1940.
  • Aircraft industry--Michigan.
  • Air shows--Michigan.
  • Amateur theater--Michigan.
  • American Red Cross.
  • Amusement parks--Michigan.
  • Animals on television--Michigan.
  • Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine for North America.
  • Asbestos--Michigan.
  • Automobile factories--Michigan.
  • Automobile industry workers--Michigan.
  • Automobile rallies--Michigan.
  • Automobiles--Michigan.
  • Automobiles--Design and construction--Michigan.
  • Balls (Parties)--Michigan--1910-1920.
  • Bands (Music)--Michigan.
  • Banquets--Michigan--1920-1930.
  • Barbers--Michigan.
  • Barbershops--Michigan--1910-1920.
  • Bar mitzvah--Michigan.
  • Bars (Drinking establishments)--Michigan.
  • BASF Wyandotte Corporation.
  • Baseball players--Michigan.
  • Basketball courts--Michigan.
  • Basketball players--Michigan.
  • Beauty shops--Michigan.
  • Beekeepers--Michigan.
  • Belle Isle Park (Detroit, Mich.)
  • Bicycles & tricycles--Michigan--1890-1930.
  • Bicycle stores--Michigan.
  • Blacksmiths--Michigan.
  • Blizzards--Michigan.
  • Boats and boating--Michigan.
  • Boycotts--Michigan.
  • Breweries--Michigan.
  • Breweries--Employees--Michigan.
  • Brick trade--Michigan.
  • Bridges--Michigan--Detroit.
  • Broom and brush industry--Michigan.
  • Building construction--Michigan--1910-1930.
  • Buses--Michigan--1930-1940.
  • Business organizations--Michigan.
  • Business Schools--Michigan.
  • Button industry--Michigan.
  • Cafeterias--Michigan.
  • Camping--Michigan.
  • Canoes and canoeing--Michigan.
  • Cartercar Co.
  • Carts & wagons--Michigan--1890-1910
  • Casinos--Michigan.
  • Catholic Church--Clergy--Michigan.
  • Catholic schools--Michigan.
  • Cemeteries--Michigan.
  • Chauffeurs--Michigan.
  • Chemical industry--Michigan.
  • Children's costumes--Michigan.
  • Children's parties--Michigan--1890-1900.
  • Children--Michigan--Portraits.
  • Children's choirs--Michigan.
  • Church buildings--Michigan.
  • Cigar industry--Michigan.
  • Circus animals--Michigan.
  • Circus performers--Michigan.
  • City councils--Michigan--Hamtramck (Mich.)
  • City halls--Michigan.
  • Commercial photography--Michigan.
  • Concert programs--Michigan.
  • Confirmation--Catholic Church--Michigan.
  • Construction workers--Michigan.
  • Coopers and Cooperage--Michigan.
  • Couples--Michigan--Portraits.
  • Creameries--Michigan.
  • Cross-country runners--Michigan.
  • Curling--Michigan.
  • Dairying--Michigan.
  • Dearborn (Mich.)
  • Delivery of goods--Michigan.
  • Detroit College of Medicine.
  • Detroit Institute of Arts.
  • Detroit (Mich.)
  • Detroit Museum of Art.
  • Detroit Opera House.
  • Detroit Red Wings (Hockey team)
  • Detroit Symphony Orchestra.
  • Detroit, Toledo and Ironton Railroad.
  • Diving--Michigan--1890-1900.
  • Docks--Michigan.
  • Dodge Brothers.
  • Dredges--Michigan.
  • Drugstores--Michigan.
  • Dwellings--Michigan.
  • Engines--Michigan.
  • Entertainers--Michigan--1900-1910.
  • Ethnic costume--Romania.
  • Ethnic groups--Michigan.
  • Exhibitions--Michigan--1880-1890.
  • Explosions--Michigan.
  • Factories--Employees--Michigan.
  • Factories--Michigan.
  • Families--Michigan--Portraits.
  • Fire fighters--Michigan.
  • Florists--Michigan.
  • Flour mills--Michigan.
  • Flower arrangements--Michigan--1920-1940.
  • Football players--Michigan--1900-1910.
  • Ford Motor Company.
  • Ford Motor Company--Employees.
  • Ford Motor Company. Rouge River Plant.
  • Ford Rotunda (Dearborn, Mich.)
  • Fraternal organizations--Michigan
  • Funeral rites & ceremonies--Michigan--1910-1930
  • Gardens--Michigan--1900-1910.
  • Gas power plants--Michigan.
  • General Motors Corporation.
  • Graduation (School)
  • Grant, Ulysses S. (Ulysses Simpson), 1822-1885--Homes and haunts.
  • Grocery trade--Michigan.
  • Hardware stores--Michigan.
  • Hat trade--Michigan.
  • Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village.
  • High school students--Michigan.
  • Horse-drawn rail cars--Michigan.
  • Horse racing--Michigan--1920-1930
  • Hospitals--Michigan--Detroit.
  • Hotels--Michigan--1870-1890.
  • Hudson's (Department store)
  • Ice industry--Michigan.
  • Insurance companies--Michigan.
  • International Union, United Automobile Workers of America (CIO)
  • Inventors--Michigan
  • Jazz musicians--Michigan
  • Journeymen Bakers National Union of the United States.
  • Kennedy, John F. (John Fitzgerald), 1917-1963.
  • Kennedy, Robert F., 1925-1968.
  • Kitchen utensils--Michigan.
  • Knights of Pythias.
  • Knights Templar (Masonic order)
  • Laboratories--Michigan.
  • Lakes--Michigan.
