Joseph Beal Steere Papers: 1861-1941
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Title: Joseph Beal Steere Papers
Creator: Steere, Joseph Beal, 1842-1940
Dates: 1861-1941
Extent: 4 linear feet, 1 oversize volume, 1 oversize folder
Naturalist, professor of zoology and paleontology at the University of Michigan. Autobiography and biographical material; correspondence, diaries and travelogues, and writings concerning in part his collecting expeditions for the University Museum to South America, China, the Philippines, and other parts of the Far East; also papers reflecting his thoughts on science, religion, philosophy and evolution; and photographs.
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The collection came in three accessions. In 1973, the Museums Library (Donor No. 2658) transferred its holdings of Steere papers; in 1984, Mary Louise Steere donated additional material; in 1990, Betty Steere Abercrombie donated additional material left by her aunt, Mary Louise Steere (both accessions included in Donor No. 7062).

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Joseph Beal Steere was born February 9, 1842, in a house on Bean Creek, in the township of Rollin, Lenawee County, Michigan. His parents, William Millhouse Steere and Elizabeth Cleghorn Steere (nee Beal), were of pioneer Quaker stock. Both had brief careers as teachers before they married and turned to farming. In 1848 the Steere family moved by railroad and canal to Covington, Kentucky, on account of the father's poor health. In 1849 they moved again, to a spot twelve miles from Cincinnati.

After the entire family recovered from a bout with typhoid the next year, the Steeres returned to Michigan by wagon. In 1851, when Joseph was nine years old, he was sent to live with his uncle, to work to earn his keep.

In 1853 the Steeres moved to the "Miner Settlement" in Bloomer Center, Montcalm County. Steere recalled that school became important to him at this time. He had always enjoyed reading, but now he began to push himself to excel.

In 1858 Dr. George Pray, one of the earliest graduates from the University of Michigan, moved to a farm not far from the Steere home. Pray made a generous offer to prepare any interested student for college. Joseph Steere took up his offer, and he began to study with Dr. Pray on a weekly basis.

Steere was nineteen when the Civil War broke out. He wanted to enlist, but he was unable to, in part because of his father's opposition. So he remained at home and studied and taught school.

During the Civil War Steere moved to Ann Arbor, where he lived with Dr. Pray. Believing that he needed further formal education, Steere obtained permission to attend Ann Arbor High School. While two of his brothers did ultimately fight for the Union, Steere's enthusiasm to participate was tempered by his desire to receive an education. He never did enlist.

While in Ann Arbor, Steere became acquainted with the town's first botanist, Miss Mary Clark, who ran a girls' school. Steere had been interested in the workings of the natural world since childhood, but it is possible that his friendship with Miss Clark was instrumental in directing him toward a career in natural history.

After Steere was graduated from high school, he worked on his father's farm until he passed the University of Michigan entrance exam. He began his college education in September, 1864. Although he had become interested in natural history, he entered the University of Michigan Law School in 1868. He earned his degree two years later.

He did not practice law. Instead he embarked on an extensive world tour to gather collections for the University of Michigan Museum. His mother's cousin, Rice A. Beal--owner and publisher of the Ann Arbor Courier--agreed to pay for the expedition if Steere would write letters from his journey to be published in the Courier. Steere's travels lasted more than four years, taking him across the Andes (by horse and by foot) into Peru, and then east to China, Formosa (Taiwan), the Philippines, the Malaccas, and the Dutch Moluccas.

Steere shipped home thousands of specimens of birds, reptiles, mammals, and plants. On the Island of Marajo he excavated huge prehistoric burial mounds. He obtained rare manuscripts from Formosa, and he studied fifteen previously unknown tribes along the Amazon. He was especially interested in native dialects, and he compiled phonetic studies of several different languages.

His work in the Philippines was particularly notable. Many of the islands he visited had never been scientifically studied. He added at least sixty species of birds to the known Philippine avifauna, and he did extensive work on the distribution of animals throughout the archipelago.

In 1875, when Steere reached Singapore, he received word that he had received the University of Michigan's first honorary doctorate, in recognition of his scientific achievements. At the same time he was made an Assistant Professor.

