Dorothy Leonard Judd Papers: 1935-1974
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Dorothy Leonard Judd was a longtime civic leader and political activist from Grand Rapids, Michigan. A graduate of Grand Rapids Central High School and Vassar College, Mrs. Judd also studied for her masters degree at the University of Michigan under political science professor James K. Pollock. She taught American history and government at Grand Rapids Central High School from 1921 to 1924. During this period, she also became involved in the formation of the League of Women Voters. She was elected president of the state league organization in 1928 and headed the national league's Efficiency in Government committee in 1932-1934. She continued working with the league in various capacities until 1966.

Dorothy Judd's life was devoted to civic activity. During 1935-1936, she was a member of the Michigan State Civil Service Study Commission (chaired by professor Pollock). Three decades later, she would be a member of the Michigan State Civil Service Commission, 1963-1968, serving for two years as chairperson. During 1963-1964, Mrs. Judd won election as a delegate to the state constitutional convention serving on the civil rights committee. From her active interest in civil rights causes, Mrs. Judd was selected to be a member and chair of the Michigan State Advisory Committee to the United States Commission on Civil Rights in the period 1963-1966.

In Grand Rapids, Mrs. Judd was involved in the formation of Citizens Action, a group established in opposition to Mayor George Welch and party boss Frank McKay. Citizens Action led a movement to have the mayor recalled and fought for reform of the city's method of assessing property taxes. As a result of CA's action, Mayor Welch resigned from office in 1950

Mrs. Judd died February 1989.