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Summary Information
Title: Frederic Bronson Papers,
Creator: Bronson, Frederic, 1802-1868.
Inclusive dates: 1827-1863, and undated
Extent: 1 cubic foot (in 1 box)
The collection contains accounts, insurance papers, land papers, legal forms, and letters of Frederic Bronson.

Call number: MSS.
Language: The material is in English
Repository: Clarke Historical Library, Central Michigan University
250 East Preston Street
Mount Pleasant, MI 48859
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Acc# 2545

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Frederic Bronson Papers are open for research.


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Frederic Bronson Papers, # , Box #, Clarke Historical Library, Central Michigan University


The collection is organized in alphabetical and chronological order.



Frederic Bronson was born May 2, 1802 in New York (city), the son of Isaac and Anna (Olcott) Bronson. The eighth child of ten, Frederic married Charlotte Brinckerhoff of New York on March 1, 1838. They had at least three children: Frederic (died 1900); Charlotte; and Louisa.

Frederic lived in New York (city) and Connecticut. He was a banker, businessman, land speculator, money-lender, and promoter of westward expansion. With his father, Isaac Bronson, and son, also named Frederic, he opened at bank in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Frederic (senior) died in 1868. (This information is from reel 1 of 30 Bronson Family Papers, filmed at the New York Public Library (NYPL) in 1971, a copy of which is available at the Clarke Historical Library.)

Collection Scope and Content Note

The collection includes Frederic Bronson’s correspondence, 1832-1863, undated; accounts, records of loans, mortgages, 1828-1863; deeds, maps, and other land, business, and personal papers, 182?-1861, undated. Lands covered include those in Chicago, Michigan, Somerset County (New Jersey), western New York counties, New York (city), Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

The Clarke also has the original papers of Isaac and Arthur Bronson, Frederic’s father and brother, and the Bronson Family Papers (See those finding aids.). These collections include some additional papers of Frederic Bronson.

On microfilm, the Clarke has the Bronson Family Papers deposited at NYPL (Mss. Micro F-40, 30 reels of positive microfilm). Here, amidst papers of numerous Bronson family members, are found Frederic’s letters, 1825-1861, 1863 (reel 6, 17-18, 23, 25); miscellaneous, 1829-1854 and accounts, 1839-1863 (reels 26-27), and Bronson land and miscellaneous papers (reels 7-9, 18, 25, 29-30). Frederic’s Land Book, 1840, covering Michigan, Wisconsin, and Illinois, is part of the Arthur Bronson Papers in the Newberry Library. The negative microfilm of this book (Acc#565) is also available at the Clarke. The Land Book, 1840, was filmed by the Chicago Historical Society in 1978 and donated to the Clarke.

