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Law School (University of Michigan) records: 1852-2010
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Diplomas: University of Michigan [series]
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1845-1849 [subseries]
Blank diploma 1845
Hunt, Charles J. B.A. 1846
Parker, Franklin L. B.A. 1847
Pray, George W. B.A. 1845
Shaw, Horatio W. B.A. 1848
Tenny, Edward B.A. 1848
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1850-1859 [subseries]
Edmunds, James M. B.A. 1859
Gibbs, Galucia C. B.A. 1855

(Diploma reads 1858 graduate catalogue says 1855)

Hall, Daniel M.D. 1854
Harter, Matthias B.S. 1855
Jewell, Phineas A. M.D. 1859
Lane, George M. B.A. 1853
Northrop, Byron B. B.A. 1855
Reynolds, Milton B.A. 1856
Reynolds, Milton M.A. 1859
Tyler, Dean M. M.D. 1859
Watson, James C. B.A. 1857
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1860-1869 [subseries]
Aikman, Robert M.D. 1868
Bates, Noah M.D. 1866
Cheever, Byron W. B.A. 1863
Cheever, Byron W. M.A. 1866
Cheever, Byron W. M.D. 1867
Eddy, Samuel M. Bachelor of Laws 1869
Edmunds, James M. M.A. 1862
Edmunds, James M. Bachelor of Laws 1863
Foster, George A. Bachelor of Laws 1861
Guthrie, James W. M.D. 1862
Jackson, Amzi F. M.D. 1865
Kitchen, Samuel M.D. 1863
McMillan, Dugald M.D. 1868
Nichols, Henry A. Bachelor of Laws 1862
Parks, Benjamin F. M.A. 1860
Pray, George W. M.A 1863
Rose, Preston B. M.D. 1862
Schuyler, Peter L. M.D. 1862
Seymour, Christopher M.D. 1869
Spence, Edwin A. B.A. 1860
Spence, Edwin A. M.A. 1864
Sutfin, Edward I. Bachelor of Laws 1868
Wheeler, Orlando B. B.S. 1862
Wilder, Flavius M. M.D. 1868
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1870-1879 [subseries]
Armstrong, Samuel M.D. 1877
Ayers, James Nelson Pharmaceutical Chemist 1879
Baldwin, Albert E. B.S. 1871
Baldwin, Newton M.D. 1875
Barnes, Erastus A. Ph.B. 1879
Brownsberger, Sidney M.A. 1875
Bulkley, Fred G. Civil Engineer 1875
Case, William N. M.D. 1873
Casper, Jason M M.D., does not appear in Alumni Catalog 1876
Chamberlin, Livy Bachelor of Laws 1879
Cheever, Byron W. Bachelor of Laws 1875
Dingley, Charles A. Pharmaceutical Chemist 1876
Douglass, William M. M.D. 1871
Elwood, Isaac M.A. 1870
Ewell, Marshall D. honorary 1879
Fearon, Robert N. M.A. 1873
Gibson, Elbridge D. Pharmaceutical Chemist 1878
Goodwin, Fairfield M.D. 1874
Granger, Annie B.A. 1874
Harley, Virginia M.D. 1873
Hubbard, Caroline I. B.S. 1875
Lodge, Albert Homeopathic M.D. 1879
McIlvaine, John C. M.D. 1872

(diploma spells name "McIlrain")

McKimmie, William Pharmaceutical Chemist 1870
Mosher, Eliza M. M.D. 1875
Noyes, Henry C. Bachelor of Laws 1873
Pond, Irving K. Civil Engineer 1879
Raymond, James H. B.A. 1878
Reed, Louisa M. M.S. 1877
Salmon, Lucy M. B.A. 1876
Tyler, Dean M. Bachelor of Laws 1875
Waldron, Henry C. Bachelor of Laws 1872
Wells, Frank B. D.D.S. 1879
Wheeler, Levi L. Civil Engineer 1874
White, George F. Bachelor of Laws 1876
Willison, Eugene Bachelor of Laws 1874

(Alumni Catalog gives graduation date as 1875)

Willson, Theodore B. B.A. 1872
Young, Charles Bachelor of Laws 1877

(does not appear in Alumni Catalog)

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1880-1889 [subseries]
Anderson, Edward P. Ph.D. 1886
Barnes, Erastus A. Ph.M. 1880
Bates, Joseph I. M.A. 1880
Brandon, Edgar E. B.A. 1888
Brown, Ralph W. Civil Engineer 1881
Cavanaugh, Martin B.A. 1887
Chandler, George G. Pharmaceutical Chemist 1880
Clark, Mary E. Bachelor of Letters 1885
Clark, Mary E. M.D. 1887
Clements, Charles B.A. 1883
Cochran, Carlos B. M.A. 1888
Cooley, Mortimer E. Mechanical Engineer 1885
Cramer, Seward B.S. in Civil Engineering 1887
Dunn, Henry E. D.D.S. 1880
Evans, John S. Bachelor of Laws 1883
Hill, George J. M.D. 1881
Hudson, William C. Bachelor of Laws 1880
Jellison, Ernest R. M.D. 1883
Laub, J. Katherine Homeopathic M.D. 1884
Loveland, William L. Bachelor of Letters 1882
McNaughton, Clara W. D.D.S. 1885
Magness, Caroline Ada D.D.S. 1886
Morley, Fred B.S. in Civil Engineering 1886
Perkins, William T. Bachelor of Laws 1884
Pond, Allen B. B.A. 1880
Stoddard, Thomas A. M.D. 1886
Walterhouse, John T. Bachelor of Laws 1882