  • Libraries--Michigan--Detroit.
  • Lighthouses--Michigan.
  • Locomotives--Michigan.
  • Luggage industry--Michigan.
  • Mausoleums--Michigan.
  • Mechanical musical instruments--Michigan.
  • Men--Michigan--Portraits.
  • Men--Societies and clubs--Michigan.
  • Metalworking industries--Michigan.
  • Michigan Central Railroad Company.
  • Michigan. National Guard.
  • Michigan Stove Company.
  • Military bands--Michigan.
  • Motion pictures--Michigan--1930-1940.
  • Motorboat racing--Michigan.
  • Music stores--Michigan.
  • Musicians--Michigan.
  • Nightclubs--Michigan.
  • Nursing schools--Michigan.
  • Occupational training--Michigan.
  • Offices--Michigan--1910-1930.
  • Old age homes--Michigan.
  • Opticians--Michigan.
  • Paddle steamers--Michigan.
  • Parade floats--Michigan.
  • Parades--Michigan.
  • Parks--Michigan--Detroit.
  • Photography--Societies, etc--Michigan.
  • Picnics--Michigan.
  • Playgrounds--Michigan.
  • Police--Michigan--Detroit.
  • Police stations--Michigan.
  • Political parades & rallies--Michigan--1900-1920.
  • Portraits, group--Michigan.
  • Postmortem photography--Michigan.
  • Power-plants--Design and construction--Michigan.
  • Priests--Michigan.
  • Prisons--Michigan.
  • Public architecture--Michigan.
  • Radio broadcasting--Michigan.
  • Railroad stations--Michigan.
  • Railroad tunnels--Design and construction--Michigan.
  • Railroad tunnels--Michigan.
  • Railroads--Employees--Michigan.
  • Railroads--Michigan.
  • Residential architecture--Michigan.
  • Restaurants--Michigan--1920-1930.
  • Robeson, Paul, 1898-1976.
  • Sailors--Michigan.
  • School children--Michigan.
  • School buildings--Michigan.
  • School plays--Michigan.
  • School yearbooks--Michigan.
  • Ships--Launching--Michigan.
  • Ships--Michigan.
  • Shoes--Repairing--Michigan.
  • Skyscrapers--Michigan--Detroit.
  • Soccer players--Michigan--1920-1930
  • Soldiers--Michigan.
  • Souvenirs (Keepsakes)--Michigan.
  • Spanish-American War, 1898--Veterans--Michigan.
  • Stables--Michigan.
  • Steamboats--Michigan.
  • Steel foundries--Michigan.
  • Stove industry and trade--Michigan.
  • Street lighting--Michigan.
  • Street-railroads--Michigan.
  • Streets--Michigan.
  • Strikes and lockouts--Automobile industry--Michigan.
  • String bands--Michigan.
  • Storefronts--Michigan.
  • Sousa, John Philip, 1854-1932.
  • Teeth--Radiography--Michigan.
  • Television programs--Michigan.
  • Theaters--Michigan--1910-1920.
  • Threshing machines--Michigan--1900-1910.
  • Tiger Stadium (Detroit, Mich.)
  • Tour buses--Michigan.
  • Traffic signs & signals---Michigan--1930-1950
  • Train ferries--Michigan.
  • Trucks--Michigan--1920-1940.
  • Trenton Channel (Mich.)
  • United States. Army--Recruiting, enlistment, etc.--Michigan.
  • United States. Army. Reserve Officers' Training Corps.
  • Variety stores--Michigan.
  • Vocational education--Michigan.
  • Water mills--Michigan.
  • Water towers--Michigan.
  • Waterworks--Michigan.
  • Wayne County (Mich.)
  • Weddings--Michigan.
  • Women automobile industry workers--Michigan.
  • Women field hockey players--Michigan.
  • Women figure skaters--Michigan.
  • Women--Employment--Michigan--1910-1940.
  • Women--Michigan--Portraits.
  • Women--Societies and clubs--Michigan.
  • Woodward Avenue (Mich.)
  • World War 1914-1918--Michigan.
  • YMCA of the USA.
  • Young Women's Christian Association.
  • Agdan Photographic.
  • Alliance Commercial Photo Co.
  • Alvord & Co.
  • American Commercial Photo Co.
  • Arthur Studio.
  • Arthur, Edward J.
  • Babas Studio.
  • Baker Art Studio.
  • Baker Studio.
  • Baker, Chas. R.
  • Ball, Lyman L.
  • Ballaun Studio.
  • Baron, Herman.
  • Blanchard, Issac H.
  • Bleibel, Gustav.
  • Bonish Studio.
  • Bowles, Esther A., Mrs.
  • Brown & Co.
  • Burose, Herman.
  • Charles Hopp & Co.
  • Cheff, Edmund Archael.
  • Club Photos Inc.
  • Commercial Photo Service Co.
  • Cousins Art Studio.
  • Craine, Benjamin H.
  • Davison Photo Studio.
  • Deluxe Theatrical Studio.
  • Detroit Edison Co.
  • Detroit News Staff.
  • Fotografia Italiana (G. Lanni & Co.)
  • General Motors Photographic Section.
  • Harbican Studio.
  • Hayes, Clarence Messenger.
  • Hediger, James D.
  • Hillmer, Davis B.
  • Hoffman Studio.
  • Hoffman, Clarence L.
  • Holcombe & Metzen.
  • Holgate Studio.
  • Howie, George William.
  • Hughes, John Wesley.
  • Huntington & Clark.
  • Jackson, Harvey C.
  • James, Langford P.
