Theta Delta Chi. Gamma Deuteron Charge (University of Michigan) records: 1891-2017
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In 1847, six students at Union College (in Schenectady, New York) founded Theta Delta Chi. While the organization was originally intended as a literary society, the founders decided on the creation of a fraternity.

In 1889, Theta Delta Chi instated a chapter at the University of Michigan, designated as the Gamma Deuteron Charge. Edward Warner, one of the founding members, had attended Cornell University in 1888 where he rushed the Beta Charge before transferring to the University of Michigan. Warner and six men from a literary club on campus would be the first initiates of the Gamma Deuteron Charge on December 13, 1889. During the 1990s, the chapter went inactive and remained dormant before being re-chartered by the national office in 2009.