The following year the Regents appointed Steere Assistant Professor of Paleontology and Curator of the Museum to which he had donated his collection. This was the first such museum to be built on the campus of a state university, and, consequently, a large variety of contributions began to pour into the new museum, including the Chinese collection that had been exhibited at the World's Industrial Fair, 1884-1885, in New Orleans. (In April of 1876, shortly after assuming his new responsibilities at the University of Michigan, Steere had spent some time in the British Museum collecting and perfecting data for his own collections.)

In 1879 Steere became a full Professor of Zoology and Paleontology. During that year he returned to the Amazon with a party of male university students. In the space of three months they collected over a thousand specimens of birds, mammals, reptiles, and fish.

In 1887 Steere requested a year's leave of absence, and again leading a party of five younger men, he returned to the Philippines. Three years later he went back to the Amazon, this time under the auspices of the Smithsonian Institution. He studied the Hypurinas, Jamadi, and Paumari Indians.

Steere resigned from the University in 1894. He had been asked to resign by the Regents, possibly, as he maintained, because his outspoken stance on temperance had angered the local German community.

After retiring, Steere spent the rest of his life on his farm near Ypsilanti. In 1901, however, he was again in the Amazon region, collecting for the Smithsonian's exhibition for the International Exposition in Buffalo. He continued to take an interest in scientific trends, and he carried on correspondence with his former colleagues and with people working for Prohibition.

Steere was an intensely religious man. He was active in the Methodist Sunday School and in the temperance movement. He sided with the Darwinists in the great nineteenth century debate over evolution versus creationism, but he was a strong proponent of what he called "argument from design." He believed that the natural world provided ample proof of the existence of a Designer, for he felt that life was too meticulously formed and intricately linked to be merely the result of fortuitous and random accidents.

Steere's later writings reflect his thoughts on religion, philosophy, and evolution. He began an autobiography when he was 89 years old, a work that showed a fine memory for detail, particularly details from his childhood years. He wrote some verse and numerous moralistic children's stories--many of them with animals living in authentic woodland settings.

Steere married Helen Buzzard on September 30, 1879. Before their marriage she had been the principal of the first ward school of Ann Arbor. The couple had five daughters and four sons.

Steere died on December 7, 1940. He was ninety-eight years old. Accolades for his lifetime accomplishments came from, among others, the University of Michigan, from the community of natural sciences, and from the Philippine National Council.

Collection Scope and Content Note

The papers of Joseph Beal Steere consist of four feet of manuscript and visual material, one oversize volume, and one oversize folder covering the years 1861-1941. The collection is organized into seven series: Autobiography/Biography, Professional and Published Correspondence, Diaries and Travelogues, Writings, Photographs, and Correspondence with family and friends (1861-1926).