  • Jones, J. F.
  • Lazarnick, Nathan.
  • Litynski, Walter E.
  • Litynski-Jakubowski Co.
  • MacGregor and Company.
  • Manning Bros.
  • Mazur, Anthony
  • McMichael, A.G.
  • Merz, Charles J.
  • Metropolitan Art Studio.
  • Mirecki, Albert J.
  • Modernistic Photo Studio.
  • New Chene Studio.
  • P. Pieronek Studio.
  • Phelps, C.A. (New Castle, IN)
  • Pipp, Frank H.
  • Poli, Faustino G.
  • Pollard, C.H.
  • Rembrandt Studios.
  • Rentschler, Andrew.
  • Rentschler's Studio.
  • Rochowiak, Stanley A.
  • Rotch, Otto.
  • Salter, Al.
  • Smart Set Studio.
  • Smith Brothers Commerical Photographers.
  • Sowinski, Joseph.
  • Spellman, Delmar Driscoe.
  • Spencer & Wyckoff.
  • Spooner & Wells, Inc.
  • Stone, Frank H.
  • Tiffany Photographic Studio.
  • Tomlinson, Frank N.
  • Wiederhold, John A.
  • Wright, Fred G.
  • Ziawinski Bros.
  • Ziawinski, Felix.
  • Ziawinski, Joseph.
Genre Terms:
  • Clippings.
  • Cyanotypes.
  • Documents.
  • Ephemera.
  • Pamphlets.
  • Photocopies.
  • Photographic prints.
  • Photomechanical prints.
  • Postage stamps.

Contents List

Container / Location Title
Box   1  
David V. Tinder collection of Michigan photography, County File, Wayne County, Box 1 [series] [view selected images]
1. [X-ray of teeth, ca. 1930] (1 photograph)
2. [16 real photo stamps] (16 real photo stamps)
3. [Bartell residence and family photos, ca. 1950s] (9 photographs)
4. The Stratosphere Gondola [movie prop, ca. 1934, NOTE: see image #31 for related content] (1 photograph)
5. Wyandotte 75 years of good clean living [booklet] (1 booklet)
6. Souvenir of Detroit, the convention city ca. 1905 (1 booklet, photomechanical prints)
7. Detroit in 1898 (1 photograph)
8. [Firefighters fighting a fire at the Sparling Plastic Industries building, ca. 1961] (1 photograph)
9. [Children's party, ca. 1890s] (1 photograph)
10. Reversible Ventura Fan and adjustable frame [woman cooking in kitchen ca. 1920s] (1 photograph)
11. [Detroit snapshot photo albums, ca. 1950s] (36 photographs in 4 booklets)
12. [Miscellaneous Detroit snapshots, ca. 1950s] (35 photographs)
13. [Knights of Pythias encampment, Detroit, August 1900] (3 photographs [2 additional photos of Indiana encampment])
14. [John F. Kennedy-Robert F. Kennedy composite photo in Detroit by Tony Spina, ca. 1960s] (1 photograph)
15. [Dr. Rydzewski collection, appears to be family photographs ca. 1905-1961 also 1921 letter from Lithuania written in Polish] (37 photographs, 4 ephemera)
16. Detroit Illustrated [published by H. R. Page & Co., 1889] (101 pages, photomechanical prints)
17. Detroit Journal explosion [November 1895] (1 photograph)
18. [Michigan infantry unit in park, ca. 1890s] (1 photograph)
19. [Woman demonstrating range and stove ca. 1900-1910] (2 photographs)
20. [Miscellaneous nightclub souvenir photos] (28 photographs)
21. [Panorama of Grand Circus Park, ca. 1925] (1 photograph)
22. [1967 Detroit Riot, copy prints of Associated Press photographs] (3 photographs)
23. [Soap Box Derby competition] (11 photographs)
Box   2  
David V. Tinder collection of Michigan photography, County File, Wayne County, Box 2 [series] [view selected images]
24. [Two women standing next to rock sculpture; view of boarding house(?), ca. 1890-1910] (2 photographs)
25. [Women eating outside on picnic table, ca. 1920s-1930s] (1 photograph)
26. [Livestock at the Detroit stockyards, ca. 1920s] (2 photographs)
27. [Photographs taken by Edison Institute student, possibly Louis Ives, showing basketball game, school dance, and group portrait ca. 1946-47] (4 photographs)
28. [Full-sized replica of Naval ship on display in Grand Circus Park, ca. 1942 (see image 36.16 for different angle of same replica ship)] (1 photograph)
29. [Snapshots of Detroit freeway construction, ca. 1957] (52 photographs)
30. [Miscellaneous Detroit architecture (incl. Temple Beth El, Detroit City Hall, Waterworks Park), shipping on the Detroit river, street scenes, and transportation, ca. 1900-1910] (16 photographs)
31. [Henry Ford with stratosphere scientists Jean Picard and Jeanette Picard, ca. 1934, NOTE: see image #4 for related content] (1 photograph)
32. [President of Suburban Goodfellows selling papers to make food baskets for the poor, 1927] (1 photograph)
33. [Detroit policeman directing traffic on Woodward Ave, ca. 1918] (1 photograph)
34. [Collection of photographs by Brown City photographer Clarence L. Hoffman, miscellaneous subjects including a street view of Jefferson Ave in Detroit, ca. 1900-10] (12 photographs)
35. [Collection of photographs by unidentified photographer, ca. 1905, only one is from Detroit, a photograph of the Majestic Building, the rest are identified as being from Brown City, Mich.] (7 photographs)
36. [Detroit snapshots ca. 1942 including photograph (36.16) from different angle of same replica ship as in item #28, also one picture (36.1) of Burton Memorial Tower in Ann Arbor, Mich.] (16 photographs)
