University of Michigan Photographs Vertical File: 1850s-1980s
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Special Celebrations and Events [series]

The Special Celebrations and Events series documents a variety of campus ceremonies, customs and events including formal university events such as commencements and inaugurations of presidents, as well as student social events such as the freshman-sophomore rush, J-Hop, Lantern Night and the Spring Games. The series also includes photos depicting the university's involvement the Civil War, World War I and World War II.

Commencement [subseries]
Folder   E3-332  
(undated) Commencement

(also medium)

Folder   E3-M  
1905 Commencement

(medium only)

Folder   E3-332  
1907 Commencement
Folder   E3-334  
1912 Commencement

(also medium)

Folder   E3-335  
1914 Commencement
Folder   E3-336  
1915 Commencement
Folder   E3-337  
1919 Commencement
Folder   E3-338  
1923 Commencement
Folder   E3-339  
1924 Commencement
Folder   E3-340  
1926 Commencement [view sample images]
Folder   E3-341  
1927 Commencement
Folder   E3-342  
1945 Commencement
Folder   E3-343  
1960 Commencement
Folder   E3-344  
1964 Commencement
Inaugurals [subseries]
Folder   E13-345  
Marion Leroy Burton Inaugurals
Anniversaries [subseries]
Folder   E17-346  
U of M 75th Anniversary, 1912
Folder   E17-347  
U of M Centennial, 1937-Exhibit photos
Special Events [subseries]
Folder   E25-348  
Cap Night

(also medium)

[view sample images]
Folder   E25-349  
Convocations: Honors
Folder   E25-350  
Freshman Sophomore Rush

(also medium)

[view sample images]
Folder   E25-351  
Junior Hop

(also medium)

[view sample images]
Folder   E25-352  
Lantern Night [view sample images]
Folder   E25-353  
Laws versus Lits [view sample images]
Folder   E25-354  
Salk Vaccine, Announcement of
Folder   E25-355  
Senior Swing Out, 1903, 1909, 1913, 1915 [view sample images]
Folder   E25-356  
Spring Games

(also medium)

[view sample images]
Folder   E25-357  

(includes dedication of Angell portrait)

Emergencies and Wars [subseries]
Folder   E27-358  
U of M & the Civil War [view sample images]
Folder   E27-359  
U of M & World War I

(also medium and large)

[view sample images]
U of M & World War II
Army Units
Folder   E27b-360  
Miscellaneous [view sample images]
Folder   E27b-361  
Army Specialized Training Program [view sample images]
Folder   E27b-362  
Company A, 365 1st Service Unit (Army Japanese Language School) [view sample images]
Folder   E27b-363  
Co. B-4 (Meteorology School) [view sample images]
Folder   E27b-364  
Specialized Training Program
Folder   E27b-365  
Folder   E27b-366  
Folder   E27b-367/8  
Navy and Marine Corps Units (2 folders)
Folder   E27b-369  
United Service Organization (USO)
Folder   E27l-370  
Wartime Student Activities Women

(also medium)

Folder   E27l-371  
Manpower Mobilization Corps
Folder   E27m-372  
Folder   E27-373  
U of M & Viet Nam