Ann Arbor (Mich.) Planning Consultants Reports: 1951-1993
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Title: Ann Arbor (Mich.) Planning Consultants Reports
Creator: Ann Arbor (Mich.). Planning Commission.
Dates: 1951-1993
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Reports and studies produced for the Ann Arbor Planning Commission on a variety of topics including transportation, housing, downtown and neighborhood development, waste water control, and the city's planning process.
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Collection Scope and Content Note

Reports and studies produced for the Ann Arbor Planning Commission on a variety of topics including transportation, housing, downtown and neighborhood development, waste water control, and the city's planning process. The reports were prepared by architectural and engineering firms working as consultants to the Planning Commission. The reports are arranged alphabetically by author.

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  • Ann Arbor (Mich.) -- Economic conditions.
  • City planning -- Michigan -- Ann Arbor.
  • Transportation -- Michigan -- Ann Arbor -- Planning.
  • Ahern, Richard D.
  • Barnes, Douglas.
  • Byrd, David R.
  • Dykema, James.
  • Griffin, Denise.
  • Hoffman, L. Wallace.
  • Johnson, William J.
  • Palmer, John S.
  • Pelz, Donald Campbell, 1921-
  • Quinn, Robert P.
  • Reid, Lloyd B.
  • Sullivan, Carol.
  • Zeidman, Fred.
  • Alan M. Voorhees & Associates.
  • Ann Arbor Municipal Airport Advisory Committee.
  • Ann Arbor Tomorrow.
  • Atwell-Hicks.
  • Ayres, Lewis, Norris, and May.
  • Barton-Aschman Associates.
  • Beckett Raeder Rankin Inc.
  • BRH Mobility Services Company.
  • Brewer Engineering.
  • Colvin-Robinson Associates.
  • Ann Arbor (Mich.). Community Planning and Management.
  • Community Systems Foundation.
  • Economics Research Associates.
  • Eisenhower Community Council.
  • Ford Motor Company. Transportation Research and Planning Office.
  • Harland Bartholomew & Associates.
  • Hellmuth, Obata & Kassabaum.
  • Herrmann Holman Meneghini Overhiser.
  • Hubbell, Roth and Clark.
  • Johnson & Anderson.
  • Johnson, Johnson & Roy.
  • Jones & Henry Engineers Limited.
  • McNamee, Porter, and Seeley.
  • Metro Engineers, Inc.
  • Preservation Urban Design Incorporated.
  • Ralph M. Parsons Company.
  • Reid and Cool (Firm)
  • Residents Against Packard Platt Plaza.
  • Sanders & Thomas.
  • Schimpeler-Corradino Associates.
  • Technical Network Inc.
  • TransPlan, Inc.
  • W.C. Gilman & Co.
  • Wayne C. Johnson & Associates.
  • Zuchelli, Hunter & Associates.
  • Billetdeaux, Neal.
  • BRW Inc.
  • R.W. Beck and Associates.
  • Pollack Design Associates.
  • Phillips, Sandra E.
  • Midwestern Consulting, Inc.
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Consultant Reports [series]
Author unknown
Box   1  
The Huron River Valley study circa 1960s
Box   1  
Research Park Service Center: a planned unit development Undated
Ahern, Richard D.
Box   1  
A critique of the Central city high-rise and parking report July 1965
Box   1  
Thirty high: a survey of the potential of properties owned, optioned, or controlled by the Ann Arbor apartments trust, relative to their surrounding environs 1965
Alan M. Voorhees & Associates, in association with Economic Research Associates
Box   1  
Ann Arbor circulation study: prepared for city of Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1974-1975 June 1975

(See also Economic Research Associates)

Ann Arbor Municipal Airport Advisory Committee
Box   1  
A study of the Ann Arbor Municipal Airport April 1962
Ann Arbor Mutual Housing Association
Box   1  
The Kemnitz Center, Senior Housing & Activities Center: proposal for redevelopment of The Ann Arbor Inn 1993
Ann Arbor Tomorrow
Box   1  
Ann Arbor circulation study: a summary of the position of the Ann Arbor tomorrow Advisory Council on recommendations affecting the downtown July 1, 1975
Box   1  
Annual report 1977-1978
Box   1  
Carpooling in downtown: background and feasibility for a carpool demonstration program in Ann Arbor, Michigan 1979
Box   1  
Downtown evening-use survey, by Fred Zeidman. March 1974
Box   1  
Renovating upper stories: housing in the downtown, Ann Arbor, Michigan April 1978

(See also Dykema, James, et al.)

