Robert G. Hunt Papers,   1861-1865, and undated
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Frederic Bronson Papers. [series]:
Box   1 F   1
Accounts, includes receipts for items purchased abroad, 1828-1830
Box   1 F   2
Accounts, includes receipts for items purchased abroad, 1834-1837
Box   1 F   3
Accounts, includes receipts for items purchased abroad, April 1838, undated
Box   1 F   4
Accounts, includes receipts for items purchased abroad, May 1838
Box   1 F   5
Accounts, includes receipts for items purchased abroad, June 1838
Box   1 F   6
Accounts, includes receipts for items purchased abroad, July 1838
Box   1 F   7
Accounts, includes receipts for items purchased abroad, Includes Posting bulls from Duseldorf to Berlin, July 7-28, 1838
Box   1 F   8
Accounts, includes receipts for items purchased abroad, August 1838
Box   1 F   9
Accounts, includes receipts for items purchased abroad, September 1838, undated
Box   1 F   10
Accounts, includes receipts for items purchased abroad, October 1838, undated
Box   1 F   11
Accounts, includes receipts for items purchased abroad, November 1838
Box   1 F   12
Accounts, includes receipts for items purchased abroad, December 1838, undated
Box   1 F   13
Accounts, includes receipts for items purchased abroad, January 1839
Box   1 F   14
Accounts, includes receipts for items purchased abroad, February 1839
Box   1 F   15
Accounts, includes receipts for items purchased abroad, March 1839, undated
Box   1 F   16
Accounts, includes receipts for items purchased abroad, April 1839
Box   1 F   17
Accounts, includes receipts for items purchased abroad, May-July 1839, undated
Box   1 F   18
Accounts, includes receipts for items purchased abroad, August-October 1839
Box   1 F   19
Accounts, includes receipts for items purchased abroad, 1840
Box   1 F   20
Accounts, includes receipts for items purchased abroad, 1845-1846
Box   1 F   21
Accounts, includes receipts for items purchased abroad, 1849-1863
Box   1 F   22
Accounts, includes receipts for items purchased abroad, undated
Box   1 F   23
Insurance Papers, Policies, Canceled checks, etc. 1838-1861
Box   1 F   24
Land Papers, Illinois: Land Improvement Company, Articles of Agreement, (galley proofs with manuscript corrections) 1838-1861, undated
Box   1 F   25
Land Papers, Illinois, Cook County, Chicago, 1835, undated
Box   1 F   26
Land Papers, Michigan, 1834-1860, undated
Box   1 F   27
Land Papers, New Jersey, Somerset County, Securities of C.L. Hardenburgh, 1846
Box   1 F   28
Land Papers, New York (State), 1842-1858
Box   1 F   29
Land Papers, New York (State), Erie County, 1834-1839
Box   1 F   30
Land Papers, New York (State) New York County, New York (City), Madison Avenue To Broadway, 26th Street to 30th Street, New York (City), annotated (lithograph), circa 1850
Box   1 F   31
Land Papers, New York (State), Otsego County, 1843, undated
Box   1 F   31
Land Papers, Ohio, Wood County, Perrysburgh, 1840, undated
Box   1 F   32
Land Papers, Pennsylvania, 1829
Box   1 F   33
Land Papers, Wisconsin, Pipe Village ( on Stockbridge and Brothertown Indian Reserve) property held by Frederic Bronson and William B. Ogden (manuscript map) undated
Box   1 F   34
Land Papers, Miscellaneous, 1827-1836, undated
Box   1 F   35
Land Papers, Printed materials, annotated documents, newspaper clippings 1835-1848
Box   1 F   36
Legal Forms, August 1829
Box   1 F   37
Legal Papers, 1827-1859, undated
Box   1 F   38
letters, William B. Ogden; Thomas Owen; Lucius Lyon; Micajah T. Williams (3); Peter Lorillard “Judge Burnet;” William Short, with letter from Thomas Owen to Lucius Lyon, 1832-1834, May 8, 1834
Box   1 F   39