Subject Terms

    • Bronson, Frederic, 1802-1868.
    • Bronson, Isaac, 1760-1848.
    • Bronson, Arthur.
    • Bronson family.
    • Real property--United States.
    • Real property--New York (State)
    • Real property--Illinois.
    • Real property--Michigan.
    • Real property--New Jersey.
    • Real property--Pennsylvania.
    • Real property--Wisconsin.
    Contents List
       Container / Location    Title
    Frederic Bronson Papers. [series]:
    Box   1 F   1
    Accounts, includes receipts for items purchased abroad, 1828-1830
    Box   1 F   2
    Accounts, includes receipts for items purchased abroad, 1834-1837
    Box   1 F   3
    Accounts, includes receipts for items purchased abroad, April 1838, undated
    Box   1 F   4
    Accounts, includes receipts for items purchased abroad, May 1838
    Box   1 F   5
    Accounts, includes receipts for items purchased abroad, June 1838
    Box   1 F   6
    Accounts, includes receipts for items purchased abroad, July 1838
    Box   1 F   7
    Accounts, includes receipts for items purchased abroad, Includes Posting bulls from Duseldorf to Berlin, July 7-28, 1838
    Box   1 F   8
    Accounts, includes receipts for items purchased abroad, August 1838
    Box   1 F   9
    Accounts, includes receipts for items purchased abroad, September 1838, undated
    Box   1 F   10
    Accounts, includes receipts for items purchased abroad, October 1838, undated
    Box   1 F   11
    Accounts, includes receipts for items purchased abroad, November 1838
    Box   1 F   12
    Accounts, includes receipts for items purchased abroad, December 1838, undated
    Box   1 F   13
    Accounts, includes receipts for items purchased abroad, January 1839
    Box   1 F   14
    Accounts, includes receipts for items purchased abroad, February 1839
    Box   1 F   15
    Accounts, includes receipts for items purchased abroad, March 1839, undated
    Box   1 F   16
    Accounts, includes receipts for items purchased abroad, April 1839
    Box   1 F   17
    Accounts, includes receipts for items purchased abroad, May-July 1839, undated
    Box   1 F   18
    Accounts, includes receipts for items purchased abroad, August-October 1839
    Box   1 F   19
    Accounts, includes receipts for items purchased abroad, 1840
    Box   1 F   20
    Accounts, includes receipts for items purchased abroad, 1845-1846
    Box   1 F   21
    Accounts, includes receipts for items purchased abroad, 1849-1863
    Box   1 F   22
    Accounts, includes receipts for items purchased abroad, undated
    Box   1 F   23
    Insurance Papers, Policies, Canceled checks, etc. 1838-1861
    Box   1 F   24
    Land Papers, Illinois: Land Improvement Company, Articles of Agreement, (galley proofs with manuscript corrections) 1838-1861, undated
    Box   1 F   25
    Land Papers, Illinois, Cook County, Chicago, 1835, undated
    Box   1 F   26
    Land Papers, Michigan, 1834-1860, undated
    Box   1 F   27
    Land Papers, New Jersey, Somerset County, Securities of C.L. Hardenburgh, 1846
    Box   1 F   28
    Land Papers, New York (State), 1842-1858
    Box   1 F   29
    Land Papers, New York (State), Erie County, 1834-1839
    Box   1 F   30
    Land Papers, New York (State) New York County, New York (City), Madison Avenue To Broadway, 26th Street to 30th Street, New York (City), annotated (lithograph), circa 1850
    Box   1 F   31
    Land Papers, New York (State), Otsego County, 1843, undated
    Box   1 F   31
    Land Papers, Ohio, Wood County, Perrysburgh, 1840, undated
    Box   1 F   32
    Land Papers, Pennsylvania, 1829
    Box   1 F   33
    Land Papers, Wisconsin, Pipe Village ( on Stockbridge and Brothertown Indian Reserve) property held by Frederic Bronson and William B. Ogden (manuscript map) undated
    Box   1 F   34
    Land Papers, Miscellaneous, 1827-1836, undated
    Box   1 F   35
    Land Papers, Printed materials, annotated documents, newspaper clippings 1835-1848
    Box   1 F   36