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  • University of Michigan. Class of 1868.
  • University of Michigan -- Expeditions and surveys.
  • Agassiz, Alexander, 1835-1910.
  • Allen, J. A. (Joel Asaph), 1838-1921.
  • Angell, James Burrill, 1829-1916.
  • Bartlett, Harley Harris, 1886-1960.
  • Baur, George.
  • Beal, Junius E. (Junius Emery), 1860-1942.
  • Beal, William James, 1833-1924.
  • Beecher, Charles Emerson, 1856-1904.
  • Blair, William McCormick, 1884-1982.
  • Brigham, Edward Morris.
  • Brightman, Edgar Sheffield, 1884-1953.
  • Butler, Amos W. (Amos William), 1860-1937.
  • Case, E. C. (Ermine Cowles), 1871-
  • Cassino, Samuel Edson, 1856-1937.
  • Chapman, Howard Rufus, 1868-1942.
  • Chicago Academy of Sciences.
  • Clark, Mary H., -1875.
  • Cooley, Charles Horton, 1864-1929.
  • Cooley, Thomas McIntyre, 1824-1898.
  • Cope, E. D. (Edward Drinker), 1840-1897.
  • Derby, Orville A. (Orville Adelbert), 1851-1915.
  • Dewey, John, 1859-1952.
  • Dutcher, William, 1846-1920.
  • Elliot, Daniel Giraud, 1835-1915.
  • Fairchild, David, 1869-1954.
  • Ferguson, Alfred Lynn, 1884-
  • Frieze, Henry S. (Henry Simmons), 1817-1889.
  • Günther, Albert C. L. G. (Albert Carl Ludwig Gotthilf), 1830-1914.
  • Hargitt, Edward.
  • Harrington, Mark Walrod, 1848-1926.
  • Hartt, Charles Frederick, 1840-1878.
  • Heath, Edwin R.
  • Heath, Ivon D.
  • Henderson, William D., 1866-
  • Hinsdale, W. B. (Wilbert B.), 1851-1944.
  • Holmes, William Henry, 1846-1933.
  • Hornaday, William Temple, 1854-1937.
  • Hubbard, Bela, 1814-1896.
  • Hubbard, Edward K.
  • Hubbard, E. W.
  • Jackson, Walter Hinckley, 1840-1930.
  • Jenney, William Le Baron, 1832-1907.
  • Johnston, Clarence Thomas, 1872-1970.
  • Jones, I. Winter.
  • Kelley, Alfred.
  • Kellogg, James Lawrence, 1866-1938.
  • Leete, Frederick Deland, 1866-1958.
  • Merriam, C. Hart (Clinton Hart), 1855-1942.
  • Penna, D. S. Ferreira.
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  • Ruthven, Alexander Grant, 1882-1971.
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  • Senier, Alfred, -1918.
  • Sharpe, Richard Bowdler.
  • Shufeldt, Robert W. (Robert Wilson), 1850-1934.
  • Steere, Isaac.
  • Steere, Joseph Hall, 1852-1936.
  • Van Deman, Henry Elias, 1845-1915.
  • Ward, Henry A. (Henry Augustus), 1834-1906.
  • Waterhouse, Frederick Herschel.
  • Wenley, R. M. (Robert Mark), 1861-1929.
  • Whitman, Charles Otis, 1842-1910.
  • Wilder, Burt Green, 1841-1925.
  • Wilgus, Horace L. (Horace La Fayette), 1859-1935.
  • Wilson, Robert.
  • Winchell, Alexander, 1824-1891.
  • Wood, W. W.
  • Woolridge, C. W.
Contents List
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Container / Location Title
Autobiography/Biography [series]

The Autobiography/Biography series includes an autobiography of some fifty pages, covering Steere's childhood to his early college days. The autobiography is rich in detail for the early part of Steere's life, giving a vivid account of rural life in the 1840's-1850's. Steere's description of his college career is less complete, but correspondence from family and friends helps to fill in the picture of his life in the 1860's helps to fill in gaps in Steere's later life, especially during his working years. Also included is a folder of "general" material, one on "Affiliations," documenting the clubs and societies that Steere was affiliated with, and a folder of "Newspaper Clippings," which perhaps provides the best information about the chronology of Steere's life.

Box   1  
Box   1  
Box   1  
Affiliations 1885-1938
Box   1  
Newspaper Clippings
Professional And Published Correspondence [series]

The Professional and Published Correspondence series consists of the correspondence received from the transfer of Steere papers from the University of Michigan Museums Library. These letters are charming and vibrant. In fact, they are more informative than his travel diaries. The series consists of two subseries representing a 1973 accession from the U-M University Museums Library and materials received from Mary Louise Steere (1973) and Betty Steere Abercombie (1990).

Files from UM Museums Library [subseries]
Box   1  
Box   1  
Box   1  
Box   1  

(includes 1893 letter from Frances Willard)

Box   1  
Box   1  
And Miscellanea Undated
Files from Mary Louise Steere and Betty Steere Abercombie [subseries]
Oversize Folder   1  
Letters from Joseph Beal Steere Expedition 1870-1877
Oversize Volume   1  
Published Correspondence 1870-1875
Box   1  
Box   1  
General Correspondence
Box   1  
Box   1  
Box   1  
Diaries and Travelogues [series]

The next series is Diaries and Travelogues. These are in chronological order, and they have been identified by topic where possible. The first is a journal in which Steere sets down his religious beliefs. The second is an account of his Law School experience, and the rest are accounts of his various expeditions.

