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Call for Papers


University of Udine, Italy, 27-29 May 2010

Deadline: 15 January 2010

The European Society for Aesthetics would like to invites submisisions for presentation at the ESA Conference 2010. The conference is co-organised by the ESA and the Associazione Italiana degli Studiosi di Estetica.

We invite papers from all traditions and on any topic in philosophical aesthetics, and both systematic and historical presentations are welcome. We encourage the presentation of papers in English, but submissions in other major European languages will be considered equally. For each talk, there will be time for a 30-minute presentation, with about another 30 minutes for discussion. We prefer the submission of full papers of about 3000-4000 words. Alternatively, you may send a longer abstract of at least 800 words that presents not only the main ideas and claims of the paper, but also the chief arguments in favour of them. Please prepare your paper for blind refereering and accompany it with your contact details and information about your academic affiliation (if any). Submissions should be sent to the secretary of the ESA The deadline for submissions of papers is 15 January 2010, and we expect to complete the selection process by the middle of February 2010. All participants of the conference will be asked to join the ESA (which is free) and to pay a moderate conference fee (40 Euro for fully employed members, and 25 Euro for student or unemployed members).

Further information on the conference will soon be available on this website. For questions concerning the local organisation in Udine, please contact Alessandro Bertinetto (email: For all other enquiries, please contact Fabian Dorsch (email: .

Call for Papers


The Annual Conference of the Nordic Society for Aesthetics 2010

Lahti, Finland, 3-6 June 2010

Organizers: The International Institute of Applied Aesthetics (Lahti, Finland) in association with the Nordic Society for Aesthetics and the Finnish Society for Aesthetics

The environment has been a focus of increasing interest within aesthetics for the last decades. At the same time, there has been growing recognition that the term ‘environment' has come to have multifarious meanings, referring not solely to natural environments but also to forms of human environment. This recognition has revealed a wide array of questions which the notion of environment raises for aesthetics. Do all things called ‘environment', for example, in virtue of merely being environments therefore share enough aesthetically to warrant a uniform type of aesthetic appreciation for them all or do different environments call for different forms of aesthetic appreciation? This expansion of the array of aesthetic questions related to the environment also provides an opportunity for a more extensive appraisal of the status of environmental aesthetics as a whole. Do the classic texts of environmental aesthetics any longer give tools for successfully coping with the issues which have more recently become the center of attention?

Invited speakers:

Karsten Harries (Yale University)

Nathalie Heinich (EHESS, Centre de recherches sur les arts et le langage, Paris)

Crispin Sartwell (Dickinson College)

Yrjö Sepänmaa (University of Eastern Finland)

Deadline for abstracts is 31.1.2010 and they should be sent to

For more information see

Call for Papers

Arts & Bodies E-Journal

The Arts on Earth initiative at the University of Michigan is seeking submissions to an electronic journal on the manifold relationships between human arts and human bodies. The journal will be published in Spring 2010 by the University of Michigan Press.

For more information, visit, e-mail, or call Maria Pilar Barreto at 734-764-9499.

The Meaning of the End

International Conference

12 September 2009-Collegio del Tridente

Centro Internazionale di Semiotica e Linguistica

Università  degl i Studi di Urbino “Carlo Bo”

Piazza Rinascimento, 7/ I - 61029 URBINO

Organized by Paolo Fabbri ( and Mario Perniola with the collaboration of Amalia Verzola (Università  di Roma "Tor Vergata")

There is a complex and controversial relationship between the ideas of the end and of sense. This is evident in the Latin word finis, which presents numerous semantic meanings lacking in other Indo-European languages. In fact, finis means border, limit, end, achievement, goal, final aim, purpose, just to mention a few. This polysemanticity is kept in Italian and is shaped around two crucial meanings. On one hand, it means end and ruin, whereas, on the other, result, achievement, aim. Furthermore the Italian word has been enriched by the adjective fine, which has acquired several meanings even in ethics and aesthetics. The conference will deal with this issue from a interdisciplinary perspective in order to explore a semantic and conceptual field which is far wider and enigmatic.