(See also Sullivan, Carol, and Griffin, Denise)

Arbor Main Associates
Box   1  
Arbor Main Place: a downtown anchor circa 1985

(2 different versions)

Box   1  
Arbor Main Place: a multiple purpose facility, [1986]
Box   1  
Proposal for development on city-owned property at Packard and Main Streets 1987
Box   1  
Sanitary sewer study of the area bounded by Plymouth Road, Traver Creek, Dhu Varren Road and the divide easterly. June 1958

(See also Reid and Cool.)

Ayres, Lewis, Norris & May
Box   1  
A report on the city owned Huron River dams improvement and reconstruction recommendations. March 1969
Barnes, Douglas, et al.
Box   1  
Hill Street: investigation of the planning process in Ann Arbor. April 1972
Barton-Aschman Associates
Box   1  
Ann Arbor Urban Area transportation study: proposed bikeway system. May 1974
Box   1  
Evaluation of alternative transit concepts [for Ann Arbor Transportation Authority] January 1979
Box   1  
A transportation plan for the Ann Arbor Ypsilanti urbanized area July 1975
Beckett and Raeder Inc.
Box   1  
Domino's Farms: Domino's Pizza Incorporated, World Headquarters, proposed development plan 1983
Beckett Raeder Rankin
Box   1  
A Study for the Eastern Michigan University, Saint Joseph Mercy Hospital, Washtenaw Community College corridor June 1979
Billetdeaux, Neal, Brooke Farquhar, and Patricia Lang
Box   1  
North Main Street corridor: introduction and overview. February 16, 1987
Brewer Engineering
Box   1  
Master plan report: Ann Arbor Municipal Airport--Ann Arbor, Michigan September 1969
BRH Mobility Services Company
Box   1  
Ann Arbor New-Tran basic project plan: report to Ann Arbor Transportation Authority. December 1973
BRW, Inc.
Box   1  
Ann Arbor transportation plan November 1990
Building Officials Conference of America
Box   1  
A study of code enforcement in the city of Ann Arbor, Michigan February 1969
Byrd, David R.
Box   1  
The challenge of change. 1968
Box   1  
Colvin-Robinson Associates

(See Hellmuth, Obata & Kassabaum.)

Colvin, Robinson, Wright & Associates
Box   1  
City of Ann Arbor, Mich. Washington St.-Fourth Ave. parking structure undated
Box   2  
Community Systems Foundation
Box   2  
A planning programming budgeting system for the city of Ann Arbor: two years progress in implementation circa 1970
Dykema, James, et al.
Box   2  
An Economic analysis of the Liberty Street corridor for Ann Arbor Tomorrow. December 1976
Eberle M. Smith Associates, Inc.
Box   2  
Proposed parking deck, Ann Arbor, Michigan circa 1969
Economic Research Associates
Box   2  
Analysis of future growth potential in the central circulation district in Ann Arbor, Michigan: prepared for Alan M. Voorhees and Associates. March 1974

(See also Alan M. Voorhees & Associates)

Eisenhower Community Council, and Johnson, William J.
Box   2  
Community values and thoroughfare planning April 1973
First Centrum Corporation
Box   2  
[Redevelopment proposal for the Ann Arbor Inn] 1993
Ford Motor Company. Transportation Research and Planning Office
Box   2  
Interim report: Teltran facilities requirements: prepared for the Ann Arbor Transportation Authority September 1973
Griffin, Denise

(See Sullivan, Carol)