Box   1  

(no name; trip from West Coast to New York City, by way of Panama, and a short account of a trip West in 1841)

Box   1  
Law School days 1869
Box   1  
Amazon circa 1870-1875
Box   1  
Lima and Callao 1872
Box   1  
South American observations 1872
Box   1  
Callao and at sea, bound for China 1872
Box   1  
Macao, Philippines, Formosa 1873
Box   1  
Chinese song book 1874
Box   1  
Notes for book on the Amazon trip 1875
Box   1  
Singapore, Formosa 1875
Box   1  
Philippines 1887
Box   1  
Philippines 1888
Box   1  
Amazon 1901
Box   1  
Religious journal Undated
Writings [series]

A large series in the collection is Steere's Writings. These are subdivided topically into "Academic Writings," which include a draft and manuscripts on Formosa, fifteen reprints of articles by Steere, and two articles written about his work; "Children's Stories," "Lectures," "Letters to the Editor," "Poetry," "Religion/Philosophy," "Temperance," and "Others." The bulk of this series consists of academic and religious writings. These provide insight into Steere's career and its meaning for him.

Box   1  
Ethnology and Linguistics (3 folders)
"Formosa and Its Inhabitants"
Box   2  
Draft (3 folders)
Box   2  
Collected materials
Box   2  
Finished Manuscript
Box   2  
"Extinct Mammals of Michigan--the Elk" Undated
Box   2  
"Antiquities of Peru" 1876
Box   2  
"A List of Mammals and Birds of Ann Arbor and Vicinity"
Box   2  
"Migration of Michigan Birds"
Box   2  
"A Month in Palawan" February 1888
Box   2  
"Six Weeks in Southern Mindanao" April 1888
Box   2  
"Animals as Modified by Environment" June 1888
Box   2  
"Observations Made in the Central Philippines" July 1888
Box   2  
"A Month in the Eastern Philippines" 1889
Box   2  
A List of the Birds and Mammals Collected by the Steere Expedition to the Philippines" 1890
Box   2  
"Ornithological Results of an Expedition to the Philippine Islands in 1887 and 1888" July 1891
Box   2  
"A Visit to the Philippine Islands of Masbate and Marinduque" August 1891
Box   2  
"The Distribution of Genera and Species of Non-Migratory Land Birds in the Philippines"
Box   2  
"The Importance of Individual Facts of Environment in the Formation of Groups of Animals"
Box   2  
"Narrative of a Visit to Indian Tribes of the Purus River, Brazil" 1903
Reprints by Others on Steere's Work
Box   2  
Harrington, M.W. "The Tropical Ferns Collected by Professor Steere in the Years 1870-1875"
Box   2  
Sclater, P.L. and Osbert Salvin. "On the Collection of Birds Made by Professor Steere in South America"
Box   2  
Children's Stories
Box   2  
Box   2  
"Letters To The Editor"
Box   2  
Box   2  
Religion/Philosophy (2 folders)
Box   2  
Box   2  
Box   2  
Photographs [series]

The Photographs series consists of images of his expeditions to South America and the Philippines, portraits, and albums relating to family and the University of Michigan Class of 1868.

Box   3  
Brazil and Peru circa 1879
Box   3  
Family and Friends

(includes photo of Class of 1868 Reunion)

Box   3  
Philippine Islands

(includes photo of 1887 University of Michigan expedition members)

Box   3  
Snapshots of Family and Friends

(Received with 1990 accession of papers; this folder includes the following photographs:)

Box   3  
Snapshots sent by daughter Mary in Alaska, also 1922-1923 (11 photographs)
Box   3  
Snapshots sent by daughter Mary from Tanana, Alaska 1922-1923 (12 photographs)
Box   3  
"Edie's Pictures" of Alaska 1923 (21 photographs)
Box   3  
Snapshots from Ida Belle, grand daughter of Steere, from Italy 1923 (2 photographs)
Box   3  
Snapshots of J.B. Steere sent by daughter Mary to Steere's brother Joseph after her father's death in 1940 January 1941 (2 photographs)
Box   3  
University of Michigan Class of 1868
Box   3  
Beal and Buzzard Family Album
Oversize Folder   UAm  
Photograph of the women members of the University of Michigan College of Literature, Science and the Arts Class of 1910

(Steere's daughter Elizabeth's class; In oversize photo collection, UAm)

Correspondence with Family and Friends 1861-1926 [series]

The last series - Correspondence with family and friends (1861-1926) - was received in 1990 and consists in part of letters received by Steere from his brothers and his friends during the period of the Civil War, from his Grandfather Beal, from his parents and his younger brothers and sisters on the family farm in Michigan, from Dr. Pray--with whom he lived for a while when he was a student at the University of Michigan--and from his classmate J.B. Davis. There are also numerous letters from Rice Beal, editor of the Ann Arbor Courier, who financed his first expedition.

