Central Michigan University. Department of Communication Disorders Historical collection,   1972, 2012, and undated
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Isaac Bronson Papers. [series]:
Box   1 F   1
Accounts, 1818-1836, undated
Box   1 F   2
Accounts, with John Ward and Company, 1831-May 19, 1838, undated
Box   1 F   3
Bills and Receipts for two "new" houses in Water and Cherry Streets, New York, June 1820, undated
Box   1 F   4
Bills and Receipts for two "new" houses in Water and Cherry Streets, New York, July-September 1820
Box   1 F   5
Bills and Receipts for two "new" houses in Water and Cherry Streets, New York, October-December 1820
Box   1 F   6
Bills and Receipts for two "new" houses in Water and Cherry Streets, New York, 1821
Box   1 F   7
Contracts, 1820- 1835
Box   1 F   8
Estate-Land Papers, Illinois, undated
Box   1 F   9
Land Papers, New York (State), New York County, and New York (City), 1836-1841
Box   1 F   10
Land Papers, New York (State), New York County, and New York (City); Securities of Henry I. Sandford, undated; undated
Box   1 F   11
Land Papers, New York (State), Rensselear County, Greenbush, 1829, undated
Box   1 F   12
Legal Papers, George G. Sickels vs. Edwin A. Dodge, Cyremus N Dodge, Margaret Dodge, Isaac Bronson, 1830
Box   1 F   13
Letters, N. Gorham (2); Isaac Bronson II; Mrs. Anna Bronson; H.B. Kinsley; Samuel Ward; Oliver L. Phelps (2); Robert Gilchrist; John Greig, 1792-1813
Box   1 F   14
Letters, William Gardiner (2); Thomas R. Gold (4); Elias Gummare, 1814-1815
Box   1 F   15
Letters, James B. Murray; Thomas R. Gold (5); E. Gilbert (3); Daniel Goldsmith; James and Edmund Dwight; James R. Gould; De Labad (2), 1816-1818
Box   1 F   16
Letters, James Gould; James B. Murray (2); Thomas R. Gold (3), John Greig (2), 1819
Box   1 F   17
Letters, Calvin Goddard; Thomas R. Gold (3); John Greig; E. Green; James W. Glass; Robert S. Garnett; John Gustin; R. Gillespie; Samuel Ditty; Ebenezer Dimon; Roger M. Sherman; Nicolas Ryerson, 1820-1825
Box   1 F   18
Letters, Robert Goff; Marinus Gilbert; John McVickar; Oliver Bronson (6); Frederick Bronson (5); John Bolton; John Frost; Joel Farnham, 1826-1828
Box   1 F   19
Letters, Joshua Forman (5); John Bolton (3); Robert Milne (2); Edward Griffin; Frederick Bronson; Le Ray? [Le Roy?]; D. Chaumont; Davis S. Dodge, 1829
Box   1 F   20
Letters, Anthony Dey; Ebenezer Dimon; Robert L. Livingston; Horatio Kingsland; C.C. Cambreleng (2), 1830
Box   1 F   21
Letters, C.C. Cambreleng (6); Mary Livingston, 1831
Box   1 F   22
Letters, C.F. Mercer (2); Gideon Tomlinson; Ephraim Middlebrooks; James B. Murray; E.T. Troup; C.C. Cambreleng (4); Winfield Scott; William S. Johnston; Mary Livingston; William Oxtoley; Joseph Wakeman and Ebenezer Jesup; F.E. De Peyster, Jr; W.S. Johnston; Enoch W. Ford, 1832
Box   1 F   23
Letters, Mary Livingston; Martin Westbrook; Patrick Marrick; Samuel Whiting; Winfield Scott (2); C.C. Cambreleng; Samuel Ward; Ebenezer Dimon, 1833
Box   1 F   24
Letters, N. Freeman (4); William Bard; Roswell Randall; C.F. Mercer, 1834
Box   1 F   25
Letters, James B. Murray; K. Pritchette; C.F. Mercer (4); Anson Johbnson (6); John B. Young, 1835
Box   1 F   26
Letters, William Bard (2); Anson Johnson (10); K. Pritchette (3); N. Freeman; C.C. Cambreleng, January-March 1836
Box   1 F   27
Letters, "Mr. LeRoy:" Anson Johnson (3); A.G. Harrison (2), April 1836
Box   1 F   28
Letters, Anson Johnson; A.G. Harrison (2); C.C. Cambreleng (4); Simon Perkins; Winfield Scott, May-December 1836
Box   1 F   29
Letters, Samuel L. Edward; N. Freeman (4); William Bard; Charles B. Moore; Charles Morton (3); James S. Wadsworth; Levi Woodbury (3); James S. Olcott; Winfield Scott, 1837