letters, James J. Wadsworth; Stephen Forbes (6); J.D. Doty; Charles F. Butler (7); M.T. Williams; Grant Goodrich; ? Bloodgood; William M. Jenner; H.H. Hurlbut; Sig. Ombrosi, 1836
Box   1 F   40
R.S. Baldwin; Robert Lawrence; John Jay; Samuel R. Miller; W.W. Bryan, 1837
Box   1 F   41
Roger S. Baldwin (3); D.P. Brewster; Alvin Bronson (4); B.F. Butler; George M. Dallas; Joseph Fellows; John Forsyth; David Porter; Thomas Suffern; William E. Howland; George Moore; Howland Aspinwall (3); A.T. Hicks (2); James Buchanan; I. McCracken?; ? Welles (9); several letters of introduction for Frederic Bronson’s use in Europe, 1838
Box   1 F   42
James G. Mayfair; Bartolini? (2); Messrs. Lombard; Messrs. Stieglitz; Salomon Heine Grants Balfour?; Thomas B. Osborne; James Ombrosi; etc.; European purchases, etc. 1839
Box   1 F   43
James Ombrosi (5); R. Peters; N. Bloodgood (3); David L. Clarkson (3); Horace Allen (3); J. Ganson, 1840
Box   1 F   44
Moses King (2); A.M. Schermerhorn (2); William Bard; J. Curtis; C.L. Livingston; N.P. Tallmadge; W.B. Ogden; I. Bulestier?; Thomas Legate; H.H. Hurlbut; and an 1842 exchange of letters between F. Bronson and unidentified correspondence [McCracen] re: misunderstandings about the value and sale of land tracts in the Old Northwest Territories. 1841-1842
Box   1 F   45
H. H. Hurlburt (2); James B. Murrray; A. Bronson; James J. Wadsworth; William Ingles; George R. Babcock; J.H. Addington; Darius Peck?; ? McCrackan; J.G. Schwarz; Alvin Bronson; S. Merlvin; W.T. Cuyler; J. Schermerhorn; A. McIntyre; S.H. Fleetwood; Oliver Bronson, 1843-1844
Box   1 F   46
A.H. Dana; Horace Stimson; Emma Riggs; James B. Murray (3); H.A. Field; William Samuel Johnson; De Witt Parshall; David L. Clenham; Mary Ann Paine; F.B. Cutting; A. Dunlop; William Trubee (5); E.F. Smith; A.A. Balch; H.L. Ellsworth; Willard Stearns; C. Beach; C. Beach and Company (several); Moore, Morton and Company; Richard McCoy (4); Samuel T. Mills; Winfield Scott; Thomas W. Olcott, 1845
Box   1 F   47
J.V. Speer; Theodore A. Bailey; Warren Hardenburgh; Chauncey Betts; C.L. Hardenburgh (2); G. Tomlinson (3); R.B. Minturn; Gordon Buck; Samuel Clark; William B. Ogden; Oliver Bronson (4); Aaron Griswold: R.L. Pell; O.H. Marshall; Charles ? Paine (2), January-June 1846
Box   1 F   48
Oliver Bronson (4); G.H. Cavert; M. Paine; R.L. Pell (2); Thomas Boyd Oakley, July-September 1846
Box   1 F   49
Archibald McIntyre; Matthew M. Davis; Spalding and Tiffany; Oliver Bronson (4); Ogden and Jones; Bronson Murray; Mervin Hale; Jonathan Child; Charles Jewett (2); Jacob Beeson; Archibald McIntyre; Alexis Ward (2); Martin Ryerson (2); J.L. Endress; Francis Randall; I.? Elston; M.W. Davis; Oliver Phelps; A.P. Grant; Samuel Pruyn; Palmer Cleveland; Charles Crosby; Cambridge Livingston; Mann and Edwards (2); George R. Babcock (2); W.W. Davis; H.W. Harding; Alfred Griswold and D. Ford; Philip Phelps; G.V. ? Lathrop: Masterton and Smith; Josiah Spalding (2); E.W. VanArsdale; etc., October 1846
Box   1 F   50
G.J. Pumpelly (3); Samuel Forman; Orange Sackett; B. Whiting; Levi A. Ward (2); Isaac L. Endress; John K. Brewster; Thomas Cobbey?; Ogden and Jones (2); Charles Jewett (2); Whiting, Smith and Whiting; Miss McWhorter (2); L.A. Ward; Levi A. Ward; J. Burdick; H.G. Wells (2); George J. Pumpelly; George V.N. Lothrop; Worthington and Hough; James R.M. Bryant; Theodore P. Sheldon; Samuel C. Willson; J.C. Ellston; Maxwell Ireland; John Ward et al.; James Glasgow; Joseph Fellows; Thomas C. Sheldon; James Leach; Edwin W. Clark; George White; ? Witherell; George R. Babcock (2); Oliver Bronson (4); William Connor; A. Sweet; G. Goodrich; George Whiting; L.J. Beddo (3); Joseph Fellows, November-December 1846
Box   1 F   51
