With Volume 2, Contemporary Aesthetics celebrates the completion of its inaugural volume and begins its next with a full year before us. CA first went online in July 2003, and because our volumes correspond to the calendar year, Volume 1 (2003) reflects a short year. Even so, we are pleased with how CA has developed over these six months. Many decisions had to be made as we refined the site design and we are gratified by the many positive comments readers have made. Establishing the pattern for archiving past volumes posed another challenge. As you can see, the current volume and the immediately past volume both appear on the Journal page, so recent work will be quickly accessible. As we accumulate more volumes, we shall continue presenting the contents of the current and immediately past volumes, while the earlier ones will be archived and immediately accessible from the website.

We are also very pleased with the work in aesthetics that CA has made available in Volume 1. With the help of our contributors, we are gratified to have been able to fulfill our mission of representing many different approaches to scholarly work in aesthetics, both in philosophical viewpoints and style of presentation. We are resolutely not doctrinaire in either of these. Our first volume is the forum for a collection of nine excellent articles that represent the spectrum of philosophical styles and interests. The authors include some of our most esteemed colleagues and others who are publishing for the first time, and we are happy to provide a venue for both. The articles display a variety not often found in other journals, yet without compromising quality, for all submissions are peer reviewed. With eight nationalities represented in Volume1, CA offers a unique opportunity to learn about and contribute to international dialogue in aesthetics. Also, because we, as an online journal, can publish far more quickly than a print journal, our articles are more likely to reflect the vanguard of aesthetic inquiry. Once an article is accepted for publication, it usually appears on our site within a week. We can also give timely notification to the scholarly public of new books and conferences.

CA has been successful in taking advantage of many of the possibilities of this new technology, which seems to us to be remarkably suited to scholarly communication. We hope, with the cooperation of our colleagues in the scholarly community, to use the Internet still more fully, and we encourage scholars to include illustrations and audio and video clips in their work. For Volume 2, we are planning a new feature, a symposium of articles, some invited and some submitted, on the body in aesthetics. Again, like the volumes themselves, this symposium will be ongoing, with work being published as it is received and accepted.

We invite submissions from scholars working in all areas of contemporary aesthetics, as well as notices of new publications, forthcoming conferences, and all other matters of professional interest. Please view our website to see what our mission is and the procedure for submitting work. We believe that CA can make a distinctive contribution to aesthetics and we welcome both your suggestions and the opportunity to review your work.