Gayle Morris Sweetland Center for Writing records: 1976-2012
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Science and the Arts (LS&A), the English Composition Board (ECB) was created. The ECB was charged with developing a plan for instruction that would improve the literacy of LS&A students. In 1978 the ECB began a multi-level, cross-curricular writing program, one of the first of its kind in universities around the country.

The ECB administered the writing program for the College of Literature, Science and the Arts, provided remediation and tutoring for those students that required it, ran the first year writing program, conducted writing workshops, offered upper-level courses in students' field of concentration to satisfy further graduation requirements ("Writing across the curriculum"), and conducted outreach workshops with area schools. One of its greatest responsibilities has been to evaluate incoming students' writing ability and assigning them to the appropriate writing course. The method for assessing the writing has changed over the last three decades, from essays written during freshman orientation to a portfolio of students' existing work from high-school to directed self-placement, the method currently used.

In 1998 the English Composition Board became the Gayle Morris Sweetland Writing Center in honor of Gayle Sweetland, founder and owner of U. Magazine. When the Sweetland Center moved from Angell Hall to newer facilities in North Quad in 2010, it became the Gayle Morris Sweetland Center for Writing. The faculty of Sweetland work one-on-one with students in Writing Workshop and teach writing courses for students from their first year through graduate school. Additionally Sweetland offers peer tutoring, helps students navigate the University's writing requirements, and conducts research on ways to improve and innovate its programs and courses and contribute to national conversations about writing. Those interested in learning more about what Sweetland does may consult its website at (accessed May 2013).