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Recommended Reading


  • Journal of Electronic Publishing (http://​journalofelectronicpublishing​.org)
  • Journal of Librarianship and Scholarly Communications (http://​jlsc​-pub​.org)
  • Journal of Scholarly Publishing (http://​www​.utpjournals​.press/​loi/​jsp)
  • Learned Publishing (http://​www​.alpsp​.org/​Learned​-Publishing)

Monographs and Reports

  • Bonn, M., & Furlough, M. (Eds.). (2015). Getting the word out: Academic libraries as scholarly publishers. Chicago, IL: Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL).
  • Brown, A. P. (2013). Library publishing toolkit. Geneseo, NY: IDS Project Press (SUNY Geneseo).
  • Brown, L., Griffiths, R., Rascoff, M., & Guthrie, K. (2007). University publishing in a digital age. Journal of Electronic Publishing, 10(3). http://​dx​.doi​.org/​10​.3998/​3336451​.0010​.301
  • Davis-­Kahl, S., & M. Henley (Eds.). (2013). Common ground at the nexus of information literacy and scholarly communication. Chicago, IL: ACRL.
  • Hahn, K. (2008). Research library publishing services: New options for university publishing. Washington, DC: Association of Research Libraries (ARL). Retrieved from http://​www​.arl​.org/​bm​~doc/​research​-library​-publishing​-services​.pdf

Blogs and Websites

  • DH+Lib (http://​acrl​.ala​.org/​dh/)
  • Library Publishing Coalition (LPC; http://​www​.librarypublishing​.org)
  • Martin Paul Eve’s personal blog (https://​www​.martineve​.com/)
  • PKP School (http://​pkpschool​.sfu​.ca/)
  • The Scholarly Kitchen (http://​scholarlykitchen​.sspnet​.org)