37. [Miscellaneous Detroit street views, groups of people and architecture, appear to have once been pasted in a scrapbook, ca. 1910s] (13 photographs)
38. ["Standard" Jacks and garage equipment, ca. 1929] (4 photographs, 1 ephemera)
39. [Researchers in the Reference Room at the old Detroit Public Library, ca. 1910] (1 photograph)
40. [Two male laboratory workers working on experiment, ca. 1950s] (1 photograph)
41. [Fred A. Anstie Collection, mostly of Anstie and railroad coworkers, trains, and a retirement party for Anstie ca. 1970] (35 photographs, 5 ephemera)
42. [Interior of Greenfield Village tintype studio ca. 1980(?)] (1 photograph)
43. [1898 group portrait of Company C, 35th Regiment Michigan Volunteers, woman seated with regiment] (1 photograph)
44. [Aftermath of fire at unidentified automobile factory, ca. 1900-10] (6 photographs)
45. [Aftermath of fire at Saxon Motor Car Company, February 1917] (10 photographs)
46. [Detroit News photographers and photographic equipment] (25 photographs)
47. [Misc. Detroit views ca. 1920] (8 photographs)
48. [Two portraits of Dr. Jonathan R. Bowers, ca. 1870s] (2 photographs, 5 ephemera)
49. [WWJ Radio equipment and staff] (6 photographs)
50. [Copy prints, panorama of Detroit riverfront ca. 1880] (5 photographs)
51. [Detroit News photographic equipment, demonstrated by John Orris, ca. 1957] (3 photographs)
52. [View of Detroit River with Ambassador Bridge in the distance] (1 photograph)
53. [Razing of Uniroyal Tire plant, ca. 1985] (1 photograph)
54. [Detroit News executive office, ca. 1922] (1 photograph)
55. [Firefighters battle fire at the corner of Campus Martius and Monroe, 1897] (1 photograph)
Box   3  
David V. Tinder collection of Michigan photography, County File, Wayne County, Box 3 [series] [view selected images]
Transportation -- Automobiles & Trucks
56. [1952 city of Dearborn taxi driver license] (1 photograph)
57. [Armored truck or tank, Army recruitment ca. 1918] (1 photograph)
58. [City Treasurer pay car] (1 photograph)
59. [Geml-McGrath Dairy Inc. trucks] (1 photograph)
60. [Auto rally, ca. 1911] (3 photographs)
61. [Gardner-White Co. delivery truck, ca. 1930] (1 photograph)
62. [Advertisement "Important Cadillac Firsts"] (1 photograph)
63. [Carter Automobile, ca. 1910] (3 photographs, 1 newspaper article)
64. [Sauer Cooperage delivery truck] (1 photograph)
65. [Booth Insulation Co. delivery trucks] (3 photographs)
66. [Miscellaneous automobile businesses] (6 photographs)
67. [Wayne Creamery delivery truck, July 12, 1928] (1 photograph)
68. [Delivery trucks for Marcel Blomme Butter, Eggs & Cheese] (1 photograph)
69. [Trucks and automobiles] (25 photographs)
70. [Enlargement of automobile stereographs] (2 photographs)
71. [Individuals and families posed with cars, incl. African-American couple] (5 photographs)
Transportation -- Aircraft
72. [Mary Elizabeth Von Mach, first Detroit women to own and operate her own airplane, ca. 1920s] (2 photographs)
73. [Aircraft] (10 photographs)
74. [Miscellaneous images of hot air balloons at Detroit News race, ca. 1926-27] (3 photographs)
75. [Planes on display at the National Aircraft Show at Detroit City Airport ca. 1931] (1 photograph)
76. [Panorama of Stout Airplane Co. and Henry Ford Airport] (1 photograph)
77. Helicopter delivering film to the Detroit News (1 photograph)
Transportation -- Railroads &Trains
78. [Railroad at Wyandotte, ca. 1920s] (8 photographs)
79. Electrification of Ford's Detroit, Toledo and Ironton Railroad (1 photograph)
80. [Michigan Central Terminal, Detroit under construction] (2 identical digital copy prints)
81. [Locomotives, railroads and depots] (23 photographs)
82. [Miscellaneous locomotives, railroads, depots, and offices, ca. 1920s-1970s] (24 photographs)
Transportation -- Streetcars & Trolleys
83. [Miscellaneous street railroads, ca. 1890s-1930s] (16 photographs)
84. [Grosse Pointe-Waterworks Park streetcar line, ca. 1891] (4 photographs)
Box   4  
David V. Tinder collection of Michigan photography, County File, Wayne County, Box 4 [series]
Transportation -- Roads & Infrastructure
85. [Towers used in construction of Livingstone Canal, ca. 1912] (1 photograph)
86. [Copy photograph of 19th century toll road, Jefferson at Baldwin] (1 photograph)
87. [Cars and bike on Tireman Ave east of what is now Greenfield Rd, ca. 1920s] (1 photograph)
88. [Bridge over Connor Creek on Gratiot Ave, ca. 1913] (1 photograph)
89. [Aerial view of Fort Street Highway, ca. 1930] (1 photograph)
90. [Traffic signal proposal at Gratiot and Van Dyke ca. 1930s-1940s] (2 photographs)
91. Michigan Ave at Scotten before widening [ca. 1940] (2 photographs)
92. [Woodward Avenue between Six and Seven Mile Road, before and after paving, ca. 1909] (2 photographs)
93. [West Jefferson Avenue-Rouge River Bridge] (2 photographs)
94. [Bridge at Grand Lawn Cemetery, ca. 1921] (1 photograph)
