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Administration and Curriculums of the College of Literature, Science and the Arts PDF (209kb)
American Culture PDF (197kb)
Anthropology PDF (602kb)
Asian Languages and Cultures PDF (530kb)
Astronomy PDF (962kb)
Avery Hopwood and Jule Hopwood Prizes PDF (60kb)
Biological Station PDF (223kb)
Biophysics PDF (453kb)
Botany PDF (167kb)
Center for Engaged Academic Learning PDF (262kb)
Chemistry PDF (363kb)
Classical Studies PDF (119kb)
Communication Studies PDF (479kb)
Comparative Literature PDF (77kb)
Complex Systems PDF (80kb)
Ecology and Environmental Biology PDF (497kb)
Economics PDF (742kb)
English Language and Literature PDF (297kb)
English Language Institute PDF (115kb)
Environment, Program in the PDF (86kb)
Geography PDF (103kb)
Germanic Languages and Literatutures PDF (182kb)
Global and Intercultural Study (CGIS), Center for PDF (178kb)
Global Scholars Program PDF (461kb)
Greek PDF (115kb)
Health Science Scholars Program PDF (79kb)
Herbarium PDF (215kb)
History PDF (281kb)
History of Art PDF (134kb)
Honors Program PDF (155kb)
Institute for the Humanities PDF (557kb)
Intergroup Relations (IGR) PDF (537kb)
International Institute PDF (555kb)
Journalism PDF (108kb)
The Frankel Center for Judaic Studies PDF (536kb)
Kelsey Museum of Archaeology PDF (648kb)
Latin PDF (178kb)
Linguistics PDF (504kb)
Lloyd Hall Scholars Program PDF (458kb)
Mathematics PDF (615kb)
Michigan Community Scholars Program PDF (522kb)
Mineralogical Collections PDF (427kb)
Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology PDF (462kb)
Museum of Anthropological Archaeology PDF (507kb)
Museum of Natural History PDF (151kb)
Museum of Paleontology PDF (607kb)
Museum of Zoology PDF (664kb)
Near Eastern Studies PDF (546kb)
Organizational Studies PDF (484kb)
Oriental Languages and Literatures PDF (456kb)
Philosophy PDF (299kb)
Political Science PDF (787kb)
Psychology PDF (665kb)
Residential College PDF (315kb)
Rhetoric PDF (146kb)
Romance Languages and Literatures PDF (599kb)
Science Learning Center PDF (498kb)
Screen Arts and Culture, Department of PDF (155kb)
Slavic Languages and Literatures PDF (470kb)
Sociology PDF (577kb)
Statistics PDF (59kb)
Student Academic Affairs PDF (607kb)
Studies in Religion, Program on PDF (49kb)
Sweetland Center for Writing PDF (118kb)
Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program PDF (589kb)
University Museums PDF (66kb)
Women's Studies PDF (536kb)
Zoology PDF (158kb)