Independent Order of Odd Fellows. Millbrook Level Lodge No. 219 (Millbrook, Mich.) Organizational Records,   1893, 2001, and undated
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Whitmore Knaggs Family Papers. [series]:
Box   1 F   1
Biographical Materials, 1856-1857; Petition by George Knaggs to Court of Claims suing U.S. for property of Whitmore Knaggs damaged during War of 1812 (printed, 11 p.); and Letter regarding this petition; City of Toledo note for proper street drainage, undated; Board of National Gas Trustees sympathy to family in death of W. W. Jones by President J. W. Greene, May 30 [no year]; News Article: Last of Knaggs Family is Dead, 1911; Steele’s consolidated stock certificate of Miss Antoinette Knaggs, 1926, 1856-1857, 1911, 1926, undated
Box   1 F   2
Accounting Records, 1839-1905: John Knaggs’ Account, 1839; Population census of Toledo Manuscript, 1 page, September 1866; Bills, 1842, 1859; Adelaine K. Jones Account with Clayton W. Everett, Attorney, 1905, 1839-1905
Box   1 F   3
Agreements, 1833-1859
Box   1 F   4
Bills and receipts, 1836-1892
Box   1 F   5
Correspondence, 1858-1894: William W. Jones Land sales in Lucas County, Ohio, July, 1870; A.B. Gunn’s father’s will made under persuasion, 1870; Letter from Nelson Gunn to William Jones (Son-in-Law of John Knaggs) regarding land purchase and life in Eldora, Kansas, 1871; Telegram from Mr. R. B. Mason, Mayor of Chicago concerning distress and needs of Chicago after the Great Fire, 1871; Anonymous letter to Mrs. Carrington urging to change doctors in order to save her Husband’s life, 1869, 1858-1894
Box   1 F   6
Deeds, Warranty and Quit Claim concerning land (William W. Jones and wife, Adelaine, 1858, 1866, 1871, 1879, 1882, 1895
Box   1 F   7
Essays, By Dr. William H. Jones. reminiscences of Epidemics in Toledo” (Manuscript and Printed copy) Reminiscences on the Medical Profession (16 p. incomplete), undated
Box   1 F   8
Indentures, Mortgages, receipts, petition of land, 1830-1895; Nellie Gonz releases Frank H. Jones from all claims (mentions an illegitimate child), August 24, 1895, 1830-1895
Box   1 F   9
Indentures, John Knaggs (Whitmore’s Son) Indentures and receipts on land; sales and payments in Lucas and Henry counties, Ohio, undated
Box   1 F   10
Tax receipts, 1810-1895
Box   1 F   11
Wills, Whitmore Knaggs, 1827; William H. Jones, 1892, 1827; 1892
Box   1 F   12
Images, Daguerreotypes (2) of two groups of women, undated; Silhouette of Whitmore Knaggs, undated; Postcard-George Knaggs’ house, undated, undated
Box   1 F   13
Miscellaneous, Prayer Book Signed by Father Gabriel Richard, 1810, 1823, 1829