[Samuel Hodgman letter, September 10, 1861, United States Civil War] : electronic edition
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 p.1 Samuel Hodgman letter 1861-09-10 [page 1]
Camp near WashingtonWashington (D.C.)
Sept 10 1861

Dear Parents

I take the First
opportunity to inform
you of my whereaboutsUnited States. Army. Michigan Infantry Regiment, 7th (1861-1865). Company I and
as I may have but a few
minutes to write I will
do it as concisely as possible
We left Camp MonroeCamp Monroe (Ohio) on
Thursday last- went by rail
to ToledoToledo (Ohio) and took passage for
ClevelandCleveland (Ohio) where we took the cars
for PittsburghPittsburgh (Pa.) From Pittsburgh
We went to HarrisburghHarrisburg (Pa.) then to
Baltimore-Baltimore (Md.) then to Washington
Yesterday we went into Camp
about two miles north of the
city where we now are
near the Kalorama hospital
We were greeted with the greatest

 p.2 Samuel Hodgman letter 1861-09-10 [page 2]

euthusiasm while passing through
Ohio. At RavennaRavenna (Ohio) we were treated
to coffee and a bountiful
supply of provisions. At AltoonaAltoona (Pa.)
in Pa. we were supplied with
hot coffee- ditto at Harrisburgh
and Baltimore. The “seceshers”
at Baltimore did not dare
to make even a loud grunt
of dissatisfaction In some
parts of the city we were greeted
with the waving of flags and
handkerchiefs and other
demonstrations of joy and
welcome. The Union feeling
seemed very prominent in
MarylandMaryland and we were
greeted with the wildest
euthusiasm in many places
especially at SouthervilleSoutherville (Md.) Hiram can tell you where
that is. At WashingtonWashington (D.C.)were the
cheers were almost deafening

 p.3 Samuel Hodgman letter 1861-09-10 [page 3]

We are now in sight of
a dozen or more camps
some of them on the west
side of the Potomac.Potomac River At one
of them some heavy firing
has been going on this forenoon
the boys think they are
fighting- my opinion is that
they are merely trying the
range of their guns.
We are to receive our arms
to day- or expect to. We have
found out that we know
nothing. And must disbelieve
nineteen twentieths of the reports
that we hear in camp.
I cannot write now about
my impressions of Washington.Washington (D.C.)
I was in the Capitol and on
top of it. Saw the paintings
statuary &c- Saw Fairfax
courthouse- and several other "secesh" places. Last night

 p.4 Samuel Hodgman letter 1861-09-10 [page 4]

about four oclock we
saw a large balloon on
the west side of the Potomac
-don’t know how far off it
seemed about 5 miles
It is "sehr warm" to day-
perspiration starts freely. I laid
out doors last night my blanket
was like Gideons wool. This
morning wet with dew. I cant
tell when we go over the
river for I don’t know. We
wait orders Dick EldredEldred, Richard, ca. 1837-1862
has not been promoted yet
but expects to be Lieutenant
I saw one of the company yes-
terday. I shall write more
when I get a chance. Send
this to Frank when you read it
for fear I should not get a
chance to write to him

Love to all the cousins & friends.
In haste,

Saml C. HodgmanHodgman, Samuel Chase, 1831-1900

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