George H. Luther glass slides,   1898-1899
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George H. Luther was born in April 1865 in Michigan. A slide in the collection is of the “old Geo. H. Luther bridge” in Lamont, Michigan. Perhaps it was named in honor of Luther or his father. It is therefore highly probable that he was raised in Lamont. In 1900 Luther and his wife, Mary A., lived in Chicago with their two daughters, Bessie, age five, and Jeannette, age one. Luther then worked as a cashier in an office. The family visited or perhaps lived in Chicago in 1898 and 1899, during which time they photographed a Chicago Day parade, street scenes, a sculpture of Abraham Lincoln, ships, and buildings and statues remaining from the Chicago World’s Columbian Exposition of 1893. By 1924 the family had moved to Los Angeles, California. There is no information available on R. E. McLean or Wm. H. Rau. (This information is from the collection and viewed in Jan. 2009.)