Jacob Ross; Elisha Depue; R. Blakeman; Philip Phelps (2); E. Silliman; A. Mackay; Samuel T. Mills; George C. Dekay; James W. Alexander; Ebenezer Silliman; John P. Marsh; Ogden and Jones; Theodorus B. Bronson; G.F. Porter; Oliver Bronson; J. L. Wright (2); Fred L. Martin; Aeneas Mackay; F.L. Ellas (2), 1847
Box   1 F   52
Richard McCoy (2); Thomas Dyer; Sylvester Smith; A.M. Mason; Oliver Bronson (11); Henry Dodder; William Trubee (3); J.W. Thornton; J.O. Putnam; H. Higgins; George Fisher; Delaware and Hudson Canal Company; James Monroe; J. Butterfield; Joseph Sheffield; O.L. Shepard; William M. McLain; Richard McCoy; Robert S. Pell (2); J.B. Fitzgerald; George V. Lathrop; Hartford Fire Insurance Company; Amelia Mason; J.D. Caton; George Wales; Mary Bronson, January-June 1848
Box   1 F   53
John Spicer; W.W. Bostwick; J.E. Sheffield; Oliver Bronson (7); Grant Goodrich; D. Kane; Mary Bronson (2); James B. Murray; E.L. Havens; F.W. White; Richard McCoy (3); W. Trubee; Henry W. Williams; F. H. Cuming; George W. Lothrop; P. Phelps; William Nickliss; Giles Spring; George B. Upson; Jacob Morris, July–December 1848
Box   1 F   54
Jacob Morris (4); Kidder and Bradford; Jacob Conklin; Edwin G. Rice; Ogden and Jones; William and Ann Callendar; Riggs and Severny; George W. Lothrop; J.H. Woodworth; New York and New Haven Railroad Company (2); Mary Bronson (4); Bronson Murray; R.C. Livingston; C.B. Rich; John M. Woolsey; Joseph Montague; Utica and Schenectady Railroad Company, 1849
Box   1 F   55
C.B. Rich; E. Rawson; Luther Redfield (2); john M. Woolsey (2); DeWitt Parshall (9); George F. Macy; J.B. Skinner; Philip Phelps; Pennsylvania Coal Company; E.G. Rieve (Rice?); William Parsons; Jacob Conklin; Larned Bentley; H. Curtiss; Mary Bronson; John N. Whiting; Maria Murray [?];C Willett; J. Roberts; Francis Randall, 1850
Box   1 F   56
Oliver Bronson, DeLancey Kane; Thomas N. McCarter; R.L. Pell; Mary Bronson, 1851
Box   1 F   57
Thomas N. McCarter (2); Francis Randall (3); DeWitt Parshall; Alexis Ward (2); I [J?] B. Bronson; Samuel F. Covington; James H. Pepper; B.J., 1852
Box   1 F   58
C. Stebbins; Justus Neely; Wells, Butterfield and Company, Ransom E. Wood; Oliver Bronson (3), 1853
Box   1 F   59
Oliver Bronson (7); Greene C. Bronson (2); Philip Phelps, January-February 1854
Box   1 F   60
Talmon Wakeman; Oliver Bronson (6), March-April 1854
Box   1 F   61
Oliver Bronson (8), June-August 1854
Box   1 F   62
Oliver Bronson (3) re: European trip, November-December 1854
Box   1 F   63
Oliver Bronson (25); A.D. Patchin; Isaac Bronson; R.C. Paine; R.S. Pill; J. G. Paulding; Jonathan Knight; James Gordon; Ashley H. Ball, re: Oliver Bronson’s European trip, 1855
Box   1 F   64
B.B. Burt (2); Oliver Bronson (8) re: his European trip; Stilwell Burroughs (2); Elias Brown (5); George F. Bailey (2); B.F. Angel; Ashley H. Ball; John Borden; S.L. Baker (2); W.H. Brown; Charles Burt; W.S. C. Otis; Moran Brothers; Rufus Blakeman; J.V.L. Pruyn (2); J.W. Brooks (3); Isaac Bonnell, January-June 1855
Box   1 F   65
J.W. Brooks; Theodore A. Bailey; Oliver Bronson (10), re: his European trip; Luther Grant; Sam Ward (3); Ralph C. Smith and Company, July-December 1856
Box   1 F   66
Oliver Bronson (12), re: his European trip; Central Illinois Land and General Agency circular; R.C. Paine; R.C. Smith (7); Potter and Winans (2); Charles F. Legate; J.J. Folger, re: his European trip, 1857
Box   1 F   67
Timothy Lynch (circular letter on Illinois lands); Ralph C. Smith (5); Rensselaer Roff; J.W.S. Wadsworth; Isaac Bronson (2); Oliver Bronson; Union Club (circular); Chicago Gas and Light and Coke Company; Thomas M. Howell; Isaac Colt; George R. Babcock (2); N [?] Dayton; John Livingston; Amos T. Hall; John V.S. Pruyn; Francis Randall, 1858
Box   1 F   68