For information on registration, program, and accommodations, please consult


International Conference on “Ecological Aesthetics and

Environmental Aesthetics in Global Perspective”

October 24-26, 2009

Organizer: Shandong University Research Center for Literary Theory and Aesthetics

Venue: The Eastern Campus of Shandong University, No.27 Shandanan Road, Jinan,

P.R. China

Note: October 26 (Monday) is reserved for visiting Confucius' hometown in Qufu, Shandong

Province. The organizer will pay for this cultural activity.

Topics suggested:

1. The significance of the emergence of ecological aesthetics in China, its theoretical focus and future

2. The theoretical development of environmental aesthetics in the West and its relationship with Western ecological aesthetics

3. The oriental resources of eco-wisdom and today's construction of an ecological aesthetic conception

4. The Western resources of eco-wisdom and today's construction of an ecological aesthetic conception

5. Ecoaesthetics and ecocriticism

Organizing Committee Chairs:

Zeng Fanren

Professor and director of Research Center for Literary Theory and Aesthetics,

Shandong University, P.R. China

Vice President of Chinese Society for Aesthetics

Former president of Shandong University, China

Arnold Berleant

Professor (Emeritus) of Philosophy, Long Island University, USA

Past President of the International Association of Aesthetics


The conference paper abstract should be submitted by July 30, 2009. A formal

letter of invitation will be sent based on the abstract. Abstracts should be about 300 words prepared in Microsoft Word or compatible format. Submission of complete papers is strongly encouraged. Selected papers will be considered for publication after the conference. Please use the following format for your paper abstract:

Paper Title; Name and professional title; Affiliation; E-mail Address; Abstract of 300 words; Keywords, 3-5.

Registration Fee:



Xueren Hotel on the Shandong University campus.

Single or double rooms: RMB 238 yuan (about $ 35) per day, meals included.


The distance from Jinan Airport to and from the hotel is approximately 40 minutes. Taxi price is RMB 120-150 yuan (about $ 18-22) one way.


Cheng Xiangzhan

Professor and assistant director of Shandong University Research Center for Literary

and Aesthetics, China

Tel: 86-531-88364608(O), 86-531-82915233(H), 1385 3185 913 (cell phone)


Call for Papers

International Magazine for Music New Sound

Department for Musicology of the Faculty of Music

Kralja Milana 50, 11 000 Belgrade


Russolo's 'Art of Noise' was published in Manifestos column of the one of the earliest issues of the International Magazine for Music New Sound. In 2009 we commemorate the centenary of Marinetti's manifesto of futurism. Hence, on this occasion in issue 34 New Sound will try to go a step beyond by opening the space for new insights in possible, yet frequently neglected interactions between futurism and music. As always, our intention is an effort in revealing and reaching diversified readings that chosen subject matter provokes. We invite you to contribute to the discussion on the importance and meanings of the futurism in music, arts, history, culture, politics, society.

The following associations in the spirit of Marinetti's and Russolo's 'instructions' could serve as a starting point:

F – futurism, passeism, fascism, politics, society, culture...

U – urban, metropolis, nature, science...

T– technology, modernism, industry, timbre, time, TZANG


U – underground, avant-garde, art, music,

art of noise intonarumori...

R – Russolo, Rome, Paris, rhythm, motion, rumor...

I – isms, vorticism, zenithism, cubism, cubo-futurism, Italy,

France, Germany...

S – sound, noise, speed, Satie, Varà¨se, Antheil...

M– machine, massacre, mankind, war, peace, purification,

degeneration, Marinetti...

Please submit your paper topic to the Editorial Board of New Sound by April 15th 2009, and final version of your paper (no more than 3500 words) by September 1st 2009 at the latest.

Aesthetics of Sky, Space and Heaven

The 7th International Conference on Environmental Aesthetics

March 26-28, 2009, Valamo Monastery, Valamo Monastery in Heinävesi,


The series of seven international conferences on environmental aesthetics has focused on the landscape in general and its elements: forests, bogs, aquatic nature, agriculture and rock. The final conference of the series, its culmination, will focus on the ceiling above the landscape, the sky.


Lisbe Svahn, Coordinator

North Karelia Summer University

Tel. +358 500 452 221

Please find further information at

Instituto Etona

International Symposium of Aesthetics and History of Art in Africa and Angola

January 22-23, 2009

The Instituto Etona is organizing an International Symposium of Aesthetics and History of Art in Africa and Angola. We invite you to submit an abstract of your paper until 9th January for the handbook of the symposium. The authors whose abstracts are accepted will officially be invited and the Organization will take care of their accommodation and trip.

