Central Michigan University. Charter Schools Office collection,   1994-2004
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Organizational History:

Legislation allowing charter schools, called public school academies (PSAs), was first enacted in Michigan in 1993. Part 6A was then appealed. A subsequent PSA law (Part 6B) was enacted and amended. In July 1997, the Michigan Supreme Court found Part 6A to be constitutional, thus negating Part 6B.

Established in July 1994, Central Michigan University’s (CMU’s) Charter Schools Office (CSO) was initially a Special Assistant to the President position. In 1995, the position became an office, which has rapidly expanded in size and scope ever since. Through the CSO, CMU’s Board of Trustees is the authorizing body for nearly 50 of the PSAs in Michigan. CMU hopes to create and restructure public education to be more effective and diverse by its support and regulation of PSAs.

CMU also established the Michigan Resource Center for Charter Schools (MRCCS) in January 1996. It serves as a resource for and to provide technical assistance to prospective authorizing bodies, the Department of Education, and individuals wishing to establish and operate a PSA.