Charles A. Smith papers: 1926-1958 (bulk 1926-1934)
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Professional files [series]

The Professional files series documents Pillsbury's career as a psychologist, his research and scholarly contributions, and his relationship with students, university colleagues, and other members within his discipline. The series is further divided into subseries of Correspondence, University of Michigan related materials, Writings, and Miscellaneous.

Correspondence (by date) [subseries]

The Correspondence subseries is arranged by date and in one instance by topic. Pillsbury's correspondents include Henry F. Adams, Floyd Henry Allport, James R. Angell, George F. Arps, Henry M. Bates, Alfred Binet, Edwin G. Boring, Norman A. Cameron, James M. Cattell, Moses Gomberg, Wilbert B. Hinsdale, Percy Hughes, Clark L. Hull, Harry B. Hutchins, William James, Clarence T. Johnston, Charles H. Judd, Kurt Lewin, Norman Maier, Hugo Munsterberg, Carl Murchison, Carl Seashore, Edward Titchener, Edward C. Tolman, Howard C. Warren, Robert M. Wenley, Harry Wolfe, Lloyd S. Woodburne, Robert M. Yerkes, Clarence Yoakum, Robert S. Woodward, and Robert S. Woodworth. There are some family letters in this subseries, especially letters to his wife written while he was lecturing abroad, but the bulk of the letters among family members will be found in the Family Papers series.

Box   1  
Undated, 1893-1960 (61 folders)
Correspondence (by topic) [subseries]
Box   2  
E. B. Titchener memorial volume 1916-1917 (3 folders)
University of Michigan materials [subseries]

The University of Michigan subseries includes lecture materials, examination papers written by Pillsbury students, and a miscellanea of material pertaining to the university psychology laboratory and later the department of psychology.

Box   2  
Lecture notes undated (2 folders)
Box   2  
Examination questions circa 1909-1940
Box   2  
Student examinations (2 folders)
Box   2  
Psychology department and classroom miscellanea (scattered dates)
Box   2  
Record book (psychological laboratory) 1894-1922

(contains statistics, record of researchers, visitors, fatigue study, and clippings)

Writings [subseries]

The Writings subseries includes drafts of published writings, an unpublished novel, and published reviews.

Box   2  
Manuscript of novel
Box   2  
Manuscript of Psychology and economics
Box   2  
Manuscript of Concepts in psychology
Box   2  
Miscellaneous reviews, drafts of articles, notes, etc. (6 folders)
Miscellaneous [subseries]

The Miscellaneous subseries includes some Rorschach test materials, clippings, and other items not easily placed elsewhere.

Box   2  
Rorschach test materials
Box   2  
Announcement poster for Pillsbury talk; clippings
Box   2  
Reports, notes, unidentified (2 folders)