    Legal Forms, August 1829
    Box   1 F   37
    Legal Papers, 1827-1859, undated
    Box   1 F   38
    letters, William B. Ogden; Thomas Owen; Lucius Lyon; Micajah T. Williams (3); Peter Lorillard “Judge Burnet;” William Short, with letter from Thomas Owen to Lucius Lyon, 1832-1834, May 8, 1834
    Box   1 F   39
    letters, James J. Wadsworth; Stephen Forbes (6); J.D. Doty; Charles F. Butler (7); M.T. Williams; Grant Goodrich; ? Bloodgood; William M. Jenner; H.H. Hurlbut; Sig. Ombrosi, 1836
    Box   1 F   40
    R.S. Baldwin; Robert Lawrence; John Jay; Samuel R. Miller; W.W. Bryan, 1837
    Box   1 F   41
    Roger S. Baldwin (3); D.P. Brewster; Alvin Bronson (4); B.F. Butler; George M. Dallas; Joseph Fellows; John Forsyth; David Porter; Thomas Suffern; William E. Howland; George Moore; Howland Aspinwall (3); A.T. Hicks (2); James Buchanan; I. McCracken?; ? Welles (9); several letters of introduction for Frederic Bronson’s use in Europe, 1838
    Box   1 F   42
    James G. Mayfair; Bartolini? (2); Messrs. Lombard; Messrs. Stieglitz; Salomon Heine Grants Balfour?; Thomas B. Osborne; James Ombrosi; etc.; European purchases, etc. 1839
    Box   1 F   43
    James Ombrosi (5); R. Peters; N. Bloodgood (3); David L. Clarkson (3); Horace Allen (3); J. Ganson, 1840
    Box   1 F   44
    Moses King (2); A.M. Schermerhorn (2); William Bard; J. Curtis; C.L. Livingston; N.P. Tallmadge; W.B. Ogden; I. Bulestier?; Thomas Legate; H.H. Hurlbut; and an 1842 exchange of letters between F. Bronson and unidentified correspondence [McCracen] re: misunderstandings about the value and sale of land tracts in the Old Northwest Territories. 1841-1842
    Box   1 F   45
    H. H. Hurlburt (2); James B. Murrray; A. Bronson; James J. Wadsworth; William Ingles; George R. Babcock; J.H. Addington; Darius Peck?; ? McCrackan; J.G. Schwarz; Alvin Bronson; S. Merlvin; W.T. Cuyler; J. Schermerhorn; A. McIntyre; S.H. Fleetwood; Oliver Bronson, 1843-1844
    Box   1 F   46
    A.H. Dana; Horace Stimson; Emma Riggs; James B. Murray (3); H.A. Field; William Samuel Johnson; De Witt Parshall; David L. Clenham; Mary Ann Paine; F.B. Cutting; A. Dunlop; William Trubee (5); E.F. Smith; A.A. Balch; H.L. Ellsworth; Willard Stearns; C. Beach; C. Beach and Company (several); Moore, Morton and Company; Richard McCoy (4); Samuel T. Mills; Winfield Scott; Thomas W. Olcott, 1845
    Box   1 F   47
    J.V. Speer; Theodore A. Bailey; Warren Hardenburgh; Chauncey Betts; C.L. Hardenburgh (2); G. Tomlinson (3); R.B. Minturn; Gordon Buck; Samuel Clark; William B. Ogden; Oliver Bronson (4); Aaron Griswold: R.L. Pell; O.H. Marshall; Charles ? Paine (2), January-June 1846
    Box   1 F   48
    Oliver Bronson (4); G.H. Cavert; M. Paine; R.L. Pell (2); Thomas Boyd Oakley, July-September 1846
    Box   1 F   49
    Archibald McIntyre; Matthew M. Davis; Spalding and Tiffany; Oliver Bronson (4); Ogden and Jones; Bronson Murray; Mervin Hale; Jonathan Child; Charles Jewett (2); Jacob Beeson; Archibald McIntyre; Alexis Ward (2); Martin Ryerson (2); J.L. Endress; Francis Randall; I.? Elston; M.W. Davis; Oliver Phelps; A.P. Grant; Samuel Pruyn; Palmer Cleveland; Charles Crosby; Cambridge Livingston; Mann and Edwards (2); George R. Babcock (2); W.W. Davis; H.W. Harding; Alfred Griswold and D. Ford; Philip Phelps; G.V. ? Lathrop: Masterton and Smith; Josiah Spalding (2); E.W. VanArsdale; etc., October 1846
    Box   1 F   50
    G.J. Pumpelly (3); Samuel Forman; Orange Sackett; B. Whiting; Levi A. Ward (2); Isaac L. Endress; John K. Brewster; Thomas Cobbey?; Ogden and Jones (2); Charles Jewett (2); Whiting, Smith and Whiting; Miss McWhorter (2); L.A. Ward; Levi A. Ward; J. Burdick; H.G. Wells (2); George J. Pumpelly; George V.N. Lothrop; Worthington and Hough; James R.M. Bryant; Theodore P. Sheldon; Samuel C. Willson; J.C. Ellston; Maxwell Ireland; John Ward et al.; James Glasgow; Joseph Fellows; Thomas C. Sheldon; James Leach; Edwin W. Clark; George White; ? Witherell; George R. Babcock (2); Oliver Bronson (4); William Connor; A. Sweet; G. Goodrich; George Whiting; L.J. Beddo (3); Joseph Fellows, November-December 1846