95. [Detroit-Windsor Michigan Central Railroad tunnel construction] (19 photographs, 1 ephemera)
Transportation -- Wagons
96. [Alfred Easter City Creamery delivery wagons and workers, ca. 1893] (2 photographs)
97. [F.M. Sibley Lumber Co. wagon and worker] (1 photograph)
98. [Goebel's Brewing Co. horse-drawn delivery wagons ca. 1900-1910] (3 photographs)
99. [Miscellaneous horse-drawn delivery wagons] (14 photographs)
Transportation -- Maritime
100. [10th district light house depot, ca. 1890s] (1 photograph)
101. [Crowd onboard railroad ferry, ca. 1930s] (1 photograph, 1 negative)
102 [Ship launching- Yosemite , ca. 1901] (2 photographs)
103. [Woman onboard railroad ferry, ca. 1902] (1 photograph)
104. [Worker group on unidentified dredge] (1 photograph)
105. [Aerial view of the Detroit Yacht Club] (1 photograph)
106. [Men onboard City of Cleveland III , ca. 1910s] (1 photograph)
107. [Worker group on dredge, Hercules , Dunbar Sullivan Dredging Co.] (1 photograph)
108. [Photograph of painting of City of Detroit steamboat, ca. 1880s] (1 photograph)
109. [Ship launching- Merton E. Farr , ca. 1920] (2 photographs)
110. [Steamboat Tashmoo in Detroit River, ca. 1900] (1 photograph)
111. [Speed boat races, ca. 1945-1955] (6 photographs)
112. [Steamboats- Greyhound and Eastern States , ca. 1910s] (3 photographs)
113. [Steamboat- Western States , photographs are taken over a range of dates] (3 photographs)
114. [Miscellaneous boats] (13 photographs)
115. [Circus performers, ca. 1930s] (4 photographs)
116. Pike Theatre Co. [composite group portrait, ca. 1902] (1 photograph)
117. [Sonny Elliot and chimpanzee, ca. 1960s] (1 photograph)
118. Earl Yoke [entertainer, ca. 1910s] (2 photographs)
119. [Miscellaneous individual performers] (8 photographs)
120. [Miscellaneous costumed groups and portraits] (13 photographs)
Box   5  
David V. Tinder collection of Michigan photography, County File, Wayne County, Box 5 [series] [view selected images]
Performers -- Music & Musicians
121. Non-Partisan Progressive Band [ca. 1930s-1940s] (4 photographs)
122. [John Philip Sousa at Grand Circus Park, ca. 1928] (1 photograph)
123. [Charles Crawford and his "pickaphone", mechanism for playing stringed instruments, ca. 1888] (1 photograph, 1 ephemera)
124. [Miscellaneous individual musicians] (7 photographs)
125. Leonard B. Smith with Philco Band, December 13, 1944 (5 photographs and ephemera)
126. [Detroit Symphony woodwind ensemble] (16 photographs, 5 booklets and clippings)
127. [Miscellaneous band groups] (37 photographs, 1 ephemera)
128. African-American junior choir and orchestra, Second Baptist Church, September 14, 1923 (1 photograph)
129. [Portrait of Benjamin Shook, African-American jazz band leader, ca. 1920] (2 photographs)
130. Ypsilanti Normal Choir, Frederick Alexander Conductor, at Detroit Symphony Christmas Concert, December 15, 1929 (1 photograph)
131. [Copy print of African-American jazz band Finney's Orchestra, Fred S. Stone Manager] (2 photographs)
132. [Copy prints of African-American jazz band McKinney's Cotton Pickers, ca. 1926] (14 photographs)
Box   6  
David V. Tinder collection of Michigan photography, County File, Wayne County, Box 6 [series] [view selected images]
Portraits -- Individuals
133.1-133.68 [Misc. portraits-women] (68 of 80 photographs)
Box   7  
David V. Tinder collection of Michigan photography, County File, Wayne County, Box 7 [series] [view selected images]
Portraits -- Individuals (cont.)
133.69-133.80 [Misc. portraits-women] (12 of 80 photographs)
134.1-134.52 [Misc. portraits-men] (52 of 78 photographs)
Box   8  
David V. Tinder collection of Michigan photography, County File, Wayne County, Box 8 [series] [view selected images]
Portraits -- Individuals (cont.)
134.53-134.78 [Misc. portraits-men] (26 of 78 photographs)
135. [Portrait Carte De Visite-G. S. Lyons, ca. 1870s] (1 photograph)
136. [Jesse Lynn McKee, General Manager, Michigan Central Railroad, ca. 1925] (1 photograph)
137. [Joan Baxter and her hot dog cooker] (1 photograph)
138. [Unidentified man on horse, appears to be 20th century enlargement of earlier image] (1 photograph)
139. [Frank D. Fitzgerald, Michigan Secretary of State, ca. 1933 also a photocopy of tintype of his mother as a young child housed with cased images] (1 photograph, 1 photocopy)
140. [Hand-painted albumen portraits] (3 photographs)
141. [1860s Hawley family portraits including Detroit resident Elijah Hawley, also portrait of Giles Hawley Collins with written enlargement instructions ca. 1901] (3 photographs)
142. [Studio portrait of Zachariah Chandler, ca. 1880] (1 photograph)
143. [Knights Templar portraits] (2 photographs)
Portraits -- Groups
144. [Worker group portraits] (21 photographs)
145.1-145.11 [Miscellaneous family groups] (11 of 19 photographs)
Box   9  
David V. Tinder collection of Michigan photography, County File, Wayne County, Box 9 [series] [view selected images]
Portraits -- Groups (cont.)
