Michigan Daily records: 1950-2006
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The Michigan Daily is a student newspaper published by the students of the University of Michigan. First published in 1890, the newspaper was called the U of M Daily and the Michigan Daily-News before acquiring its present name in 1903. It is the oldest college newspaper in continuous publication in the United States and was the first college paper west of Cornell to be published daily. The Michigan Daily is staffed by students and is self-funded. Since 1903 it has been under the jurisdiction of the Board for Student Publications (formerly the Board in Control of The Michigan Daily), an agency of the Board of Regents composed of both students and presidential appointees. The Board has full authority over the newspaper's financial and legal affairs and serves in an advisory capacity in other matters. The Michigan Daily has always maintained a great deal of editorial freedom and has won numerous awards. It reports on campus issues and athletics as well as local and national news in five weekly issues during Fall and Winter semesters and one weekly issue in Spring and Summer.