The letters in this series reflect Steere's growing interest in research in the field of zoology, his extended journeys to hunt for specimens for the University of Michigan and for the Smithsonian collections, his defense of Darwin, his lively defense of Prohibition, and his dismissal from the University--partly as a result of his desire to enforce Prohibition in the Ann Arbor area (within five miles of the campus).

Letters from his children reflect educational procedures at the turn of the century, the children's experiences in Alaska, in Newfoundland, and in Germany during the 1920's, and an account of life as a teacher at a girls' correctional institution in Adrian, Michigan. Steere's sister Ellen's diary written while she lived in the "Old People's Home" in Chelsea, Michigan, from 1919 to 1922 describes in some detail life in an institution of this kind.

Researchers on the sciences, especially those interested in natural history, would find Steere's writings pertinent. His work on Formosa (Taiwan), the Amazon region, and the Philippines would be of value, too, both as natural history and as ethnology--the westerner making use of artifacts and observing customs of "primitive" peoples. Steere was able to interpret his findings in ways that would fit his religious and intellectual framework. In an age when travel to exotic lands was both arduous and hazardous, Steere's journeys rank as sheer adventure.

Finally, Steere's correspondence during his long life provides the reader with a window on a lively, articulate family and their friends, from Michigan farms to the campus of a major university--and to far-flung points of interest to them in Europe, in South America, and in Asia.

J.B. Steere (largely letters to)
Box   4  

(3 letters as a student, and including letters from J.B. Davis)

Box   4  
Box   4  
Box   4  
Box   4  
Box   4  
Box   4  

(including response to his defense of "Christian Darwinism," 1922)

Box   4  
Box   4  
Ellen Steere (J.B. Steere's sister)

(one folder includes letters, 1861, 1862 and 1869; also letters to family, undated; diary, in Old People's Home in Chelsea, Michigan, 1919-1922)

Bess (J.B. Steere's daughter)
Box   4  

(includes teaching certificate and letters written while teaching in Cassopolis, Michigan)

Box   4  

(letters written while a teacher in Cassopolis, partially undated)

Box   4  

(letters written from Coblenz, Germany and miscellanea)

Mary (J.B. Steere's daughter)
Box   4  

(Written from Alaska)

Box   4  

(Written about the Industrial School for Girls, Adrian, Michigan (1925) and from Newfoundland in 1926)

Box   4  
1922, 1923, 1924 (3 letters)

(written from Ida Belle Hegemann while in Europe)

