Joe De Bolt, Central Michigan University Vietnam Moratorium Committee Records,   1967, 1983, and undated
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Joseph “Joe” W. De Bolt earned his B.A. from West Virginia State College (1961) and his Ph.D. from the University of Connecticut (1975). He was hired by Central Michigan University (CMU) in 1967 and is currently a professor here in the Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work Dept. He served as the faculty advisor of the CMU. Vietnam Moratorium Committee, 1967-1971. De Bolt is married with a son, Joe W. De Bolt, Jr., a daughter, and a step-son.

A politically radical anarchist in the 1960s, he has mellowed into a social libertarian. Reminiscing about his past work, De Bolt recalled that President Boyd was at a rally and said he supported the committee’s goals. De Bolt asked if that was so, why didn’t he agree to a teach in and shut the university down? Boyd, cornered, agreed to both. The next day, few students or staff attended the teach in. De Bolt then realized that shutting down the university had been a bad idea. It had only been an exercise in control and power. He hopes that future researchers using this collection will come to the same conclusion. (This information from a conversation with Joe De Bolt on September 18, 2002.) De Bolt died on Oct. 11, 2017.