[Samuel Hodgman letter, October 21, 1863, United States Civil War] : electronic edition
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 p.1 Samuel Hodgman letter 1863-10-21 [page 1]

Auburn Va.Auburn (Va.)
Oct 21. 1863

Dear Mother

I received your
letter of the 8th to day- the first
mail we have had for eight
days. We were left on PonyPony Mountain (Culpeper County, Va.) - or
Stony mountain until nearly
all the troops had left that side
of the Rappahannock.Rappahannock River (Va.) Consequently
we had to make pretty good
time in getting out of that. The next
day we went back part way making
a tremendous show going as far
as Brandy StationBrandy Station (Va.) & meeting
with but little opposition. We
bivouacked at dark & at 11.P.M
were under way again to
the rear in the direction of
WarrentonWarrenton (Va.) We wandered about  p.2 Samuel Hodgman letter 1863-10-21 [page 2]
until dark the next day when
we halted for the night at a
place 30 miles today near AuburnAuburn (Va.) - on Cedar
Creek. The next morning we crossed
the Creek. The enemy were disposed
to gobble us but there was not
enough of them. We got along
without any further trouble till
we got near Bristoe StationBristoe Station (Va.) when
the rebs pounced on us in large force.Bristoe Station, Battle of, Va., 1863 but it was the "2d Corps"United States. Army of the Potomac. Corps, 2nd
they ran foul of just in the toughest
part - the 3d Brigade of the 2d DivisionUnited States. Army of the Potomac. Corps, 2nd. Brigade, 3rd. Division, 2nd
We whipped them splendidly with
but little loss. The 7thUnited States. Army. Michigan Infantry Regiment, 7th (1861-1865) had one officer
and eight men wounded - most
of them slightly. The rebs fired badly
and we were protected by the
rail road and made nearly every
shot count. We staid there till
after dark and then marched  p.3 Samuel Hodgman letter 1863-10-21 [page 3]
to and crossed Bull RunBull Run (Loudon County-Fairfax County and Prince William County, Va.)
at Blackburn's ford. The rebs
followed us and under took
to cross but again found them-
selves at fault - After lying there
a day or two we started after
them and here we are at
AuburnAuburn (Va.) again without any
trouble only finding several
streams nearly up to the mens
waists and some pretty hard
traveling. We took several
pieces of Artillery and a
few hundred prisoners.
I have not yet been mustered
as Captain and probably shall
not just yet. So I have the
honor of the position and keep
my rank as such while performing
the duties of Adjutant. The
pay is about he same  p.4 Samuel Hodgman letter 1863-10-21 [page 4]
We came to this place last
night - We may stay here one
day or twenty - cant tell
I have seen all the ClimaxClimax (Mich.)
boys except Mart AdamsAdams, Martin V. and
the Peters'. I want a pair of boots
Double French calf with stiff
legs for riding boots.- heavy sole
with half middle sole. Those I
got in New York dont prove good
A pair or two of "Michigan" stocking
would come first rate. Love to
Father Frank, Charlie & Hattie
& all the relations & friends

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