Continental Insurance Company; Office of the Commissioners of Taxes and Assessments; Price, Morris and Company; Oliver Bronson (5); David Hoadley and J.T. Louthen; Amos T. Hall (2); Orrin T. Mann; E.R. Hoar; James K. Bentis; Margaret McWhorter; American Land Company; R.L. Lord; A. Islelin; Frederick A. Lane; J. Bailey Meyers; J.D. Lanier; Mann and Rodman Exchange Bank, January-June 1859
Box   1 F   69
August Belmont and Company; J. Bailey Meyers (2); American Land Company (2); Hiram Curtis; Meigs and Greenleaf (2); Oliver Bronson (2); Mann and Rodman (2); Edmund H. Miller; Charles Moran; James F. Joy [?}; Amos T. Hall (5); W.L. Newberry; Wallbarnas Berman [?]; E. Burling; Julia Allen; W. Bronson; Scates, McAllister and Jewett; John H. Kedzie; J.H. Burch; Edward L. Baker (2); J. Lanier; ichard McCoy; D.J. Lake; D.J. Vail; Exchange Bank, July-December 1859
Box   1 F   70
Edward L. Baker(2);Thompson and brothers; Mark Skinner (2); O.G. Hammond; Amos T. Hall; Oliver Branson(3); Ebenezer and Silliman; Thompson Brothers; Cyrus Sherwood, January 1860
Box   1 F   71
Mark Skinner (2); L.A. Spalding; Edward L. Baker (3); William Blair; J.W. Brooks; Oliver Bronson (2); Jonathan E. Thayer; Cyrus Sherwood; New York Central Railroad Company, February 1860
Box   1 F   72
Luther C. Clark; Edward L. Baker (5); Oliver Bronson (3); W.B. Scates (4); J.M. Walker; James F. Joy; G.W. Snow; others, March 1860
Box   1 F   73
Mark Skinner (2); Oliver Bronson (4); Edward L. Baker (8); American Land Company; John H. Rountree; Elisha Tracy, April 1860
Box   1 F   74
S. Bartlett; Edward L. Baker (4); Scates, McAllister and Jewett, May 1860
Box   1 F   75
Union Club; W.B. Scates; George Steel (2); A.F. Bartow; Oliver Bronson; S. Bartlett (2); Scates, McAllister and Jewett; Ebenezer Silliman; A. Stone; Edward L. Baker, June 1860
Box   1 F   76
S. Bartlett; Alban B. Sherwood; Edward L. Baker (2); William B. Scates (2); Ebenezer Silliman; Elias L. Smith (3); David B. Turner; American Land Company; L.A. Spalding; J.P. Morgan; W.B. Scates (2); Amos T. Hall; C. Fay; Egerton L. Winthrop; J.R. Swan; Edward L. Baker; Moses Taylor (2); Oliver Bronson, July-October 1860
Box   1 F   77
Oliver Bronson (6); James F. Joy; Sherman and Marsh; Scofield and Brown; W.B. Scates; Edward L. Baker (2); George Stell; A. Stone, Jr. (2); Ebenezer Silliman, November-December 1860, undated
Box   1 F   78
Oliver Bronson (8); Amos T. Hall; J.S. Wright (2); O.H. Day (2); J.D. Lanier; William Booth; Cyrus W. Field; B.J. Howland; William Russell; Howard Potter; William Gilman; J.W. Hatch; Robert L. Pell, 1861
Box   1 F   79
William Blair (5); Elias L. Smith (6); Charles Bliven (includes 5 letters from Blair to Smith who was Frederic Bronson’s attorney) undated: Oliver Bronson (5); Circular, Land and Collection Agency, Detroit (Michigan); August Belmont; Horace Mann; J.W. Willard; Mrs. I. Beeson; T. Griffin; A. Bronson; Mary Bronson (2); C.R. Bronson; Caroline Willet; F.B. Cutting; James M. White, 1863
Box   1 F   80
Miscellaneous Papers, Report of Mr. Jason Keith, American Tract Society, June 1, 1849 (manuscript copy); Frederic Bronson, “Memoranda for W.B. Ogden, Esqr.,” November 9, 1841; Statement of steamboats that passed through the [Louisville and Portland] canal January 1-15, 1833, with tonnage and tolls. (manuscript extract from Philadelphia Daily Chronicle of January 30, 1833), 1833, 1841, 1849
Box   1 F   81
Miscellaneous Papers, Miscellaneous re: Chicago, Burlington and Qunicy Railroad Company, 1850s; Columbus and Xenia railroad, July 1, 1861 (printed circular), 1850s, 1861
Box   1 F   82
Miscellaneous Papers, memoranda, contracts (drafts), miscellaneous re: railroads, undated
Box   1 F   83
Miscellaneous Papers, printed materials, undated