[Samuel Hodgman letter, August 24, 1863, United States Civil War] : electronic edition
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 p.1 Samuel Hodgman letter 1863-08-24 [page 1]

HeadQrs Carroll's BrigadeGovernor's Island N.Y. Harbor
Aug 24. 1863

Dear Brother

You will see by this
that some of the Army of the PotomacUnited States. Army of the Potomac
has been and gone and left the field
Some of the Western troops have been trans-
ferred here not so much for fighting I
suppose as to keep others from fighting
in the wrong place. We are anticipating
a rather easier time than we have
had before. I have had a real trip on the
old ocean itself. We came on the Steamer AtlanticAtlantic (Transport ship) from Alexandria and had
a very good time - except sea sickness
I did not lose a meal on that account
There are 5 regiments in this brigade. The 7thUnited States. Army. Michigan Infantry Regiment, 7th (1861-1865)
the 4thUnited States. Army. Ohio Infantry Regiment, 4th (1861-1864)8thUnited States. Army. Ohio Infantry Regiment, 8th (1861-1865) & 110th OhioUnited States. Army. Ohio Infantry Regiment, 110th (1862-1865) & 1st MinnUnited States. Army. Minnesota Infantry Regiment, 1st (1861-1864) all picked
regiments. I received a letter from Mother
to night enclosing one from T. Z R. Jones.Jones, T. Z. R. I
recd several others which it is necessary  p.2 Samuel Hodgman letter 1863-08-24 [page 2]
to answer immediately so I must close
for to night. Love to all1

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