School of Education (University of Michigan) records: 1904-2012 (Majority of material found within 1950-1998)
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All Series Level Scope and Content Notes

The School of Education records consist of executive committee and faculty meeting minutes, subject files concerning in part promotion and tenure decisions, teacher certification, programs in Detroit Public Schools, the School's accreditation review in 1973-1974, and the University's review of the School in 1982-1984. Topical files of various deans and administrative officers, notably James B. Edmonson, Willard Olson, Carl F. Berger, Frederick W. Bertolaet, Joan Stark, and Charles F. Lehmann; and information on programs and departments at one time administered by the School, including Department of Physical Education, Fresh Air Camp, Bureau of School Services, and vocational education.

The Minutes series (5 linear feet) is a complete run of bound minutes of the Administrative, Faculty, and Executive committees for the years 1923-1987. The minutes detail curriculum and program decisions as well as other educational topics. They are a rich source of information on the development of the School of Education.

The 2012 accession included the Executive Committee minutes, which extend the Minutes series. These records consist of Executive Committee meeting minutes, agendas, reports, and other documentation, and includes both paper and digital records. The paper records cover the years 1999-2005. The digital collection contains PDF files of Executive Committee agendas, minutes, and supporting materials from 2004-2011. Supporting materials consist of School of Education planning documents, reports, policy proposals, and other documents.

The Dean's Files series constitutes the central file of the dean's office. The first three subseries --1925-1979, covering the tenures of the first five deans; Joan S. Stark, 1978-1983; Carl F. Berger, 1983-1988--are arranged alphabetically. There is some overlap in the subseries as records created under earlier dean's were sometimes not transferred until much later.

The 2012 accession added symposium and conference materials to the Dean's Files 1920-1979 series, located in Boxes 6-12, and extends the Carl F. Berger series, found in Boxes 32-41. The new additions to these series are found in Box 49. The 2012 accession also updated the Dean's Files series to include the records of Deans Cecil Miskel, Karen Wixson, and Deborah Ball.

The Dean's Files, 1920-1979 subseries (5 linear feet) cover primarily the tenure of the first five dean's of the School of Education. It represents a large grouping of material kept in the dean's office and arranged alphabetically by topic. The records contain information concerning the history of the School of Education through budget information, Building Committee, and Fresh Air Camp files. The history is also visible in the information on the various units of the School, in particular the Bureau of School Services, Graduate Division, Physical Education, and the Program and Center for Higher Education. The "Flint Public School Survey" taken in 1921-1922 by the faculty, under the supervision of Allen Whitney, gives good insight into the philosophy of the School for that period. There is also information on various educational associations of which the School of Education was a member.

The files of Joan S. Stark (11.5 linear feet) span the years 1930-1983, however the bulk of the materials cover her tenure, 1978-1983. Of particular interest are the Undergraduate Committee Minutes, which include information on policies, courses, and goals of the teacher education program. The researcher will also find substantial information on the various programs within the school, in addition to information gathered for the reorganization. Speeches given by Dean Stark as well as some documentation pertaining to the review of the School which were received in 1998 are located in Box 47.

The files of Carl F. Berger (11 linear feet) span the years 1958-1988, although the bulk covers primarily the tenure of Berger, 1983-1988. The records document the activities of and changes in the School as a result of the reorganization following the 1982-83 review. The many centers and offices are represented in detail, allowing for a good comparison with the School during the tenure of Dean Stark. In addition, the Graduate Division is very well documented through the minutes of the Graduate Affairs Committee. All reports are located under the heading "Reports" and primarily evaluate the post-review activities of the School.

The School of Education Review series (4 linear feet) discusses in detail the lengthy and traumatic review of the School of Education which led to a Regental decision to significantly reduce the school's funding. Following a major shortfall in the 1981-82 state appropriation to the university, Provost Billy E. Frye announced a five-year plan to balance the budget by reductions of 10% spread across the campus and by selective major reductions from a few units targeted for downsizing and possible elimination. Units identified as candidates for major reduction and possible elimination were the School of Education, School of Art, and School of Natural Resources. A review committee was appointed in 1982 and began evaluating the School of Education's programs and its relevance to the university's mission. Public hearings were held in the fall of 1982 in which 86 individuals provided testimony regarding the School. The School supplied 10 volumes of detailed data and more than 200 exhibits. The review committee also interviewed faculty and staff both within and outside of the School as well as deans at four other schools of education. In March 1983 the review committee submitted its report containing 18 recommendations including a 40% cut in the School's budget over a five-year period which was endorsed by the Regents.

The Review series has been divided into three sub-series: Official Document; Supplemental Records; and Memos, Correspondence, and Miscellaneous. Official Documents include the records that were provided to the Regents, such as the formal charge to the review committee, material supplied to that committee by the School of Education, public testimony, the review committee report, and the School's extensive response to the report. The file is arranged chronologically. Supplemental Records are the working papers of the dean's office, created while preparing the various official documents and exhibits the School submitted. It also includes information regarding the School's attitudes and strategies as the review process continued. The Supplemental Records are arranged alphabetically by topic. Additional material relating to the review was received in 1998 and is located in Boxes 47 and 48. Audio tapes of the public hearings are located in Box 42.

Addition School of Education Review records were received in a later accession (in box 48). It consists of correspondence and communications among the faculty and Dean Stark and between Stark and the university administration, as well as letters of support from constituents of the school from around the country. It also contains transcripts of review hearing testimony, and summaries of review testimony.

The Associate Dean's series (3.5 linear feet) is comprised of the papers of three associate deans, in tenure order: Charles F. Lehmann, Frederick W. Bertolaet, and Carl F. Berger. The papers of Charles F. Lehmann are relatively brief, but provide a very rich source of Building Committee materials, spanning the years 1922-1966. The bulk of the remaining materials consist of evaluations and reports critiquing the School of Education. The records created by Associate Dean Frederick W. Bertolaet are arranged alphabetically and are most notable for information on the subject of urban education (through various file headings such as "Detroit Public Schools", "Shaw College", and the "Urban Education Program") and on the internal organization of the School in 1969-1970. The Carl F. Berger materials, which are also relatively brief, are most interesting for the Program/Committee materials detailing the state of each program ca. 1979 and also the deliberations of the School's Research Committee, 1979-1980.

The Audio-Visual Material series includes audio tapes, photographs, and videotapes. The audio material is comprised of an original set and a duplicate set of twenty-five audio tapes that are from the public testimony of the School of Education Review public hearings from October 26, 1982-November 3, 1982 and April 20, 1983. Transcripts from the hearings are available in Box 12. Also included in the Audio-visual series are two cassettes of conversations between Joan Stark and Carl Berger in February and May of 1984.

The photograph files contains photographs from two School of Education events in 1972 - the 50th anniversary celebration and Lawrence Conrey's retirement celebration. The videotape is a VHS cassette of the School of Education's 75th anniversary celebration in 1997.

The Archived Website series documents the academic programs, accomplishments, resources, events, and people at the School of Education. Content includes important news and announcements, publications (such as newsletters and course catalogs), and information about admissions, curriculum, degree requirements, faculty, and the overall mission of the School. The website series is arranged chronologically, with captures from 2002 and 2003 stored on CD. Starting in 2010, this archived website will be captured on a regular, ongoing basis as part of the University of Michigan Web Archives, hosted at