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Cornelia G. Kennedy papers: 1932-2012 (Majority of material found within 1970-1999)
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Quill boxes [series]

(measurements in inches: diameter x height)

Round, solid quills, natural color with split spruce root edges (2 x 11/4)
Round, solid quill, box with 3 petaled red flower. Broken quills on bottom (2 1/8 x 13/4)
Round box with bark exposed on top. Four petal red flower. Many broken quills. In poor condition (2.5 x 13/4)
Round, solid quill all white background with brown squirrel design. Several broken quills (4 x 13/4)
Round, solid quill, natural quills with a beaver design (4 x 13/4)
Round, plain birch bark box, with stylized flower design. Sweetgrass trim (4 x 2)
Round quill box, mostly white solid quillwork with brown bear design. Several broken quills (6.5 x 2)
Round, solid quill natural color, striped pattern. Split root on edges (2 x 1.75)
Oval, solid, all white quill box. Leaf design. Edges trimmed in sweetgrass; Possibly a Laura Parkey box (3.5 x 2.5 x 1.75)
Round, solid quill box, mostly white color with purple trillium flower (4.25 x 2)
Hexagonal, plain birch bark, open top box (5 x 43/4)
Round quill box, strawberry design (3 x 21/2)
Round quill box, abstract design (4 x 13/4)