Additional Descriptive Data
Selective Index to Correspondents: 1973 accession of papers
Agassiz, Alexander, 1835-1910.
  • Undated
Allen, J. A. (Joel Asaph), 1838-1921.
  • May 24, July 16, 1894
Angell, James Burrill, 1829-1916.
  • July 17, 1877
Baur, George
  • February 27, 1888 September 29, 1889
Beal, William James, 1833-1924.
  • December 29, 1869; February 10, 1871; October 13, 1872; May 4, 11, 1873; February 19, 1914
Beecher, Charles Emerson, 1856-1904.
  • February 8, 1891
Butler, Amos W. (Amos William), 1860-1937.
  • May 14, 1895
Cassino, Samuel Edison, 1856-1937.
  • October 3, 1877
Chicago Academy of Sciences
  • December 23, 1869
Clark, Mary H., d. 1875.
  • April 26, 1873; August 5, 1874; May 7, 1875; Undated
Cooley, Thomas McIntyre, 1824-1898.
  • August 23, 1869
Cope, E. D. (Edward Drinker), 1840-1897.
  • January 13, 1882
Derby, Orville A. (Orville Adelbert), 1851-1915.
  • November 8, 1871; January 4, February 18, July 11, November 3, 1872; July 27, 1873
Dutcher, William, 1846-1920
  • June 10, 1894
Elliot, Daniel Giraud, 1835-1915.
  • November 30, December 22, 1894
Frieze, Henry S. (Henry Simmons), 1817-1889.
  • January 12, 1871
Günther, Albert C. L. G. (Albert Carl Ludwig Gotthilf), 1830-1914.
  • September 22, 1876; April 4, 1889; October 24, 1891
Hargitt, Edward
  • November 19, 1891
Harrington, Mark Walrod, 1848-1926.
  • July 30, October 31, December 3, 1871; January 14, December 15, 1874; September 2, 1876
Hartt, Charles Frederick, 1840-1878.
  • October 3, 1871; Undated
Heath, Edwin R
  • March 23, 1873; November 17, 1878; January 23, 1890
Heath, Ivon D.
  • October 20, 1872; March 16, 23, 1873; Undated
Holmes, William Henry, 1846-1933.
  • March 26, 1902
Hornaday, William. Temple, 1854-1937.
  • June 9, 1887
Hubbard, Bela, 1814-1896.
  • October 20, 31, 1892
Hubbard, Edward K
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Hubbard, E. W.
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Jenney, William. Le Baron, 1832-1907.
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Jones, I. Winter
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Kelley, Alfred
  • December 29, 1904
Kellogg, James Lawrence, 1866-1938.
  • December 5, 1896
Merriam, C. Hart (Clinton Hart), 1855-1942.
  • May 29, 1894
Penna, D. S. Ferreira
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Sclater, Philip Lutley, 1829-1913.
  • April 6, 1877; March 14, 1888; August 25, October 1.December 24, 1890; May 7, 1894; March 3, 1898
Senier, Alfred, d. 1918.
  • October 20, 1876
Sharpe, Richard Bowdler
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Shufeldt, Robert W. (Robert Wilson), 1850-
  • May 17, June 1, 1894; Apr. 24, May 21, 1907; Mar. 22, 1908; Jan. 19, 1909
Steere, Isaac.
  • January 19, 1897
Van Deman, Henry Elias, 1845-1915.
  • May 13, 1887
Wallace, Alfred Russel, 1823-1913
  • August 30, 1876
Ward, Henry A. (Henry Augustus), 1834-1906.
  • June 20, 1887
Waterhouse, Frederick Herschel
  • February 20, August 26, 1891
Whitman, Charles Otis, 1842-1910.
  • Undated
Wilder, Burt Green, 1841-1925.
  • June 9, 1897
Wilson, Robert.
  • December 31, 1873
Winchell, Alexander, 1824-1891.
  • June 12, July 29, 1869; June 13, 1870; April 2, 1872
Wood, W. W.
  • October 4, 1874
Woolridge, C. W.
  • April 14, 1884
Selective Index to Correspondents: 1984 accession of papers
Angell, James Burrill, 1829-1916.
  • March 20, May 8, 1873
Bartlett, Harley Harris, 1886-1960.
  • February 9, 1932 (re: Joseph B. Steere birthday)
Beal, Junius E. (Junius Emery), 1860-1942.
  • September 7, 1923
Blair, William McCormick, 1884-
  • November 15, 1927 (re: Joseph B. Steere article on faith)
Brigham, Edward Morris
  • November 28, 1933 (re: Amazon studies, etc.)
Brightman, Edgar Sheffield, 1884-1953.
  • March 9, 1930 (re: Joseph B. Steere argument for teleology.)
Case, E. C. (Ermine Cowles), b. 1871.
  • November 30, 1927 (re: Joseph B. Steere article on faith)
Chapman, Howard Rufus, 1868-1942.
  • March 29, 1924 (re: Joseph B. Steere article on faith)
Cooley, Charles Horton, 1864-1929.
  • November 27, 1927 (re: Joseph B. Steere article on faith)
Dewey, John, 1859-1952.
  • November 7, 1929 (re: Joseph B. Steere manuscript on religion and evolution.)
Fairchild, David, 1869-1954.
  • May 11, 1898 (asking opinion about annexing/colonizing Philippines and developing its agriculture.)
Ferguson, Alfred Lynn, b. 1884
  • February 7, 1927 (re: article on faith)
Frieze, Henry S. (Henry Simmons), 1817-1889.
  • June 27, July 26, August 17, October 8, 18, 1871; January 28, March 18, 1872
Harrington, Mark Walrod, 1848-1926.
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Henderson, William D., b. 1866.
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Hinsdale, W. B. (Wilbert B.), 1851-1944.
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Jackson, Walter Hinckley, 1840-1930.
  • February 14, 1924 (on religion)
Johnston, Clarence Thomas, 1872-1970.
  • March 15, 1920; May 3, 1924 (re: Joseph B. Steere article on faith); November 25, 1927
Leete, Frederick Deland, 1866-1958.
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