[Samuel Hodgman letter, May 6, 1863, United States Civil War] : electronic edition
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 p.1 Samuel Hodgman letter 1863-05-06 [page 1]

Falmouth, Va.
May 6th 1863

Dear Mother

We are safe back in FalmouthFalmouth (Va.)
again, after having taken the fortifications of FredericksburghFredericksburg, 2nd Battle of, Fredericksburg, Va., 1863 with but little loss
The 7thUnited States. Army. Michigan Infantry Regiment, 7th (1861-1865) had only one man killed
(mortally wounded- not dead yet) and six
wounded- most of them slightly
The storming of the heights was one
of the most splendid affairs of the
war - The rebs broke & ran like
sheep. We took a large number
of prisoners & three pieces of artillery
We were exposed to a terrific storm
of shells for over three hours before
the storming party advanced on the
works, we were sheltered for the
most of the time behind a stone
wall and all lay close to the  p.2 Samuel Hodgman letter 1863-05-06 [page 2]
ground whenever the puff of white
smoke from the batteries announced
that the messenger of love was on
its way. No opposition was made
to our entering the town. Some of
the citizens seemed pleased with the
idea & some not so much so
They say they have to pay $50 per barrel
for poor flour $5 for coffee meat over
a dollar a pound & everything else
in proportion A cow, nothing extra, the
owner had been offered $300 for and
refused it. I am so busy with
the duties of my office that I have
only time to let you know that
I am safe, Of the operations of
the army and our failure in
spite of the splendid achievements
of a portion of the Army let the papers
tell the story for the present
We are ordered to hold ourselves  p.3 Samuel Hodgman letter 1863-05-06 [page 3]
in readiness to be in arms at any
moment. My horse behaved splendidly
not minding anything about the shells
and leaping rifle pits & ravines without
the least hesitation. I lost my saddle
& bridle, which was an old one that
I bought for the occasion - cost $7 I am
now using a borrowed one, I am
very lame in my back
from the hard riding - I will
write more particularly when I have

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