South Africa Initiatives Office (University of Michigan) records: 1990-2007
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M [subseries]
"M" Club.

(see: Athletics-Societies)

MacArthur for Emperor.

(see: Political Clubs-Democrats Mace. see: Symbols)

McInally (Wm. K.) Lecture.

(see: Business-Administration, School of McNaught Awards in Journalism. see: Journalism, Dept. of)

Macromolecular Research Center.

(see: Institute of Science and Technology.)

Madelon Pound House. Addition to the International Center.

(see: Foreign Students-I.C.)

Mailing Service.

(see: Service Enterprises)


(see: Buildings and Grounds)

Maison Francaise.

(see: Romance Languages and Literature, Dept. of)

Box   37  
Mammalian Genetics Center.
Management Information System (MIS).

(see: Administration)

Management of Personnel Quarterly (v.1, no.1, November 1961-)

(see: Bureau of Industrial Relations)

Managers Club.

(see: Athletics-Societies)

Manuscripts and Papyri.

(see: Library-Manuscripts and Papyri)

Marine Reserves.

(see: Naval Science, Dept. of)

Box   37  
Marital Education.
Marketing Club.

(See: see: Societies-BA)

Box   37  
Marketing System. (grading)

(see also: Literary College (Conferences); Calendar (Schedules); Graduate School (Graduate Record Exam.) Student Records (Class ranking of students))

Markley House.

(see: Cooperative Rooming and Boarding Projects.)

Marriage and Family Life Series.

(see: Extension-Detroit.)


(see: Religion-Churches.)


(see: Dramatics-Masques.)

Box   37  
Mathematics, Dept. of

(Includes Math. Clubs, Insurance. see also: Computers; Statistics, Dept)

Matrix Table dinner. see; Theta Sigma Phi
May Day Incident (1934).

(see: Radicals-May Day Incident.)

May Festival.

(see: Music Series.)

Mayalan Language.

(see: Far Eastern Studies.)

Mechanical Engineer's Club.

(see: Societies-Engineering.)

Medical Center, 1958-.
Box   37  
Box   37  
Medical Center-Clinical Research Unit.

(see: Medical School-Research.)

Medical Center Alumni Society Conference.

(see: Societies-Medical School.)

Medical Library.

(see: Kresge Medical Library.)

Medical School.

(Includes faculty, courses, lectures, clinics', building program for Medical School. see also: Hospitals; Medical School-Research; Medical School Merger; Simpson Memorial Institute for Medical Research; Societies-Galens; Societies-Medical School.--plus related schools, e.g.-Dentistry; Nurses; Pharmacy; Public Health; Expansion (3rd medical school?))

Box   37  
Box   37  
Box   37  
Box   37  
Box   37  
Box   37  
Box   38  
Box   38  
Box   38  
Box   38  
Box   38  
Box   38  
Medical School -- Post Graduate Medicine
Medical School-Research.

(Includes Kresge Medical Research Bldg. Before 1930 see: Medical School. see also: Kresge Med. Lib.; Simpson Inst. for Med. Research; Hospitals; Mental Retardation Research)

Box   38  
Box   38  
Box   38  
Medical School-Societies.

(see: Societies-Medical School.)

Medical School merger (1922).
Medical Science Building.

(see: Medical School.)

Medical Technologist Society.

(see: Societies-Medical School.)

Medieval Festival.

(see: Dramatics-Student Groups.)

Medieval Society.

(see: History, Dept. of)

Box   38  

(see also: names of individuals (e. g. Faculty-Cooley, Thos. M. for Milles Fountain).)

(Ann Arbor) Mennonite Fellowship.'

(see: Religion-Churches.)

Men's Education. Club/and/ Men and Women's Education Club.

(see: Societies-Education.)

Men's Glee Club.

(See: Glee Clubs.)

Men's Judiciary Council.

(see: 1939-47-Student Affairs Committee; 1947-51-Joint Judiciary Council. Replaced 1952 by Joint Jud. Council.)

