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Aladdin Company. / [ 1906-1989, and undated] Title: Aladdin Company Records Collection Addition 1906-1989, and undated
Extent: 29 boxes, 6 Oversized volumes, 11 film containers, 7 Oversized folders (approximately 18 cubic ft.)
Abstract: The collection consists mostly of personal Sovereign family materials rather than Aladdin company records. Formats include paper, photographs, negatives, slides, films, oversized scrapbooks, blueprints, homework, some business records, and court and legal documents. MOLD/ALLERGY ALERT: Please note that the collection was treated in spring 2012 for mildew and mold and then deacidified. Some of the materials retain an unpleasant odor. Researchers with allergies should be careful when using the collection.
Aladdin Company. / [ 1907-1989 (bulk 1940-1982)] Title: Aladdin Company Records Collection 1907-1989 (bulk 1940-1982)
Extent: approximately 350 cubic feet in 259 containers
Abstract: The collection documents the activities of the Aladdin Company and its founding family, the Sovereigns, from 1907 until 1989. The Aladdin Company was a manufacturer of catalog "kit homes" in Bay City, MI second in sales volume only to Sears Roebuck & Company. The collection includes company records, sales records (including building projects as part of WWI and WWII war efforts), Aladdin Company advertising materials, order and construction information, and personal records of various members of the Sovereign family - including the court records of the William Sovereign v. Mary Sovereign divorce case.
Alert Fire Engine Company No. 1 (Adrian, Mich.) / [ 1840-1866, and undated ] Title: Alert Fire Engine Company No. 1 (Adrian, Mich.) Organizational records, 1840-1866, and undated
Extent: .25 cubic feet (in 1 box)
Abstract: The records consists of the company's historical files, library records, and bookplates.
All, Stephen A. / [ 1958-1971, and undated ] Title: Stephen A. All Education Television Collection, 1958-1971, and undated
Extent: .25 cubic foot (in 1 box)
Abstract: Collection documents early public educational television programs, concerns, developments in Michigan, particularly in Flint, and at Central Michigan University.
Alliton, Silas H. / [ 1860-1916 (Scattered) ] Title: Silas H. Alliton Collection 1860-1916 (Scattered)
Extent: 1 cubic foot (in 1 box, 1 Oversized folder, 1 Oversized volume)
Abstract: Correspondence, papers, newspaper clippings, photographs, and postcards of Silas H. Alliton.
American Fur Company Records. / [ 1810-1848] Title: American Fur Company Records, 1810-1848
Extent: .25 cubic feet (in 1 box)
Abstract: Photocopies made from 2 reels of microfilm of company related materials including correspondence (copies), index card, and finding aids (copies) of other, related collections.
American National Red Cross. Isabella County Chapter (Mich.) / [ 1917-1979 ] Title: American National Red Cross. Isabella County Chapter (Mich.) Organizational records, 1917-1979
Extent: 1.25 cubic feet (in 1 box, 3 Oversized volumes, 1 Oversized folder)
Abstract: The collection includes charter, meeting minutes, financial records, annual reports, correspondence, scrapbooks, and other organizational records.
American National Red Cross. Isabella County Chapter (Mich.) / [ 1917, 2014, and undated ] Title: American National Red Cross. Isabella County Chapter (Mich.) Collection, 1917, 2014, and undated
Extent: .75 cubic foot (in 1 box, 1 Legal-sized folder)
Abstract: This collection includes images, newspaper clippings and articles, financial records, reports, pamphlets, recognition materials, letters, and newsletters.
Anspach, Charles L. (Charles Le Roy), b. 1895 / [ 1901, 1918, and undated] Title: Miscellaneous photographic collection, 1901, 1918, and undated
Extent: 2.75 cubic feet (in 6 boxes)
Abstract: The collection consists mostly of variously sized tinted portraits, film negatives, glass-plate negatives, lantern slides, and tin types, of diverse topics.
Anspach, Elizabeth Lockwood Wheeler. / [ 1914, 1994, and undated ] Title: Elizabeth Lockwood Wheeler Anspach Family Papers, 1914, 1994, and undated
Extent: 1 cubic foot (in 1 box, 2 Overized Volumes, 1 Oversized Folder)
Abstract: The Elizabeth Anspach Papers, 1914, 1994, and undated, consist of biographical materials, photographs, postcards, diplomas, report cards, honorary speeches, and newspaper clippings (copies).
Arivaca Mill Company (Arivaca, Ariz.) / [ 1843-1885, and undated ] Title: Arivaca Mill Company (Arivaca, Ariz.) Organizational Records 1843-1885, and undated
Extent: 1 cubic foot (in 2 boxes)
Abstract: The collection includes financial and legal records, correspondence, and stock certificates of the Arivaca Mill Company (Arivaca, Ariz.).
Arnett, Carroll. / [ 1927-2000, and undated ] Title: Carroll Arnett Collection 1927-2000, and undated
Extent: 2 cubic feet (in 5 boxes)
Abstract: The collection, 1927-2000, and undated, contain biographical materials, books, poems, letters, photographs, cassette tapes, and few objects.
Audrain, Peter, 1725-1820. / [ 1672, 1868, and undated ] Title: Detroit (Michigan) Collection 1672, 1868, and undated
Extent: .25 cubic foot (in 1 box)
Abstract: Collection includes copies of French documents re: Detroit military and Indian relations history, letters from a French Register in Quebec, documents in English on same topics, probably copied from Gen. Thomas Gage's papers, and later additions of miscellaneous Detroit history documents in English.
Austin, Basil G. / [ 1904, 1953, and Undated ] Title: Basil G. Austin Papers 1904, 1953, and Undated
Extent: .5 cubic foot (in 1 box)
Abstract: Papers include consists of copies of Basil’s notes on his family, diaries from 1904, a bound version of Diary of a ninety-eighter, and the cover page and maps of Cumming’s book.