Box   1 F   30
Letters, C.C. Cambreleng; Reuben Baldwin; W.D. Veile; [G.?] Burroughs; John A. Bryan; Milo Bostwick; Joseph S. Hanna; Abraham Becker, undated: William Bard; John Boton; [Mrs. Bolton?]; Alvin Bronson, 1838, undated
Box   1 F   31
Pension Papers, 1828-1830
Box   1 F   32
Pension Papers, 1832-1833
Box   1 F   33
Pension Papers, Correspondence and deposition; G. Tomlinson (3); John J. Irving (deposition copy); Roger B. Taney, January-February 1834
Box   1 F   34
Pension Papers, petitions, correspondence, deposition: Gideon Tomlinson (5); Benjamin Tallmadge; Roger B. Taney (5); unidentified; James B. Murray; Samuel Youngs (deposition copy), 1834 (March)
Box   1 F   35
Pension Papers, Affidavit, correspondence, petitions: Roger B. Taney (2); Matthew St. Clair Clarke (3); George Thomas; Levi Woodbury; Samuel Young, April- December 1835
Box   1 F   36
Pension Papers, Correspondence, printed Senate bills, affidavits, power of attorney: G. Tomlinson (8); Joshua King; Samuel Young (2); Eneas Munson; Benjamin Tallmadge, 1835 (no Month)
Box   1 F   37
Pension Papers, Correspondence, printed circular, printed Senate report and bill: Eneas Munson (2); Francis A. Dickins; G. Tomlinson, 1836
Box   1 F   38
Pension Papers, Correspondence, printed Congressional reports, deposition/power of attorney (2), newspaper clipping: G. Tomlinson (2); Lucius Lyon, 1837
Box   1 F   39
Pension Papers, Printed Senate bill, correspondence, printed Congressional reports, printed War Dept. Circular (4 copies), memorandum: John Norvell; Francis A. Dickins; Arthur Bronson, 1838
Box   1 F   40
Pension Papers, Deposition copies, correspondence, petitions, power of attorney, revocation of power of agent: Arthur Bronson; L. Cooper; Anne Bronson; Charles D. Lewis (2); J.L. Edwards (2); George W. Crump; Francis A. Dickins. [Note: most of the correspondence is with Anne Bronson (Isaac=s wife) and Arthur Bronson in reference to widow’s claims.], 1839
Box   1 F   41
Pension Papers, Correspondence, various legal documents, miscellanea: Francis A. Dickins; Henry Northup; William Wilkins; Anne Bronson; Charles D. Lewis; J.M. Porter; Gideon Tomlinson, 1840-1846, undated
Box   1 F   42
Securities-Bond of Jefferson County Bank to Isaac Bronson, 1822-1831
Box   2 F   1
Estate, Correspondence and Legal Papers, Edwin W. Clark; Messrs. Wakeman; James B. Murray, 1836-1861
Box   2 F   2
Miscellaneous Papers, Receipt, bank of New York to Isaac Bronson, May 2, 1815; Memorandum, Bridgeport Bank capital stock, July 1816; Letter to Mr. Thomas Stewardson, June 8, 1818; Agreement (copy) between Isaac Bronson and Hamilton Murray with guarantor George Gallagher, 1828; Insurance policy, Pacific Insurance Company (New York), January 1828 with Nathan Smith and Samuel Hitchcock, Norman Desetin; Mortgage of chattels, Christopher Drake to John Martinson, June 8, 1829; Letter, [B.W. Summars?] to William Bard, May 7, 1830; Applications to New York Life Insurance and Trust Company For stock, May 1830; Financial statement of Charleston Fire and Marine Insurance Company, January 8, 1835; Transfer of court claims: Samuel L. Edwards and Julia Edwards to William Marvin, May 21, 1835; Guaranty (copy): Horatio Stevens to Isaac Bronson, March 25, 1836; Newspaper clipping: Alvin Bronson, letter on the General Banking Law, March 23, 1838, from the Evening Post, May 8, [1838?]; Various documents pertaining to the Hartford County Mutual Fire Insurance Company, 1831-1841; Undated correspondence, memoranda, forms, 1815-1841, undated
Box   2 F   3
Receipt, Col. Sheldon’s Light Dragoons (Connecticut), 1782-1783