(diploma misprinted "Waterhouse")

Whitney, Allen S. B.A. 1885
Folder   6  
1890-1899 [subseries]
Bradfield, Thomas Bachelor of Laws 1895
Burt, Benjamin C. Ph.D. 1894
Cramer, Seward Bachelor of Laws 1891
Douglas, Henry W. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering 1890
Eddy, Hattie Bachelor of Letters 1893
Eddy, Hattie Bachelor of Letters in the Science and the Art of Teaching and English 1893
Eddy, Jennie Ph.B. 1893

(diploma gives name as Joanna)

Goldthwaite, Nellie E. B.S. in Chemistry 1894
Guthrie, William J. B.A. 1899
Guthrie, William J. B.A. in Science and the Art of Teaching and Mathematics 1899
Hicks, Frederick C. Ph.D. 1890
King, Elsa Bachelor of Letters 1899
Manny, Frank A. B.A. 1893
Manny, Frank A. M.A. 1896
Miller, Craig C. Bachelor of Laws 1898
Morley, Fred Civil Engineer 1890
Nicholson, Elbert B.S. in Mechanical Engineering 1895
O'Brien, Frank M.A. 1894
O'Brien, Thomas Bachelor of Laws 1899

(with note "as of the Class of 1865")

Read, Fanny K. Bachelor of Letters in "English and The Science and Art of Teaching" 1890
Roth, Filibert B.S. 1890
Tuttle, Arthur J. Bachelor of Philosophy 1892
Williams, Olney S. Bachelor of Laws 1896
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1900-1909 [subseries]
Benham, Albert S. B.A. 1908
Manwaring, Joshua G. M.D. 1901
O'Brien, Thomas J. Legum Doctoris 1908
Folder   7  
Morrison, Hugh John D.D.S. 1903
Pemberton, Fantine two year degree in nursing 1890
Spaulding, Thomas M. B.A. 1902
Stroebe, George G. B.S. in Civil Engineering 1904
Travis, DeHull N. Bachelor of Laws 1908
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1910-1919 [subseries]
Blair, Minerva M.D. 1912
Conover, Charles J. B.S. 1911
Fisher, Leonard P. D.D.S. 1916
Lehr, Clarence E. Bachelor of Laws 1914
Madden, Clyde A. Pharmaceutical Chemist 1914
Messerly, John M. B.A. 1912
Pond, Alan B. M.A. 1910
Folder   8  
Hagen, Earl F. Bachelor of Science in Engineering
Rathke, Ethel A. W. M.A. 1914
Voorhees, Sophia M.A. 1910
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1920-1929 [subseries]
Benham, Albert S. Master of Science, Department of Chemistry 1926
Brumbaugh, Herbert Leroy Doctoris Artis Medica 1929
Cooley, Mortimer E. Doctoris Artis Mechanicae 1929
Nash, Edna L. B.A. 1922
Roth, Filibert Legum Doctoris 1923
Smith, Erwin F. Legum Doctoris 1922
Tuttle, Ruth B. B.A. 1927
Whittemore, Bernice Melissa, Training School for Nurses, Medical School 1920
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1930-1934 [subseries]
Item   10  
Goebel, Joan Mary Doctoris in Arte Medica 1932
Hinsdale, Wilbert B. M.A. 1934
Lombard, Warren, P. Scientiae Doctoris 1931
Pond, Irving K. Architecturae Doctoris 1930
Tuttle, Arthur J. Legum Magistri 1930
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UM Special Courses [subseries]
Brown, H. H. attended a Special Course in Electro-Therapeutics 1885
Cheever, Byron W. certificate for completion of 2 full courses of Lectures regarding Chemistry and Mineralogy 1864
Frissell, Seraph certificate for attendance at a "Special Course of Instruction in Physical Diagnosis" 1875
Kellogg, John H. certificate for attendance at a "Special Course of Instruction in Physical Diagnosis" 1874
Macpherson, J. attended a Special Course in the Physiological Laboratory 1881
Macpherson, J. attended a Special Course in Electro-Therapeutics 1882
Seymour, Christopher certificate for completion of 1 full course of Lectures regarding Chemistry and Mineralogy 1868
Tyler, Dean M. certificate for completion of 1 full course of Lectures regarding Quantitative Analysis 1858