145.12-145.19 [Miscellaneous family groups] (8 of 19 photographs)
146. [Three different years of women at Christmas party, possibly Ford Motor Company secretaries, ca. 1939-1941] (4 photographs)
147. [Miscellaneous portraits-couples] (15 photographs)
148. [Firefighters with horse drawn wagon, ca. 1890] (1 photograph)
149. City Council of Hamtramck 1922-23 (1 photograph)
150. [Michigan Photographic Historical Society members, ca. 1970s] (1 photograph)
151. [Farm workers with steam threshing machine, ca. 1900-1910] (2 photographs)
152. [General Motors, wives Christmas party, December 21, 1944] (3 photographs)
153. Nut Club of Detroit, August 1909 (1 photograph)
154. [German Club members, ca. 1910s] (1 photograph)
155. [Unidentified African-American man with Paul Robeson; and with "Detroit's first black judge"] (2 photographs)
156. Susterka Lake [ca. 1900-1910] (1 photograph)
157. [Business and fraternal groups] (12 photographs)
158. [African American group in Scott Auditorium, ca. 1941] (1 photograph)
159. Paramount Club, November 26, 1931 [African American society] (1 photograph)
160. [Banquet-Wolverine Consistory, S.P.R.S., African-American group, October 28, 1922] (1 photograph)
161. "The Bachelors" at the Oriental [African-American group dinner, December 24, 1917] (1 photograph)
162. Burning the mortgage of the Phyllis Wheatley Home, Detroit, January 4, 1915 [Phyllis Wheatley home for aged colored ladies] (1 photograph)
163. American Red Cross Society [African-American group, ca. 1918] (1 photograph)
164. Wallis-Wainwright Hack Post no.314 Past Commanders [Composite portrait, ca. 1940] (1 photograph)
165. A conference beginning of Older Boys and Older Girls in Detroit auspices of Y.W.C.A. and Y.M.C.A. March 23-35, 1923 [African-American group] (1 photograph)
166. [Direct Credits Society 1st Economic District of Michigan, ca. 1930s] (1 photograph, 1 ephemera)
167.1-167.23 [Miscellaneous groups] (23 of 39 photographs)
Box   10  
David V. Tinder collection of Michigan photography, County File, Wayne County, Box 10 [series] [view selected images]
Portraits -- Groups (cont.)
167.24-167.39 [Miscellaneous groups] (16 of 39 photographs)
Portraits -- Children
168. [Portrait of boy on pony, ca. 1920] (1 photograph)
169. [Caucasian girl with African-American doll, ca. 1940s] (1 photograph)
170. [Miscellaneous portraits-infants] (31 photographs)
171.1-171.26 [Miscellaneous portraits-children] (26 of 64 photographs)
Box   11  
David V. Tinder collection of Michigan photography, County File, Wayne County, Box 11 [series] [view selected images]
Portraits -- Children (cont.)
171.27-171.64 [Miscellaneous portraits-children] (38 of 64 photographs)
Portraits -- Weddings
172.1-172.30. [Wedding portraits] (30 of 64 photographs)
Box   12  
David V. Tinder collection of Michigan photography, County File, Wayne County, Box 12 [series]
Portraits -- Weddings (cont.)
172.31-172.64. [Wedding portraits] (34 of 64 photographs)
Portraits -- Confirmation & Communion
173.1-173.13 [Confirmation and Communion portraits] (13 of 41 photographs)
Box   13  
David V. Tinder collection of Michigan photography, County File, Wayne County, Box 13 [series] [view selected images]
Portraits -- Confirmation & Communion (cont.)
173.14-173.41 [Confirmation and Communion portraits] (28 of 41 photographs)
174. [American Legion parade, ca. 1951] (9 photographs)
175. [Republican parade, ca. 1890s] (4 photographs)
176. [Grand Army of the Republic Parade, ca. 1891] (4 photographs)
177. [Shriner's Parade, ca. 1890s] (3 photographs)
178. [Knights Templar parade, ca. 1910s] (1 photograph)
179. [United Spanish War Veterans Parade ca. 1940] (19 photographs)
180. [Miscellaneous parades] (14 photographs)
Business & Commerce
181. [Nicolai family collection, business exteriors (horse shoeing, blacksmith, and real estate) and automobiles, ca. 1880s-1920s] (6 photographs, 1 ephemera))
182. [Improved Cummer engine, ca. 1883] (1 photograph)
183. Boat Transit Company [ca. 1930s-1940s] (4 photographs, 1 ephemera)
184. [Jacob F. Meier Co, factory and automobile, ca. 1910] (7 photographs)
185. [D.H. Burrell & Co.-Hoop cutting] (10 photographs)
Box   14  
David V. Tinder collection of Michigan photography, County File, Wayne County, Box 14 [series]
Business & Commerce (cont.)
