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I would like to thank Katina Strauch and everyone involved with the Charleston Briefings series for giving me this opportunity. In particular, I wish to thank my editor, Matthew Ismail, for his very helpful guidance as well as his extreme patience as I struggled to complete this manuscript. Finally, I wish to acknowledge all my colleagues with whom I have had the opportunity to discuss this topic and hone my ideas. I have had a number of fruitful and interesting conversations in locations ranging from the Charleston Conference to my own institution, all of which enabled me to develop, deepen, and clarify my thoughts on the future of reading in this digital age. I especially would like to thank Tony Horava of the University of Ottawa, with whom I have previously collaborated on this vitally important topic. All of these people have helped me tremendously and deserve credit for whatever positive contribution this volume makes to the discussion. Responsibility for all faults are, of course, mine alone.