    Box   1 F   51
    Jacob Ross; Elisha Depue; R. Blakeman; Philip Phelps (2); E. Silliman; A. Mackay; Samuel T. Mills; George C. Dekay; James W. Alexander; Ebenezer Silliman; John P. Marsh; Ogden and Jones; Theodorus B. Bronson; G.F. Porter; Oliver Bronson; J. L. Wright (2); Fred L. Martin; Aeneas Mackay; F.L. Ellas (2), 1847
    Box   1 F   52
    Richard McCoy (2); Thomas Dyer; Sylvester Smith; A.M. Mason; Oliver Bronson (11); Henry Dodder; William Trubee (3); J.W. Thornton; J.O. Putnam; H. Higgins; George Fisher; Delaware and Hudson Canal Company; James Monroe; J. Butterfield; Joseph Sheffield; O.L. Shepard; William M. McLain; Richard McCoy; Robert S. Pell (2); J.B. Fitzgerald; George V. Lathrop; Hartford Fire Insurance Company; Amelia Mason; J.D. Caton; George Wales; Mary Bronson, January-June 1848
    Box   1 F   53
    John Spicer; W.W. Bostwick; J.E. Sheffield; Oliver Bronson (7); Grant Goodrich; D. Kane; Mary Bronson (2); James B. Murray; E.L. Havens; F.W. White; Richard McCoy (3); W. Trubee; Henry W. Williams; F. H. Cuming; George W. Lothrop; P. Phelps; William Nickliss; Giles Spring; George B. Upson; Jacob Morris, July–December 1848
    Box   1 F   54
    Jacob Morris (4); Kidder and Bradford; Jacob Conklin; Edwin G. Rice; Ogden and Jones; William and Ann Callendar; Riggs and Severny; George W. Lothrop; J.H. Woodworth; New York and New Haven Railroad Company (2); Mary Bronson (4); Bronson Murray; R.C. Livingston; C.B. Rich; John M. Woolsey; Joseph Montague; Utica and Schenectady Railroad Company, 1849
    Box   1 F   55
    C.B. Rich; E. Rawson; Luther Redfield (2); john M. Woolsey (2); DeWitt Parshall (9); George F. Macy; J.B. Skinner; Philip Phelps; Pennsylvania Coal Company; E.G. Rieve (Rice?); William Parsons; Jacob Conklin; Larned Bentley; H. Curtiss; Mary Bronson; John N. Whiting; Maria Murray [?];C Willett; J. Roberts; Francis Randall, 1850
    Box   1 F   56
    Oliver Bronson, DeLancey Kane; Thomas N. McCarter; R.L. Pell; Mary Bronson, 1851
    Box   1 F   57
    Thomas N. McCarter (2); Francis Randall (3); DeWitt Parshall; Alexis Ward (2); I [J?] B. Bronson; Samuel F. Covington; James H. Pepper; B.J., 1852
    Box   1 F   58
    C. Stebbins; Justus Neely; Wells, Butterfield and Company, Ransom E. Wood; Oliver Bronson (3), 1853
    Box   1 F   59
    Oliver Bronson (7); Greene C. Bronson (2); Philip Phelps, January-February 1854
    Box   1 F   60
    Talmon Wakeman; Oliver Bronson (6), March-April 1854
    Box   1 F   61
    Oliver Bronson (8), June-August 1854
    Box   1 F   62
    Oliver Bronson (3) re: European trip, November-December 1854
    Box   1 F   63
    Oliver Bronson (25); A.D. Patchin; Isaac Bronson; R.C. Paine; R.S. Pill; J. G. Paulding; Jonathan Knight; James Gordon; Ashley H. Ball, re: Oliver Bronson’s European trip, 1855
    Box   1 F   64
    B.B. Burt (2); Oliver Bronson (8) re: his European trip; Stilwell Burroughs (2); Elias Brown (5); George F. Bailey (2); B.F. Angel; Ashley H. Ball; John Borden; S.L. Baker (2); W.H. Brown; Charles Burt; W.S. C. Otis; Moran Brothers; Rufus Blakeman; J.V.L. Pruyn (2); J.W. Brooks (3); Isaac Bonnell, January-June 1855
    Box   1 F   65
    J.W. Brooks; Theodore A. Bailey; Oliver Bronson (10), re: his European trip; Luther Grant; Sam Ward (3); Ralph C. Smith and Company, July-December 1856
    Box   1 F   66
    Oliver Bronson (12), re: his European trip; Central Illinois Land and General Agency circular; R.C. Paine; R.C. Smith (7); Potter and Winans (2); Charles F. Legate; J.J. Folger, re: his European trip, 1857
    Box   1 F   67
    Timothy Lynch (circular letter on Illinois lands); Ralph C. Smith (5); Rensselaer Roff; J.W.S. Wadsworth; Isaac Bronson (2); Oliver Bronson; Union Club (circular); Chicago Gas and Light and Coke Company; Thomas M. Howell; Isaac Colt; George R. Babcock (2); N [?] Dayton; John Livingston; Amos T. Hall; John V.S. Pruyn; Francis Randall, 1858