186. [Marx Brewing Co.] (3 photographs, 1 booklet)
187. [Turbine engine-Pennsylvania Salt Manufacturing Co., ca. 1925-27] (4 photographs)
188. [Dodge Brothers employee rallies, ca. 1917-1920] (10 photographs)
189. [Detroit Dredging Co.] (4 photographs)
190. [Miscellaneous commercial photos, products, buildings, equipment, interiors] (37 photographs)
191. [Paired photographs showing both exteriors and interiors of miscellaneous businesses] (13 photographs)
192. [Candler Dock & Dredge Co. Workers, ca.1920s-1930s] (1 photograph)
193. C.M. Nichols, Honey Producer [display booth, ca. 1910] (1 photograph)
Business & Commerce -- Business Exteriors
194. [Display window at Hudson's, September 15, 1953] (1 photograph)
195. [Woodworth's and S.S. Kresge Co. storefronts in Plymouth, Mich, ca. 1950-51] (2 photographs)
196. [Exterior of W. E. Barker & Co ca. 1890s, December 19, 1914 newspaper clipping concerning store of H. B. Barker & Sons] (2 photographs, 1 ephemera)
197. David Stott's flour mill [ca. 1890-95] (1 photograph)
198. [Miscellaneous business exteriors] (46 photographs)
Box   15  
David V. Tinder collection of Michigan photography, County File, Wayne County, Box 15 [series] [view selected images]
Business & Commerce -- Business Interiors
199. Leon G. Nahnikian Expert Shoe Repairing shop [Hat cleaning and shoe repair shop, ca. 1919] (3 photographs)
200. [Unidentified shoe repair shop and employee, ca. 1922] (1 photograph)
201. [Sharpe's Cafeteria interiors, ca. 1938] (2 photographs)
202. [Hoffman's store, Detroit, Mich. ca. 1925-1935] (5 photographs)
203. [Candy aisle at Kresge's, ca. 1950] (4 photographs)
204. [Women in R.G. Dunn cigar factory, ca. 1909] (1 photograph)
205. [Factory interior-women workers, ca. 1920s-1930s] (1 photograph)
206. [Briggs Manufacturing-auto bodies, George Slauson foreman, ca. 1920s] (4 photographs)
207. [Miscellaneous store interiors, incl. African-American grocery store] (31 photographs)
208. [Misc. interior views of businesses, incl. African-American restaurant] (21 photographs)
209. [Miscellaneous industrial interiors] (53 photographs)
Business & Commerce -- Construction
210. [Stewart's Ladies Wear store renovation, ca. 1920s] (2 photographs)
211. [Trenton Channel Powerhouse construction, ca. 1924] (8 photographs)
212. [Briggs Manufacturing Co. factory site, ca. 1920] (4 photographs)
213. [St. Paul Gas Light Co. construction, ca. 1911] (2 photographs)
214. [Unidentified building construction at 474 Montclair Ave, Detroit, May 15, 1911] (1 photograph)
215. McLouth Steel Corp.-stainless expansion, February 13, 1954 (1 photograph)
216. [Panorama of construction of artificial gas plant, ca. 1920s] (1 photograph)
217. [Penobscot Building construction, ca. 1928] (3 photographs)
Box   16  
David V. Tinder collection of Michigan photography, County File, Wayne County, Box 16 [series]
Business & Commerce -- Ford Motor Company
218. [Ford Motor Co., River Rouge industries, ca. 1925] (2 panoramic photographs)
219. [Ford Motor Company News Bureau photos, ca. 1946] (2 photographs)
220. [Miscellaneous factory and production views] (15 photographs)
Views -- Street
221. [Dearborn Coach Co., Dearborn street view, ca. 1935] (1 photograph)
222. [Winter storm damage, December 5, 1898] (2 photographs)
223. [Woodward Avenue views, ca. 1870s] (2 photographs)
224. [Miscellaneous street views] (23 photographs)
Views -- Residential
225. [Ulysses S. Grant headquarters, Detroit, ca. 1870] (1 photograph)
226. Grosse Pointe and Grosse Pointe Farms residential architecture] (4 photographs)
227. [Residence and garden, ca. 1912-16] (9 photographs)
228. [Miscellaneous Wayne County residential architecture] (4 photographs)
229. [Detroit residential architecture] (33 photographs)
Views -- Aerial
230. [Detroit and bridge view] (1 photograph)
231. [Eastwood park-aerial photo, ca. 1940s] (1 photograph)
232. [Miscellaneous aerial photos-Detroit] (5 photographs)
Box   17  
David V. Tinder collection of Michigan photography, County File, Wayne County, Box 17 [series] [view selected images]
233. "Former home of William H. Yawkey" [related to estate lawsuit and investigation] (1 photograph)
234. Sprinkler Tank-6164 Cass Avenue [ca. 1945] (1 photograph)
235. [George Degens International Exposition House, Springwells, Mich., 1889] (1 photograph)
236. [Detroit public buildings-City Hall and Library, ca. 1880s] (2 photographs)
237. [Spanish American War Memorial] (1 photograph)
238. [Russell House Hotel, ca. 1870s] (1 photograph)
239. [Dearborn residential and public architecture] (24 photographs)
240. [Miscellaneous Wayne County architecture] (36 photographs)
241. [1889 Detroit International Exposition main building] (1 photograph)
242. Tiger Stadium, June 20, 1984 (1 photograph)
Labor & Unemployment
243. Basement of Detroit City Hall, ca. 1930 (1 photograph)
244. [Copy print of Peter Brooks photo of unemployed man holding sign asking for work not charity, 1930] (1 photograph)
245. [Woolworth Five and Ten female employees on strike, ca. 1937] (1 photograph)
246. [United Auto Workers strikers, musicians, ca. 1940s] (1 photograph)
247. [Street view of Inkster, Mich., also people lined up outside of a soup kitchen, ca. 1930s] (2 photographs)
248. [Journeymen Bakers International Union strikers, 1902] (1 photograph)
248.1. [Wives of United Automobile Workers on strike, 1939] (1 photograph)
