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Wúchǎnjiējí wénhuà dà gémìng wànsuì

Long Live the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution

This is the title piece of the set and the name of the producer is embedded in the front wall of the Tiananmen Rostrum. It reads: Paper Cuts by the East Is Red Arts and Crafts Factory, Foshan, Guangdong. The name of the institution was used temporarily from 1971-1973 and then it was switched back to The Folk Art Research Society of Foshan, founded in 1956. The set of paper cuts was produced by a group of artists of the Society.

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Wúchǎnjiējí wénhuà dà gémìng de kāiduān

The Inception of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution


Jiang Qing’s leading role in producing proletarian revolutionary performing arts (1964-1967) is acknowledge and artistic efforts in transforming performing arts are identified as the inception of the Cultural Revolution. The figures surrounding the central figure-Jiang Qing- are mostly characters from the model Peking operas and ballets. The two figures on the far left side represent famous cultural products in the Yan’an period, suggesting continuity between the two periods in terms of creating proletarian culture. The female peasant and male factory worker on each side of the top corner and the old Uygur man in the lower left corner represent the CCP’s policy of cultural representation that centers on workers, peasants, women and ethnic minority.

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Wúchǎnjiējí wénhuà dà gémìng de hàojiǎ chuīxiǎng le

A Bugle Call for the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution

Nov. 1965-May 1966

The scroll held by the raised hand represents Yao Wenyuan’s article “On the New Historical Play Hai Rui Dismissed from Office”, published on November 10, 1965. Three figures in the left corner are three officials of the Beijing Municipal Government, Deng Tuo, Wu Han, and Liao Mosha who were contributors to the column “The Village of Three Families” in the official journal The Front Line. The column was openly criticized in May 1966, an event represented by the large piercing pen in this image.

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Dì yīzhāng mǎkèsī zhǔyì dàzìbào

The First Marxist-Leninist Big-Character Poster

May - June 1966

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Huānhū bājiè shíyī zhōngquánhuì gōngbào

Hail the Communiqué of the Eleventh Plenum of the Eighth Congress

August 12, 1966

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Máo zhǔxí jiǎnyuè wénhuà gémìng dàjūn

Chairman Mao Reviewing the Army of the Cultural Revolution

The first rally of Red Guards and students took place on August 18, 1966 and the eighth rally on November 26, 1966. An estimated 12 million students from all over China went to Beijing to see Chairman Mao.

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Pò sì jiù

Eliminating the “Four Olds”

late August 1966

“Destroying the four olds”, that is, the old ideas, old culture, old customs, and old habits of the exploiting classes, was a call issued by Lin Biao on August 18, 1966 when he accompanied Mao on the Tiananmen Rostrum at the first students rally. The characters on the flag with Mao’s image read, “Rebellion is justified.”

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Gémìng dà chuànlián

The Great Exchange of Revolutionary Experiences

Late summer to the end of 1966

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Yī yuè gémìng

The January Revolution in Shanghai

January 1967

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Zhuā gémìng cù shēngchǎn

Grasp Revolution, Promote Production

January –February 1967

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Yōng jūn ài mín

Support the Army and Cherish the People

April-May 1967

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Máo zhǔxí shìchá gèdì wénhuàdàgémìng

Chairman Mao Inspects the Cultural Revolution in Various Locations

July-Sept. 1967

Full Record: x-ccs0013/CCS0013


Máo zhǔxí shì wǒmen xīn zhōng zuì hóng zuì hóng de hóng tàiyáng

Chairman Mao is the Reddest Sun in Our Hearts

Full Record: x-ccs0014/CCS0014


Wǒguó wúchǎnjiējí wénhuàdàgémìng zhènhàn quán shìjiè

The Proletarian Cultural Revolution in Our Country Is Shaking the Whole World

Full Record: x-ccs0015/CCS0015


Máo Zédōng sīxiǎng pǔzhào quánqiú

Chairman Mao Thoughts Shine over the Whole Globe