Men's Student Council . 1935-1939

(see: Student Government.)

Box   38  
Mental Health Research Institute

(Formerly a branch of the Neuropsychiatric Institute under the name Mental Health Research Unit). see also: Psychiatry.)

Box   38  
Mental Retardation Research. An interdisciplinary center.
Arthur H. Merritt Award.

(see: Dentistry, School of)

Mesopotamian Archaeological Expedition. (to Parthian Sites at Seleucia).

(see: Near Eastern Studies-Mesopotamia Expedition Kelsey Museum of Archaeology; Faculty-Waterman.)

"Messiah". (Choral Union Christmas program presentation).

(see: Music Series.)

Metamorphosis. Campus produced movie, 1951.

(see: Moving Pictures-Gothic Film Society.)

Box   38  
Meteorology and Oceanography.

(Includes Meteorological Lab.)

Metropolitan Club. (Students from NYC and NJ).

(see: Societies-G-P.)

Mexican Symposium, 1958.

(see: Latin-American Relations.)

Mexico. El Oliver School. A joint project.

(see: Vocational Education and Practical Arts, Dept. of.)


(see: Swimming and Aquatic Sports-Women.)


(see: Societies-Michigamua)


(see: Summer Session-Campus Events (1955).)

Michigan Academy of Science, Arts, and Letters.

(see: Michigan Academy of Science, Arts, and Letters. (general file).)

Michigan Actuarial Club.

(see: Societies-Business Administration.)

Michigan Alumnus. For clippings

(see: Alumni-Publications.)

Box   38  
Michigan Alumnus Quarterly Review.
Michigan Christian Fellowship.

(see: Religion-Michigan Christian Fellowship)

Michigan Citizenship Clearing House (Student Chapter)

(see: Political Clubs)

Michigan Committee for Academic Freedom.

(see: Political Clubs-Michigan Youth for Democratic Action.)

Michigan Council of Teachers of English.

(see: English Language and Literature, Dept. of-Conferences.)

Michigan Council on Economic Education.

(see: Business Administration, School of)

Michigan Crib.

(see: Societies-Michigan Crib.)

Michigan Daily.

(Originally "Chronicle". Includes Michigan Weekly. see also: Student Publications (for general info.); Students, Outstanding)

Box   38  
Box   38  
Box   38  
Box   38  
Box   38  
Box   38  
Box   38  
Michigan Dames.

(see: Societies-Michigan Dames.)

"Michigan Day"

(see: Union.)

Michigan Economic Development Commission.

(Includes a:number of faculty members). see Planning Boards-Michigan (general file))

Michigan Executive Study Group.

(Composed of business executives and U-M faculty. Published four studies on plant location thru the School of Business Administration). see: Michigan-Industries (general file))

Michigan Forensic Forum.

(see: Michigan Forum.)

Michigan Forester. Forestry annual.

(see: Natural Resources, School of 1950-)

Box   38  
Michigan Forum.

(Sponsored by Student Legislature and now Student Government Council. Also called Michigan Forensic Forum. Includes America's Town Meeting of the Air. see also: Political Clubs.)

Michigan High School Forensic Association.

(see: Bureau of School Services (sponsor).)

Michigan Historical Collections.

(see: History-Michigan Historical Collections.)

Michigan (Socialist) House.

(see: (card)-Intercooperative Council, Inc.; (folder)-Cooperative rooming and boarding projects.)

Michigan House Plan.

(see: Housing.)

Michigan Interscholastic Press Association

(see: Journalism, Dept. of.)

Michigan Interuniversity Committee on Information Systems (MICIS)

(see: Computers.)

Michigan Journalist.

(see: Journalism, Dept. of-Michigan Journalist)

Michigan League.

(see: Women's League.)

Michigan Metallurgical Society.

(see: Societies-Engineering. Michigan)

Music Festival.

(see: Music, School of-Extension Program "Michigan Nights" (Early Radio broadcasting). see: Radio.)

Michigan Orchestral Festival.

(see: Orchestras.)

