Life Sciences Institute records: 2001-2016 (Majority of material found within 2001-2006)
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Established in 1999, the Life Sciences Institute is a University of Michigan life sciences research and education organization that strives to advance the understanding of the fundamental processes of life, and to pioneer new ideas to improve human health." The LSI building—which opened in 2003—houses several centers and laboratories, including the Center for Chemical Genomics, Center for Structural Biology, Michigan Drug Discovery (formerly the Center for the Discovery of New Medicines), and LSI's cryro-electron microscopy laboratory. In addition, the LSI has engaged in numerous educational opportunities, as evidenced by its Annual Symposium (2002-ongoing) as well as various fellowships and internships.

Three organizations advise and oversee the LSI's director and staff: the LSI Leadership Council, which offers guidance concerning the LSI's "orginazational direction and progress"; LSI Scientific Advisory Board, which guides the LSI's "scientific direction and progress"; and LSI Executive Committee, which reviews the institute's efforts, challenges, and campus planning.

Directors of the Life Sciences Institute

2002 Jack Dixon
2002-2015 Alan R. Saltiel
2015-2016 Stephen J. Weiss (Interim)
2016- Roger D. Cone