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Carl Eugen Guthe Papers: 1905-1974 (Majority of material found within 1920-1929)
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All Series Level Scope and Content Notes

The collection, which was received in two accessions, contains papers and photographs documenting Guthe's work at the University of Michigan, including the 1922 expedition to the Philippines and other expeditions and materials relating to his teaching and administrative activities. The collection is organized into eight series: Philippine Expedition Papers, University Files, Philippine Expediting Photographs, Journals, Writings, Clippings, Other, and Correspondence. The 1944 accession includes the series Philippine Expedition Papers, University Files, Philippine Expedition Photographs, and Correspondence. The 2006 addition includes the series Journals, Correspondence, Writings, Clippings, Other, and Photographs. .

The Philippine Expedition series, 1922-1926 (1.5 linear feet), includes correspondence with Dean C. Worcester, Alexander G. Ruthven, and Francis W. Kelsey, general correspondence, field reports, expense records, and Guthe and Worcester's research notes taken during the expedition.

The University Files series, 1923-1942 (0.5 linear feet), includes papers relating to Guthe's activities at the university, particularly the Institute of Archaeological Research, the Committee on Human Adjustment, the Centennial Celebration Committee on University Exhibits, the Linguistic Institute, and the Committee on Educational Policies.

The Photographs series, 1922-1927 (0.5 linear feet), includes visual documentation of the landscape, people, customs and artifacts researched during the Philippine expedition. In 1978, prints were made of the photographs before the deteriorating nitrate negatives were destroyed. The photographs are listed by subject in a supplement to the contents list.

The series also contains photographs of two archaeological excavations in Kentucky and Ohio in 1927.

The Correspondence series, 1939-1943 (0.5 linear feet), contains Guthe's incoming and outgoing professional correspondence from his final years at the University of Michigan. It has been arranged in general alphabetical folders by correspondent, with individual folders for a few of Guthe's regular correspondents, such as James B. Griffin and Eli Lilly. Most of the correspondence relates to Guthe's work as director of the Museum of Anthropology and University Museums.

Journals, 1912-1944, (2 linear feet) comprises the journals kept by Guthe and his wife during several of his expeditions. All of the journals were damaged in a house fire in the 1950s. Notes from Guthe that were with the journals indicate that a typed transcript of the journals was created in 1970, but the fate of those transcripts is unknown. An ardent writer, Guthe's journals richly detail the day-to-day experiences, frustrations, and successes of expeditions. Journals from the 1920s are particularly strong. Later journals detail daily life, but not as extensively as the expedition journals.

Correspondence, 1921-1974, (0.5 linear feet) comprises two types of files. The first group appears to be a partial alphabetical file of Guthe's correspondence from 1925 to 1938, comprising only the letters A through C. Files of the second type do not bear any apparent relationship to the alphabetical files or any existing correspondence series, and their provenance is unknown. Additional correspondence can be found in the 1944 accession correspondence series.

Writings, 1905-1971, (1.0 linear foot) includes manuscripts, notes and publications written by Guthe. The earliest piece details 12 year-old Guthe's experience at President Roosevelt's 1905 inauguration. Early poems are included in the series. Some of the poems are about Guthe's wife, Grace. Professional speeches and publications highlight Guthe's detailed descriptions of his expedition experiences.

Clippings, 1916-1965, (.25 linear feet) comprises three folders of newspaper clippings about Guthe and his family, and are particularly strong in documenting Guthe's travels throughout the U.S. and Canada surveying museums after his retirement.

Other, 1916-1960, (.25 linear feet) includes a small number of documents that do not fit into any of the other categories. They include memorabilia from Guthe's time at Harvard (1916-1917), a roster of the Ann Arbor High School Class of 1910 with notes on whereabouts as of 1960, and forms filled out during anthropometrical examinations of Dr. and Mrs. Guthe at Harvard.

Photographs, 1911-1971, (.75 linear feet) comprises several hundred small (mostly 2-1/2"x3" and 3"x5" size) prints, mostly from Guthe's field work in the U.S. Southwest, Central America and the Philippines. These images show Guthe and his colleagues engaged in archaeological excavations, and document the excavation sites and artifacts. This series also includes a small number of photographs of the Guthe Family, including an oversize photograph from 1911. Additional photographs can be found in the 1944 accession photographs series.