Harland Bartholomew and Associates
Box   2  
A Traffic and parking analysis: the Ann Arbor thoroughfare plan in relation to University of Michigan Central Campus study: prepared for City of Ann Arbor, University of Michigan. June 1964
Hellmuth, Obata & Kassabaum in association with Colvin-Robinson Associates
Box   2  
Master plan report for Washtenaw County, Michigan, criminal justice center July 1975
Herrmann Holman Meneghini Overhiser
Box   2  
Ann Arbor Transportation Authority downtown Ann Arbor transit center: a design study, phase II September 1984
Hobbs & Black Associates
Box   2  
Ashley Plaza 1987
Box   2  
Kojaian Building, Ann Arbor, Michigan Undated
Hoffman, L. Wallace
Box   2  
From divorce court to family court: a survey of the Washtenaw County Circuit Court and the community attitudes toward the development of a marriage counseling service 1951
Hubbell, Roth and Clark, and Metro Engineers, Inc., and McNamee, Porter & Seeley
Box   2  
Summary report of draft I of the facility plan for the Huron Valley Wastewater Control System in Wayne and Oakland Counties, Michigan, and Draft facilities plan for wastewater management in the Ann Arbor-Ypsilanti areas of the Huron River Valley, Washtenaw County, Michigan March 1976
Huron-D&A Associates Partnership
Box   2  
Huron Plaza, Ann Arbor, Michigan circa 1982
Johnson, William J.

(See Eisenhower Community Council)

Johnson & Anderson
Box   2  
Evaluation of load limits of three existing bridges, Ann Arbor, Michigan circa 1965
Box   2  
Feasibility study, Forest Avenue improvements, Ann Arbor, Michigan. July 1965
Box   2  
Feasibility study, Forest Avenue improvements, Ann Arbor, Michigan. August 1965

(with December 1965 supplement)

Box   2  
Feasibility study, Forest Avenue improvements, Ann Arbor, Michigan. September 1965
Box   2  
Feasibility study, Fuller Road improvements and grade separation replacement of Fuller Road over Consolidated Rail Corp January 1978
Johnson, Johnson & Roy
Box   2  
Addenda to the final report recommendations central city high-rise and parking August 1965
Box   2  
Final report recommendations: report on CBD high-rise development and parking July 1965
Box   2  
Garden Homes Subdivision study: a plan to guide future physical development August 1971
Box   2  
Kerrytown/Farmers' Market neighborhood study, January 1987.

(See also McNamee, Porter & Seeley)

Jones & Henry Engineers
Box   2  
A Washtenaw County plan for the management of solid waste: revised plan. February 1975
Jones & Henry Engineers, and Sanders & Thomas
Box   2  
Washtenaw County, Michigan, plan for the management of solid waste: final report. June 1982
Kaplan Associates
Box   2  
Arbor Main Place development project, Ann Arbor, Michigan Undated
McNamee, Porter & Seeley
Box   2  
Pollution control plan for the Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti service areas August 1969
Box   2  
Sanitary sewerage study for the north and west sides of the city for Ann Arbor, Michigan March 1969

(See also Hubbell, Roth and Clark)

McNamee, Porter & Seeley, and Johnson, Johnson & Roy
Box   2  
Allen's Creek Drain: analysis & preliminary alternatives for relief: interim report prepared for the Washtenaw County Drain Commission February 1974
Metro Engineers, Inc.

(See Hubbell, Roth and Clark)