Michigan Party. One of the parties created by the Student Senate.

(see: Student Senate.)

Michigan Schoolmasters Club.

(see: Michigan Schoolmasters Club (general file).)

Michigan Singers. Small extra-curricular choral group (counterpart vocally of the Chamber Orchestra).

(see: Glee Clubs-Extra-curricular groups.)

Box   38  
Michigan Society of Fellows.
Michigan Technic.

(see: Engineering, College of-Technic.)

Michigan. Weekly.

(see: Michigan Daily.)

Michigan Wolverine Restaurant.

(see: Cooperative Rooming and Boarding Projects.)

Michigan Youth for Democratic Action (MYDA).

(see: Political Clubs-Michigan Youth for Democratic Action.)

Michigan Youth Symphony.

(see: Music, School of-Extension Program.)

Box   38  
Box   38  
Michigania, Camp. (Alumni Family Camp, Walloon Lake).

(see: Alumni Association.)

Michigras. 1905-

(Sponsored by 'Union and W.A.A. Called Union Fair 1905-24, Michigras 1937-9, Michilodeon 1941-6, Michigra 1947-Winter Weekend, 1965. (including Sesquigras, 1967).)

Box   38  
Box   38  
Box   38  

(see: Michigras.)


(see: Bacteriology, Dept. of.)


(see: Photoreproduction Services.)

Middle English Dictionary.

(see: English Lang. and Lit., Dept. of)

Midwest Community College. Leadership Program.

(see: Education, School of-Higher Education.)

Midwest Institute on Public Relations for the Bar.

(Sponsored jointly by the State Bar of Michigan and the U. of M. Law School. 1953-see: Law School-Institutes.)

Midwestern Music Conference.

(see: Music, School of-)

Midwestern Conference on School Vocal and Instrumental Music.
Box   39  
Military Affairs, Office of.

(Admin. off. giving info. on selective service). see also: WW2-Military and Naval Service; Marking System (for class ranking of Male students); For military units on campus, see: R.O.T.C.; Air Science, Dept. of; Naval Science, Dept. of;(includes Marines); Societies, Military; WW2-Army and Navy Educ. Program.;)

Military Ball.

(see: Societies-Military.)

Military Research (Classified research under contract).

(see: Research.)

Military Science and Tactics, Dept. of.

(see: R.O.T.C.)

Miller (Norman F.) Gynecologic Society.

(see: Societies-Medical School)

Milles (Carl) Fountain.

(see: Faculty-Cooley, Thomas M (A Memorial))

Ed. C. and Nellie White Mills Prize Essay Award.

(see: Dentistry, School of)


(see: Union-Opera-Mimes. Mimes Theater. see: Union-Theater)

Mineral Collection (Natural Science Bldg.)

(see: Mineralogy, Dept. of)

Box   39  
Mineralogy, Dept. of. For Geology-Mineralogy Journal Club

(see: Societies-Science.)

Modern Jazz Society.

(see: Jazz.)

Modern Language Association.

(see: English Lang. and Lit., Dept. of)

Modern Poetry Club.

(see: Societies-Literary.)

Modern Views of Man and Society.

(see: Summer Session-Campus Events. (1952))

Monte Carlo Ball. Sponsored by the International Students Association

(see: Foreign Students-International Students Association.)

Monteith, John.

(see: Presidents.)


(see: Memorials.)

George R. Moore Award.

(see: Dentistry, School of)


(see: Activism; Ann Arbor-Politics and Govt. (for A. A. activity Viet Nam (for US Activity))

Mormons (Latter Day Saints).

(see: Religion-Churches.)

Morris Hall (Formerly home of radio broadcasting at MiU)

(see: Radio.)

Mortar Board.

(see: Societies-Mortar Board)

Motion picture library.

(see: Extension. Audio-visual Education Center.)

Motorcycles, Scooters.

(see: Bicycles, Motorcycles.)

(Charles S.) Mott Foundation.

(see: Gift to Flint College see: Flint Branch; Lectures in religion see: Religion.)

