Office of the Registrar (University of Michigan), records: 1840-2003 (bulk 1867-1993)
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The Department of Internal Medicine of the University of Michigan Medical School had its origins in 1848 when Abram Sager was appointed professor of Theory and Practice of Medicine. The department included, at various stages, divisions and studies of pathology, pediatrics and other medical disciplines in the fledgling field of internal medicine. The department was officially given the name of Department of Internal Medicine in 1908.

Dr. Cyrus C. Sturgis was named the first chair of the Department of Internal Medicine in 1928; he served at this post until his retirement in 1959. Sturgis divided the department into four general medical services: medical outpatient service, private medical service, tuberculosis service and a diabetic outpatient service. Over time the department grew and changed to parallel the changes in medical research and science. Dr. William D. Robinson succeeded Dr. Sturgis as chair of the department in 1959. He was replaced by Dr. William N. Kelly in 1971. (Dr. Robinson's personal papers are also located at the Bentley Historical Library.)

Under Dr. Kelly's leadership, the department's budget grew from $2 million to $39 million as he strove to make it one of the leading departments in the country. Divisions were added and restructured as Kelly worked to develop and strengthen clinical research and new multi-disciplinary centers. He also sought to improve interdepartmental cooperation and collaboration. Dr. Kelly left the department in 1990. He was replaced by Dr. Tadataka Yamada, who served until 1996. Yamada was followed by H. David Humes.

As of 1993, 14 divisions comprise the department: Allergy, Cardiology, Endocrinology and Metabolism, Gastroentology, General Medicine, Geriatric Medicine, Hematology and Oncology, Hypertension, Infectious Diseases, Molecular Genetics, Neurology, Nuclear Medicine, Pulmonary, and Rheumatology.

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