Midwestern Consulting
Box   3  
Final design recommendations for the Traver Creek Chapter 20 Drain. July 1972
Box   3  
Plymouth mall circa 1972
Box   3  
Revised final design recommendations for Traver Creek Chapter 20 Drain, city of Ann Arbor January 1974
Box   3  
Sanitary sewer study: covering a portion of Garden Homes Subdivision for the City of Ann Arbor, Ann Arbor Township September 1968
Box   3  
Traver Lakes, Ann Arbor, Michigan: a planned community in concept 1969
Palmer, John S.
Box   3  
Project task recommendations for alternative five of the interim report I dated February 1974 a program for action November 1974
Pelz, Donald C., et al.
Box   3  
Survey on Ann Arbor transportation--Summer 1973 sponsored by planning Department, Traffic Engineering and Transportation Department, City of Ann Arbor, Michigan November 1973
Phillips, Sandra E.
Box   3  
An independent feasibility study of the Ann Arbor Airport. February 1993
Pollack Design Associates
Box   3  
The Ann Arbor Depot: development alternatives April 1980
Box   3  
The Ann Arbor Depot: a first phase investigation of location alternatives for rail passenger facilities November 1979
Box   3  
Master plan for pedestrian improvements, Downtown Development Authority district, Ann Arbor, Michigan: final draft for review and comment January 1987
Preservation Urban Design
Box   3  
Ann Arbor downtown facade study. January 1976
Box   3  
Westside neighborhood plan, Ann Arbor, Michigan April 1977
Quinn, Robert P.
Box   3  
Survey of citizen satisfaction in Ann Arbor August 1977
R. Gordon Mathews and Associates

(See Midwestern Consulting, Inc.)

R.W. Beck and Associates
Box   3  
Factors affecting the success of residential and commercial recycling programs: mandatory recycling ordinance and variable rate fee structures (Working paper no. 1) November 1989
Ralph M. Parsons Company

(See TransPlan, Inc.)

Regional Research Associates, Inc.
Box   3  
Growth and development of the city of Ann Arbor 1970
Reid, Lloyd B.
Box   3  
Measures for relieving Ann Arbor street traffic conditions. October 1956.
Box   3  
Measures for relieving Ann Arbor street traffic conditions: statistical appendix circa 1956
Reid and Cool
Box   3  
Road improvements required to serve traffic at a Saline Road, I-94 shopping center, Ann Arbor, Michigan May 1966
Box   3  
Traffic study, I-94 penetrator routes, Ann Arbor, Michigan April 1969
Reid and Cool, and Atwell-Hicks
Box   3  
Report, I-94 penetrator traffic study, downtown bypass study for the city of Ann Arbor, Michigan June 1966
Residents Against Packard Platt Plaza
Box   3  
Analysis of proposed Packard Platt Plaza development, [1972 ?]
Rossetti Associates

(See Huron-D&A Associates Partnership)

Box   3  
Sanders & Thomas.

(See Jones & Henry Engineers)

Sanzenbacher, Miller & Brigham
Box   3  
Report of engineering studies for the proposed improvement of Newport Road Miller Avenue to city limits, city of Ann Arbor, Michigan circa 1958
Schimpeler-Corradino Associates
Box   3  
Huron Valley corridor study: final report July 1978
Box   3  
Huron Valley corridor study: sketch planning analysis of alternatives April 1977
Box   3  
Huron Valley corridor study: summary detailed planning analysis of alternatives October 1977
Box   3  
Potential transportation improvement solutions for the Huron Valley Corridor November 1976
Schneider Group
Box   3  
Courtyards of The Seasons: a home ownership development 1988
Box   3  
Response to request for proposal for the development of city-owned property at Packard and Main Streets 1987
Sullivan, Carol, and Griffin, Denise
Box   3  
Downtown parking: the situation, the need, the prospects. For Ann Arbor Tomorrow July 1976
Technical Network Inc.
Box   3  
A Report on population and housing based on the 1960-1970-1980 federal census: Ann Arbor, Michigan: prepared for Arbor Main Place proposed development July 1984
TransPlan, Inc.
Box   3  
Master plan for Ann Arbor Airport: phase I. circa 1975
W.C. Gilman & Co.
Box   3  
City of Ann Arbor, Michigan, technical transit study June 1969
Wayne C. Johnson & Associates
Box   3  
Economic impact study, Arbor Main proposed development: 180 apartment unites, 13,185 square feet office, 10,497 square feet commercial, and a 304-car parking structure circa 1984
Zeidman, Fred

(See Ann Arbor Tomorrow)

Zuchelli, Hunter & Associates
Box   3  
Assessment and evaluation of downtown redevelopment opportunities, Ann Arbor, Michigan: prepared for the City of Ann Arbor, Michigan, the Ann Arbor Downtown Development Authority. June 1984