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Title Author(s) Volume/Issue Date
Acquired Taste Melchionne, Kevin vol. 5 2007
Aesthetic Appreciation, Ethics, and 9/11 Aretoulakis, Emmanouil vol. 6 2008
The Aesthetic Dissonance of Industrial Wind Machines Boone, Jon vol. 3 2005
— Aesthetic Engagement in the City Blanc, Nathalie vol. 11 2013
— Aesthetic Engagement, Ecosophy C, and Ecological Appreciation Xiangzhan, Cheng vol. 11 2013
— Aesthetic Engagement: Art into Politics Erzen, Jale vol. 11 2013
Aesthetic Functionalism Ove Hansson, Sven vol. 3 2005
The Aesthetic Pulse of the Everyday: Defending Dewey Puolakka, Kalle vol. 13 2015
Aesthetics and Mobility - A Short Introduction to a Moving Field Naukkarinen, Ossi vol. spec no. 1 2005
Aesthetics and the Environment: Repatriating Humanity Gkogkas, Nikolaos vol. 5 2007
The Aesthetics of City Strolling Paetzold, Heinz vol. 11 2013
The Aesthetics of Junkyards and Roadside Clutter Leddy, Thomas vol. 6 2008
The Aesthetics of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI): from the Scientific Laboratory to an Artwork Casini, Silvia vol. 8 2010
The Aesthetics of Resistance Patella, Giuseppe vol. 11 2013
The Aesthetics of the Road, Road Art, and Road Traffic Sepänmaa, Yrjö vol. spec no. 1 2005
The Aesthetics of Trademarks Karlen, Peter H. vol. 6 2008
Aesthetization, Artification, and Aquariums Leddy, Thomas vol. spec no. 4 2012
Affirming Difference: Everyday Aesthetic Experience after Phenomenology Roberdeau, Wood vol. 9 2011
Agriculture, Aesthetic Appreciation and the Worlds of Nature von Bonsdorff, Pauline vol. 3 2005
Allowing the Accidental; the Interplay Between Intentionality and Realism in Photographic Art Mitcheson, Katrina vol. 8 2010
Anchorage to the World Sasaki, Ken-ichi vol. 3 2005
"... and I'd look at my hands and think of Lady Macbeth ..." Levanto, Yrjänä vol. spec no. 4 2012
Animal Aesthetics Welsch, Wolfgang vol. 2 2004
Annunciations - Figuring the Feminine in Renaissance Art Carvalho, John M. vol. 13 2015
Another One Bites the Dust! Salazar, Gabriela vol. 8 2010
Architecture vs. Art: The Aesthetics of Art Museum Design Shiner, Larry vol. 5 2007
Are Supertasters Good Candidates for Being Humean Ideal Critics? Raven, Francis vol. 3 2005
Are Video Games Art? Smuts, Aaron vol. 3 2005
Ariadne at the Movies Dilworth, John vol. 1 2003
Ariadne Revisited Dilworth, John vol. 1 2003
Art and Embodiment: Biological and Phenomenological Contributions to Understanding Beauty and the Aesthetic Dengerink Chaplin, Adrienne vol. 3 2005
Art Imitating Art Brook, Eric vol. 6 2008
Art, Perception and Indeterminacy Pepperell, Robert vol. 5 2007
Art, Terrorism and the Negative Sublime Berleant, Arnold vol. 7 2009
Artification and the Aesthetic Regime of Art Erjavec, Aleš vol. spec no. 4 2012
Artification and the Drawing of Distinctions: an Analysis of Categories and Their Uses Korolainen, Kari vol. spec no. 4 2012
Artification, Fine Art, and the Myth of "the Artist" Shiner, Larry vol. spec no. 4 2012
Artification for Well-Being: Institutional Living as a Special Case Vihma, Susann vol. spec no. 4 2012
Artification in Natural History Museums Mäki-Petäjä, Kaisa vol. spec no. 4 2012
Artification of Sport: The Case of Distance Running Tainio, Matti vol. spec no. 4 2012
Artist's Labor Whitehead, Derek vol. 5 2007
Atopia & Aesthetics. A Modal Perspective Millet, Yves vol. 11 2013
Aura, Self, and Aesthetic Experience Battani, Marshall vol. 9 2011
Avant-Garde or Pré-Jugé? Murphy, Sinead vol. 3 2005