Papers,   1944-1998, and undated
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James Moreno Political protest pins collection. [series]:
Box   1 P   1
Panel 1) Health care and insurance pins (7): Medium pin: Deregulate Doctors (red letters), image of speculum on white background; Large pin: Self-Help Clinic (red letters) on white background; Medium Pin: No More For-Profit “Health” In$urance (black letters), red slash over white background; Large Pin: Single payer is healthcare equality for all (white letters) PNHP (red letters) (white letters) with image of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in black, on red background; Medium pin: Love it! (red letters) Improve it! (black letters) Medicare for all! (red letters), National Nurses United (black letters) with red and black lines, Red nurse symbol, on white background; Large pin: I Love (heart(red)/ stethoscope (white/black) Single Payer (in black letters) (white letters) on orange background; Medium pin: Single-Payer National Health Insurance (white letters) PNHP (purple letters), workers in white/ black on neon-green background, undated
Box   1 P   2
Panel 2) Justice and peace pins (12): Large peace pin: Pink peace symbol on black background, smudged;l Medium pin: V for Victory hand (white) in front of Capitol (in black) against bright blue sky; Medium Pin: If you want peace work for Justice Paul 6 Campaign for Human Development United States Catholic Conference (red letters on white background); Medium pin: Peace (white Letters) image of earth from outer space in blue and white on black background; Small pin: Peace on Earth Work for Peace (white letters) white dove with olive branch on green background; Small Pin: Work for Peace October 15 (white letters) white dove with olive branch on bright blue background; Smaller Pin: Work for Peace November 13-14 (white letters) white dove with olive branch on faded blue background; Small pin: Listen to mothers for a change (yellow letters) with white peace sign on faded purple background; Small pin: V for victory hand (black) in front of yellow/pink background with pink heart; Small pin: PEACE (white letters inside white fish/Christian symbol on purple background); Small pin: HOPE (white letters inside white fish/Christian symbol on yellow background); Small pin: GRACE (white letters in side white fish/Christian symbol on red background), undated
Box   1 P   3
Panel 3) Michigan and gay rights pins (4): 1 medium pin: What’s Good for Detroit! Is Good For America! (black letters on gray background); small pin: Mt. Pleasant Tenants Union with up/housing (white letters on blue background) medium pin: Michigan Pioneer in Progress (red letters) white state of Michigan mitten and UP on bright blue background; small pin: purple butterfly with Come Out (purple letters on white background; small pin: male and female gender symbols and Gay Power (hot pink symbols and letters on black background); small pin: Out Of The Closet And Into The Street (black letters on pale pink background), undated
Box   1 P   4
Panel 4) Patriotic, elections, politics pins (12): Large pin: Ronald Reagan and George Orwell in 1984 (red letters on white background); Red/blue ribbon pendant with medal. Front side includes soldier holding rifle and wreath above his helmeted head, National IWO Convention New York July 1941 Nothing on reverse side. (blackened surface); Medium, plastic, flag shaped pin: USA in gold on yellow, gold ribbon banner over American flag in red and white stripes and blue star field; Medium pin: McCarthy (black letters), black ribbon above, blue ribbon below, on white background; Medium pin: What’s to Celebrate? 4th of July 1976, Demonstrate! Philadelphia (white letters) on red and blue background; Large pin: Billy Jack For President (black letters), with portrait of Tom Laughlin wearing hat as Billy Jack on white background (refers to Tom Laughlin (1931-2013) who was the star of “Billy Jack” films (1967-1977); Medium pin: Don’t Tread On Me, July 4, 1976, Wash., D.C. (green letters), Green coiled snake, on yellow background (Image of the Gadsen Flag, used by Continental Marines, 1775); Large pin: Out the Door in ’84, Alliance for Justice, ACORN (black letters) caricature of Ronald Reagan with a red slash over him on white background; Medium pin: Feminist Party demands Shirley Chisholm for President (red letters) on yellow background; Medium pin: McGovern Shriver ’72 (in white letters) on dark blue background; Large pin: VOTE in gold letters on red/white stripes, blue/gold field; Small pin: Nixon’s the one! (red letters) on white background, 1941, 1972, 1976, 1984
Box   1 P   5