Museu Nacional de Historia Natural

Rua George Dimitrov

Tel: +244 222 33 40 55

Luanda, ANGOLA


Instituto Etona

Prof. Patricio Batsikama

Telefone: (+244) 919940856


For more information, please visit the Insituto Etona website


Call for Papers

Nordic Society of Aesthetics

Trondheim 11–14 June 2009


"The Future of Aesthetics"

Keynote speakers: Gernot Böhme (Darmstadt), Siglind Bruhn (Michigan/Sorbonne), Christoph Menke (Potsdam)

The field of aesthetics is under pressure; on the one hand economic and political interests are making themselves increasingly evident, both in conventional art and in other cultural arenas. On the other hand the field of aesthetics exhibits a greater variety of views, methods, and fields of interest than ever before. This situation invites reflection on future possibilities of aesthetics but also enforces the question of whether aesthetics has a future at all.

We are interested in contributions dealing with the question of the future of aesthetics in a wide sense. Theoretical as well as empirical oriented presentations are welcome, not least, contributions with an interdisciplinary approach, as well as contributions dealing with other topics within the field of aesthetics. Presentations may be in English or in one of the Scandinavian languages. We also welcome participation without presentation of a paper. The conference is open to members of the Nordic Society of Aesthetics as well as non-members.

Submission Information: Abstracts should not exceed 200 words and should be submitted by e-mail to before March 2, 2009. The conference fee for non-members is NOK 400 (to be paid at the conference).

Contact Information

Annette Gregersen

Institut for à†stetiske Fag og

Akademiet for à†stetikfaglig Forskeruddannelse

Langelandsgade 139, bygning 1586

DK-8000 Aarhus C

Phone: +45 8942 1818


Second International Conference on Architecture and Phenomenology

June 26-29, 2009, Kyoto Seika University, Japan

"Exploring the diverse relationships between phenomenology and architecture."

This Second International Conference on Architecture and Phenomenology will revisit how phenomenology has been understood and employed in the scholarship and practice of architecture and urbanism. The conference will present papers on the relation between architecture and phenomenology, and on phenomenological interpretations of architecture at various levels. The Conference will engage with the contemporary situation in which discourses on materiality, sustainability, and digital design and fabrication claim to have opened new arenas in the manner that we apprehend and design environments, including the ideas of \'being given\' and \'saturated phenomenon\' by Jean Luc-Marion and \'generative phenomenology\' by Anthony Steinbock.

More Information

Please visit the Architecture and Phenomenology website at

Web Site

The Italian Society of Neuroesthetics "Semir Zeki" has launched a new website in English at

The website includes information on the 10th International Conference on Cognitive Neuroscience (ICON 10) to be held in Bodrum, Turkey, September 1st-5th, 2008. The conference will address classical but also new topics of cognitive neurosciences. See website for further information.

Call for Papers

Estetika, a Central European peer-reviewed scholarly journal of aesthetics and the philosophy of art, published in English and German, welcomes contributions in English or German on all topics related to aesthetics, the philosophy of art or the history of aesthetics, especially on but not limited strictly to the possibilities of the transformation and re-description of traditional concepts, such as the aesthetic experience and the aesthetic object; the cognitive and social dimensions of the aesthetic (das Ästhetiche); the emotions and affects; the history of aesthetics; the history of aesthetics as an institutionalized discipline; and the definition of aesthetic in contrast to traditional and more recent disciplines such as the theory of art, the psychology of art, cultural theory, and visual theory.

Contact Information

Jakub Stejskal

New Journal

Projections: The Journal for Movies and Mind is an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal that explores the ways in which recent advancements in fields such as psychoanalysis, cognitive psychology, neuroscience, genetics and evolution help to increase our understanding of film, and how film itself facilitates investigations into the nature and functions of the mind. The journal incorporates points of view from film studies, psychology, philosophy, and science.

Subscriptions: For information about subscriptions please go to the journal\'s web site at

Submissions:The journal welcomes essays, from 5000-8,000 words, for possible publication. Please send submissions by email to the Editor, Ira Konigsberg, at