    Box   1 F   68
    Continental Insurance Company; Office of the Commissioners of Taxes and Assessments; Price, Morris and Company; Oliver Bronson (5); David Hoadley and J.T. Louthen; Amos T. Hall (2); Orrin T. Mann; E.R. Hoar; James K. Bentis; Margaret McWhorter; American Land Company; R.L. Lord; A. Islelin; Frederick A. Lane; J. Bailey Meyers; J.D. Lanier; Mann and Rodman Exchange Bank, January-June 1859
    Box   1 F   69
    August Belmont and Company; J. Bailey Meyers (2); American Land Company (2); Hiram Curtis; Meigs and Greenleaf (2); Oliver Bronson (2); Mann and Rodman (2); Edmund H. Miller; Charles Moran; James F. Joy [?}; Amos T. Hall (5); W.L. Newberry; Wallbarnas Berman [?]; E. Burling; Julia Allen; W. Bronson; Scates, McAllister and Jewett; John H. Kedzie; J.H. Burch; Edward L. Baker (2); J. Lanier; ichard McCoy; D.J. Lake; D.J. Vail; Exchange Bank, July-December 1859
    Box   1 F   70
    Edward L. Baker(2);Thompson and brothers; Mark Skinner (2); O.G. Hammond; Amos T. Hall; Oliver Branson(3); Ebenezer and Silliman; Thompson Brothers; Cyrus Sherwood, January 1860
    Box   1 F   71
    Mark Skinner (2); L.A. Spalding; Edward L. Baker (3); William Blair; J.W. Brooks; Oliver Bronson (2); Jonathan E. Thayer; Cyrus Sherwood; New York Central Railroad Company, February 1860
    Box   1 F   72
    Luther C. Clark; Edward L. Baker (5); Oliver Bronson (3); W.B. Scates (4); J.M. Walker; James F. Joy; G.W. Snow; others, March 1860
    Box   1 F   73
    Mark Skinner (2); Oliver Bronson (4); Edward L. Baker (8); American Land Company; John H. Rountree; Elisha Tracy, April 1860
    Box   1 F   74
    S. Bartlett; Edward L. Baker (4); Scates, McAllister and Jewett, May 1860
    Box   1 F   75
    Union Club; W.B. Scates; George Steel (2); A.F. Bartow; Oliver Bronson; S. Bartlett (2); Scates, McAllister and Jewett; Ebenezer Silliman; A. Stone; Edward L. Baker, June 1860
    Box   1 F   76
    S. Bartlett; Alban B. Sherwood; Edward L. Baker (2); William B. Scates (2); Ebenezer Silliman; Elias L. Smith (3); David B. Turner; American Land Company; L.A. Spalding; J.P. Morgan; W.B. Scates (2); Amos T. Hall; C. Fay; Egerton L. Winthrop; J.R. Swan; Edward L. Baker; Moses Taylor (2); Oliver Bronson, July-October 1860
    Box   1 F   77
    Oliver Bronson (6); James F. Joy; Sherman and Marsh; Scofield and Brown; W.B. Scates; Edward L. Baker (2); George Stell; A. Stone, Jr. (2); Ebenezer Silliman, November-December 1860, undated
    Box   1 F   78
    Oliver Bronson (8); Amos T. Hall; J.S. Wright (2); O.H. Day (2); J.D. Lanier; William Booth; Cyrus W. Field; B.J. Howland; William Russell; Howard Potter; William Gilman; J.W. Hatch; Robert L. Pell, 1861
    Box   1 F   79
    William Blair (5); Elias L. Smith (6); Charles Bliven (includes 5 letters from Blair to Smith who was Frederic Bronson’s attorney) undated: Oliver Bronson (5); Circular, Land and Collection Agency, Detroit (Michigan); August Belmont; Horace Mann; J.W. Willard; Mrs. I. Beeson; T. Griffin; A. Bronson; Mary Bronson (2); C.R. Bronson; Caroline Willet; F.B. Cutting; James M. White, 1863
    Box   1 F   80
    Miscellaneous Papers, Report of Mr. Jason Keith, American Tract Society, June 1, 1849 (manuscript copy); Frederic Bronson, “Memoranda for W.B. Ogden, Esqr.,” November 9, 1841; Statement of steamboats that passed through the [Louisville and Portland] canal January 1-15, 1833, with tonnage and tolls. (manuscript extract from Philadelphia Daily Chronicle of January 30, 1833), 1833, 1841, 1849
    Box   1 F   81
    Miscellaneous Papers, Miscellaneous re: Chicago, Burlington and Qunicy Railroad Company, 1850s; Columbus and Xenia railroad, July 1, 1861 (printed circular), 1850s, 1861
    Box   1 F   82
    Miscellaneous Papers, memoranda, contracts (drafts), miscellaneous re: railroads, undated
    Box   1 F   83
    Miscellaneous Papers, printed materials, undated