Panel 5) Radical students, union pins (11): Large pin: Mountain madness II (black letters and mountain image/ sun) on orange; Small pin: Mountain madness (black letters and mountain image/ sun) on orange; Small pin: Anarchy (black letters) on red background; Large pin: Boycott Grapes (black letters) on red background, black eagle symbol on white circle in middle of pin; Large pin: It will be a great day when our schools get all the money they need and the air force has to hold a bake sale to buy a bomber (red letters), image of children on/climbing the globe (dark blue) against light blue background; Large pin: Kent 25 (black letters) [refers to Kent State University guards who fired into the air not into the students), body (in black) with red dot on it, in gun crosshairs (black), on red target on white background; Medium pin: Fight University Bosses Ally with Campus Workers, sds (refers to Students for a Democratic Society) (black letters) union logo 9 (in black) on white background; Large pin: Love it or (black letters on yellow) Lose it (yellow letters on black) with images of trees; Medium pin: I will support my union, union logo 313 (red letters) on white background; Medium pin: National Tenants Organization N1O (black letters, symbol) on yellow background; Medium pin: Failure is impossible (red letters) on pink background, undated
Box   1 P   6
Panel 6: Vietnam and other war and nuclear protest pins (19): Medium Pin: Set the dates to end war, Poverty and repression (black letters) Nov. 6 (red letters) March-Rally Organize Peoples Coalition for Peace and Justice (black letters) on white background; Small pin: US Labor against the war, (black letters), white dove of peace with green olive branch on raised fist (red) holding black pencil/wrench on yellow background; Medium pin: Anti-draft week (red letters), March 16-22 (white letters)) New mobe (black letters) with red/white flowers (peace signs in center) in pink helmet on black background; Small pin: Moratorium on taxes (red letters), taxes, taxes (blue letters) on white background; Medium pin: Vietnam for the Vietnamese. U.S. Out of S.E. Asia. Now! (white letters), yellow image of mother, children, on black background; Small pin: Freeze Now. (white letters on blue background); Small pin: SOLAR EMPLOYS (red letters on yellow) Nuclear Destroys (white letters on green); Medium pin: U.S. GET OUT OF VIETNAM NOW! NO DEALS!! Sds [Students for a Democratic Society] (red letters on white background); Small pin: We WON’T GO! VMC [Vietnam Moratorium Committee) (blue letters on white background); Small pin: DON’T PAY WAR TAXES (blue letters on white background); Medium pin: The draft is a dead end job (yellow letters on green background); Medium pin: People before profits! No Nukes! Youth Against War and Fascism, on rim-NG Slater Corp. NYC 11 with nuclear warning symbol (all in black on orange background); Medium pin: Washington May Day (blue letters) If the government won’t stop the war we’ll stop the government (red letters) all on white background; Medium pin: Out of SE Asia (black letters) Now, SMC [refers to Student Mobilization Committee Against the War in Vietnam] Oct 31 (red letters) on white arrow on black background; Small pin: NO WAR (White letters on blue background); Medium pin: SIGN NOW. Jan. 20. MARCH AGAINST DEATH (orange letters and hand, white/black bombers, on light blue background; Medium pin: STOP FERMI March against nuclear power (black letters), no nukes! (black outline letters) June 2 Monroe, MI (red letters), nuclear warning symbol (part red) on yellow background; Medium pin: SUPPORT OUR TROOPS BRING THEM HOME NOW! (black letters), yellow ribbon on black peace sign on white background; Small pin: FESTIVAL OF LIFE, Washington, D.C. (black letters on yellow), Nov. 13-15 MARCH AGAINST DEATH (Yellow letters on black) all on yellow/black ying/yang symbol background, undated
Box   1 P   7
Panel 7: Women, women’s rights and pro-choice, ERA pins (16): Small pin: CELEBRATE CHOICE (green letters on blue circle), Jan. 22, 1973, cross/menorah [interfaith symbol] (blue letters/symbol on green circle); Medium square pin: your voice is your power (blue letters) … make it heard! (yellow letters) both on green/white background with blue trim, Planned Parenthood Action Network and symbol (white letters, symbol on blue background; Large pin: STOP BUSH Swat the Right Wing Outta the West Wing Abortion Clinic, Online 800-455-8130 (white letters on red stop sign on white background); Small square pin: Stop the War on Women NARAL Pro-Choice Texas PRO-CHOICE Pro-Choice (blue letters on white) VOTE (White letters on red/blue blocks) white Statue of Liberty head on blue square; Large pin: ERA YES (white letters on olive green background); Small pin: United Nations 1975 INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S YEAR (blue letters on white background), blue dove with white cross/female gender symbol; Medium pin: CHOICE (yellow letters) on brown background; Small pin: PRO CHILD (blue letters on white) PRO CHOICE (white letters on blue background; Small pin: NEVER AGAIN (black letters), black image of dripping coat hanger on red background; Small pin: MARCH ON WASHINGTON, NOVEMBER 15 STOP THE DEATH MACHINE STOP THE WAR STOP THE WAR MACHINE (red letters on yellow background); Small pin: VOTE PRO-CHOICE (brown letters) union 7 logo (in black) all on light blue background; Small pin: Free Abortion on Demand (black letters), A WOMAN’S RIGHT TO CONTROL HER LIFE (black outline letters), black ribbon on orange background; Small pin: UPPITY WOMEN UNITE (black letters on white background); Medium pin: Reproductive Freedom Rider (red letters) on yellow pin; Medium pin: LISTEN TO WOMEN, American College of Nurse-Midwives, 1-888-midwife (white letters/numbers) on blue background; Medium pin: Roe v. Wade “A DECADE OF CHOICE” (Green letters), January 22, 1973, 1973: 1983 (black letters) Green head/arm Statue of Liberty, all on yellow background , 1973, 1983