Joseph Rowe Smith, Sr., Family Papers,   1823-1920, and undated
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Joseph Rowe Smith, Sr., Family Papers. [series]:
Box   1 F   1
Joseph Rowe Smith, Sr. Papers, Biographical Materials, undated
Box   1 F   2
Joseph Rowe Smith, Sr. Papers, Letters from his brother, Henry Smith, to Joseph Smith (JRS), Sr., describing Business Ventures, Bank Stocks, Politics, and Advice on Mexican Affairs before the War; also Receipts, Orders, Invitations, and a Cure for Cholera, 1830-1849
Box   1 F   3
Joseph Rowe Smith, Sr. Papers, Diary, an account of JRS, Sr.’s military career as a Brigadier General (75 pp.), 1823-1835
Box   1 F   4
Joseph Rowe Smith, Sr. Papers, Copy of Diary with Genealogy Notes, undated
Box   1 F   5
Joseph Rowe Smith, Sr. Papers, Doctor’s Report on JRS, Sr.’s Injured Elbow, Senate Bill, Invitations, Receipts, Deeds, 1850-1859
Box   1 F   6
Joseph Rowe Smith, Sr. Papers, Photograph of JRS, Sr., undated
Box   1 F   7
Joseph Rowe Smith, Jr. Papers, Receipts, Canceled Checks, Indentures, Forms of Business Papers, Baptismal Certificates, Letter about the Changing of Churches into Hospitals for the Wounded, 1860-1862
Box   1 F   8
Joseph Rowe Smith, Jr. Papers, Civil War Letters, mainly about Hospitals for the Wounded and Medical Supplies, Dedication of Temporary Hospital Building at the University of Michigan, and Letters from the Government about Female Nurses, 1863
Box   1 F   9
Joseph Rowe Smith, Jr. Papers, Letters on Family Affairs and State of Health, describes the living conditions, also includes Letters concerning the War and Jefferson Davis’ Position, Receipts, and Business Letters on Real Estate, 1864-1866
Box   1 F   10
Joseph Rowe Smith, Jr. Papers, Letters to JRS, Sr.’s children about Family Health, mentions Court Martial Cases and other Military Affairs; Military Lists and Rolls; Letters from Wm. Savior, Lawyer of JRS, Sr.’s Estate about JRS, Sr.’s Death on September 3, 1868; and Letters on Stock and Stockholders’ Meetings, 1867-1869
Box   1 F   12
Joseph Rowe Smith, Jr. Papers, Family Correspondence, Letters inquiring about methods used in different surgical operations, Financial Status after Settlement of the Shortz Estate, Letters about Medical Books/Pamphlets, and Letters concerning the Divorce of Mrs. Peak, 1870-1879
Box   1 F   13
Joseph Rowe Smith, Jr. Papers, Transcript of part of “My First Woodcock” (Excludes last 7 pages, see Hunter’s Journal), undated
Box   1 F   14
Joseph Rowe Smith, Jr. Papers, Horace Smith, Journal, 1870-1878
Box   2 F   1
Joseph Rowe Smith, Jr. Papers, Materials mainly about medicine and surgery for amputation, American Medical Association, memorandum to Josh Billings, Receipts, Stock, Program, 1880-1889
Box   2 F   2
Joseph Rowe Smith, Jr. Papers, Letters from Admiral Wallace on Books, Views on Military Promotions by Seniority, Retirement from Medical Corps, Lumber Price List, Mortgage, Letters telling of Pamelia’s Death, 1890-1899
Box   2 F   3
Joseph Rowe Smith, Jr. Papers, Resolutions and Letters urging Congress to promote Soldier JRS to Brigadier General, Property Report for St. Clare Flats Canal, Letters concerning the Ontario Game and Fish Act, and Hunting Permits for Horace Smith, 1900-1910
Box   2 F   4
Horace Smith, Hunting Permits, Stockholder Reports, Receipts, and Stock Dividends, 1911-1916
Box   2 F   5
Horace Smith, Receipts, Miscellaneous Letters to, about Stock Dividends, Letters about a Sears, Roebuck and Company Payment, and Detroit Western High School Graduation Exercises Programs (3 copies), June 23, 1920, 1917-1920
Box   2 F   6
Miscellaneous Papers, Cures for Hydrophobia, Receipts, etc., undated
Box   2 F   7
Smith Family Photographs (36), Daguerreotypes (2) undated
Box   2 F   8
Joseph Rowe Smith, Jr., Photographs (5), Tintypes (2), Carte-de-Visites (3) of University of Michigan Reunion of Class of 1848, etc., undated
Box   2 F   9
Map of Belle Plaine Territory, Minnesota, undated
Box   2 F   10
Miscellaneous Army Pamphlets and Articles by Joseph Rowe Smith, Book entitled Field Surgeon Duties of. Wounded in Battle Care of. By Lt. Col. Joseph R. Smith, USA, undated
Box   3 F   1
Item-Level Index Cards, undated
Box   3 F   2
Daguerreotypes, 1) Joseph Rowe Smith, Jr., as an adult, JRS, Jr. when at the U of M Medical School in 1848, and JRS, Jr. in uniform, undated, 1848, undated
Box   3 F   3
Daguerreotypes, 2) Joseph Rowe Smith, Sr. (?) with his wife and son, undated
Box   3 F   4
Daguerreotypes, 3) Roberts, Colonel Horace, undated
Box   3 F   5
Mrs. Joseph Rowe Smith, Calling cards (2) and case, undated