Athletes & Athletics
249. Cass Tech High School girls sports team [ca. 1930] (1 photograph)
250. [Detroit Turners, mens volleyball team, ca. 1939] (2 photographs)
251. [Young women in swimming gear at Detroit Yacht Club posing with Olympic champion Arne Borg from Sweden, ca. 1930] (1 photograph)
252. [Young women's figure skating team, ca. 1920s] (1 photograph)
253. [Unidentified shirtless man flexing large muscles, ca. 1910] (1 photograph)
254. [Detroit Urban Railway baseball team and streetcar, ca. 1903-04] (1 photograph)
255. [Young women's field hockey team, ca. 1930] (1 photograph)
256. Detroit Red Wings 1938-39 (1 photograph)
257. [Contact sheet with images of African-Americans including Muhammad Ali [Cassius Clay], ca. 1960s] (12 photographs on a single sheet)
258. Jr. [Basketball] Team Barbour Int. School 1927 (1 photograph)
259. [Well's Roller Hockey Club, ca. 1943] (1 photograph)
260. [Unidentified Dearborn football player in practice gear, ca. 1940s] (1 photograph)
261. [Detroit Tigers group photograph, ca. 1910s] (1 photograph)
262. [Participants in bowling leagues, 1932-41] (2 photographs)
263. [Wyandotte football teams] (2 photographs)
264. [Detroit Tigers training room, ca. 1930s] (6 photographs, 2 negatives)
265. [Michigan Alkali F. C. soccer team, ca. 1923] (3 photographs)
266. [Wyandotte baseball teams] (4 photographs)
267. [Detroit Post Office baseball teams, undated and ca. 1933] (2 photographs)
268. [Hugh Thompson, cross country runner, ca. 1940s] (1 photograph)
269. [Polo match action shots, ca. 1922] (2 photographs)
270. [Who's Your Tailor?-basketball team, ca. 1917-18] (1 photograph)
271. Rose Morgan 2nd heat [horse race, ca. 1929] (1 photograph)
272. [Miscellaneous athletic teams] (6 photographs)
273. [Portrait of curling team, ca. 1943] (2 photographs)
Box   18  
David V. Tinder collection of Michigan photography, County File, Wayne County, Box 18 [series] [view selected images]
Classrooms & Schools
274. Michigan Barber College, Detroit, March 10, 1950 [African-American group] (1 photograph)
275. Detroit Commercial College [student group, ca. 1921] (1 photograph)
276. The Seniorette [yearbook, Northville High School ca. 1911] (1 booklet)
277. [Redford High School R.O.T.C., girls with band drum, ca. 1939] (1 photograph)
278. [Exterior of school, District no. 2, Dearborn Township, ca. 1920s] (1 photograph)
279. [Lincoln Park High School, " January Class of 1936" composite portrait in album owned by Stephen Modos with personal snapshots and autographs of classmates] (10 photographs)
280. [Miscellaneous school group portraits] (23 photographs)
Places of Worship & Religious Activities
281. [Bar Mitzvah luncheon, January 18, 1964] (3 photographs)
282. [20th century studio portraits of Catholic priests] (2 photographs)
283. [Miscellaneous churches] (7 photograph)
284. [African-American A.M.E. church members dressed as African royalty, ca. 1920s] (1 photograph)
285. River Rouge and Delray A.M.E.A.C.E. League [African-American Group, ca. 1930] (1 photograph)
286. Reuniunea Femeilor SF. Treime [Romanian women's meeting at Holy Trinity Church, ca. 1920s] (1 photograph)
287. [Miscellaneous church and religious school groups] (26 photographs)
288. [Composite of exterior of New Mt. Zion Baptist Church with portrait of African-American Rev. J. S. Williams, ca. 1928] (1 photograph)
289. [Exterior of St. Aloysius Parish School, ca. 1920s] (1 photograph)
Box   19  
David V. Tinder collection of Michigan photography, County File, Wayne County, Box 19 [series] [view selected images]
290. [Detroit park views, July 4, 1906] (8 photographs)
291. [Belle Isle and Water Works Park, ca. 1911] (3 photographs)
292. [Electric Park and Eastwood Park, ca. 1910s-1920s] (32 photographs)
293. [Miscellaneous Detroit park views, ca. 1900-1920] (14 photographs)
294. [Water Works Park, ca. 1890s-1950s] (6 photographs)
Parks -- Belle Isle
295. [Parade on Belle Isle, ca. 1910] (2 photographs)
296. Fellowcraft Club, Belle Isle, June 2, 1924 (2 photographs)
297. [Belle Isle views ca. 1880s-1929] (42 photographs)
298. [Belle Isle Park features, ca. 1910s] (3 photographs)
Funerals & Postmortem Photography
299. [Post mortem-funeral displays, ca. 1910s-1930s] (14 photographs)

Additional Descriptive Data

Photographer Index A complete list of photographers represented in the Wayne County series of the Tinder collection.

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David V. Tinder Collection of Michigan Photography.

For visual iconography of Detroit up to the age of photography, see Brian Leigh Dunnigan, Frontier Metropolis. Wayne State University Press, 2001.

Other similar resources include the photograph collections at the Burton Historical Collection, Detroit Public Library, the Detroit Historical Society Museum, the Walter P. Reuther Library, Wayne State University, the Benson Ford Research Center, and the Bentley Historical Library, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

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Tinder, David V. Directory of Early Michigan Photographers. This reference work contains biographical information about virtually every known commercial and significant amateur photographer in the state of Michigan from the first known appearances in the 1840s into the early twentieth century.