Eddy family papers: 1837-1921 (bulk 1861-1864)
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Box   1  
Family Portraits 1850s-1870s [series] (2 glass photographic plates (ambrotypes, Union cases; ninth plate), 2 photographs (daguerreotypes, Union cases; sixth plate), 2 tintypes (Union cases; sixth plate), 5 tintypes (sixth plate), 15 photographs ((in small leatherbound album); photograph album))

This Family Portraits series (1850s-1870s, 0.3 linear feet) series consists of a box of family portraits taken using various early photographic methods. There are four 1/6th plate size portraits framed in “Union Cases,” two of which are tintypes and two of which are daguerreotypes. There are also two 1/9th plate size ambrotypes. The box also contains a leather-bound photograph album holding fifteen later portraits of family members, as well as a small Maple Grove Candies box which holds five uncased tintypes. There are no annotations identifying the subjects of the photographs or the dates they were taken.

Family Papers 1857-1921 [series] (0.3 linear feet (in 6 folders), 1 volume (in 1 box (box 3); Bible))

This Family Papers series (1857-1921, 0.3 linear feet, 1 volume, and 196 MB) primarily contains correspondence consisting of approximately 120 letters, most of which were written during the American Civil War (1860-1865) between the three enlisted brothers, Willard, William and Clark, and their parents, Otis and Lucy. Three of the letters contain accounts of the Battle of Williamsburg (letter dated May 12, 1862), the First Battle of Fredricksburg (letter dated May 26, 1863), and the Second Battle of Fredricksburg (letter dated May 26, 1863). The family Bible is also included, and a folder of loose leaf genealogical and family record materials that were interleaved between Bible pages. There are also two official Union Army documents conferring promotions on Clark Eddy, one for the rank of corporal and the other for the rank of sergeant. The digital materials include scans of six letters and transcriptions of ten letters.

Box   2  
Genealogical Records 1837-1921 (1 folder)

This folder contains genealogical records for several generations of the Eddy family, with the beinning date inferred from the document being written in a consistent hand and the last addition appearing to be a 1921 death date. These materials were originally interleaved in the Family Bible, but were removed and foldered for purposes of preservation and access.

Family Correspondence 1857-1882 (0.2 linear feet)
Box   2  
Correspondence 1857-1862 (1 folder)
Box   2  
Correspondence 1863 (1 folder)
Box   2  
Correspondence 1864 (1 folder)
Box   2  
Correspondence (undated or illegible dates) (1 folder)
Box   2  
Two Military Promotion Records and Two Post-war Letters 1862-1882 (1 folder)
Correspondence (scans and transcriptions) 1861-1864 (196 MB) [access item]
Box   3  
Family Bible