Moving Pictures

(Includes of M. made movies, general and misc. films. Films sponsored by a particular group will he found under that group. see also: Moving Pictures-Art Cinema League;-Cinema Guild,-Gothic Film Society; League-Lydia Mendelssohn Theater (for some early films); Societies-Hillel (for Hillel Film Society); Extension-Audio-Visual Education Center)

Box   39  
Box   39  
Moving Pictures-Art Cinema League (1932-50).

(Replaced by Student Legislature's Cinema Guild 1950.)

1941-November 1948
December 1948-1950
Moving Pictures-Cinema Guild.

(Superseded Art Cinema League in 1950. see also: Censorship (for Flaming Creatures case or similar incidents))

Box   39  
Box   39  
Box   39  
Box   39  
Box   39  
Moving Pictures-Gothic Film Society 1949-
Mu Phi Epsilon.

(see: Societies-Mu Phi Epsilon.)

Mud Bowl.

(see: Alumni-Homecoming.)

Municipal Purchasing Conference.

(see: Institute of Public Administration.)

Municipal training.

(see: Bureau of Government.)

Museum of Anthropology.

(see: Anthropology, Dept. of;)

Museum of Art.
Box   39  
Box   39  
Box   39  
1950-April 1957
Box   39  
Box   39  
Box   39  
Museum of Art and Archaeology.

(see: Kelsey Museum of Archaeology.)

"Museum of Fine Arts".

(These are really exhibits in Rackham. (see: Graduate School-Exhibits in Building. see also: Fine Arts, Dept. of)

Museum of Natural History. old title;

(see: Museums.)

Museum of Paleontology.

(Includes the Hall of Evolution. see: Museums)

Museum of Zoology.

(see: Museums. Annual reports includes Museums (pamphlets))

Museums. University Museums

(consists of Museum of Anthropology; Museum of Zoology; Museum of Paleontology; Herbarium; Krieger Mycological Library; Hall of Evolution;. Hall of Biological Principles;)

Box   39  
Box   39  
Box   39  
Box   39  
Box   39  
Museums--Other museums on campus

(see: Museum of Art; Kelsey Mus. of Archaeology; Dept. of Mineralogy (Collections);)


(Includes only misc. items and data on Michigan songs. see also: cards for: Bands; Burton Tower; Choirs; Chamber Music; Glee Clubs; Gilbert and S. Society; Hill Auditorium; Jazz; Music, School of; Music Series; Opera; Organ; Orchestras Societies-Music; Interlochen Music Camp. Collegium Musicum (Renaissance and Baroque Music) Power Center for the Performing Arts.)

Box   39  
Box   39  
Music, School of

(Includes: .general data on the faculty and curriculum, student and faculty recitals (for School of Music chamber groups, see: Chamber Music, music library, student council (Music School Assembly), Composer's Forums (1950-), and composition program. see also: Music, School of Extension Program; Music, School of-Midwestern Conference; Bands; Burton Tower; Chamber Music; Glee Clubs; Collegium Mus.; Music Series; Organ; Orchestra; Opera; Societies-Music;)

Box   40  
Box   40  
Box   40  
Box   40  
Box   40  
Box   40  
Box   40  
Box   40  
Music, School of-Extension Program.

(Includes projects and groups: Intercollegiate Musical Council; Michigan Youth Symphony; Instrumental Music Clinic (Festival); Michigan Music Festival; Michigan State Vocal Association; Michigan Civic Orchestra Association; American Musicological Society; String Teaching Conference; School and Community Orchestra Conferences; Michigan Music Teachers Association; Michigan Schoolmasters Club-Music Conference; High School Music Clinic; Michigan School Band and Orchestra Association; Michigan State Band and Orchestra Festival; High School Music Clinic; School Vocal Music Conference; Michigan State Vocal Association (programs); Conference on Bands, Wind and percussion; Piano Conference; Michigan School Solo and Ensemble Festival; Contemporary Music Festival. see also: Radio ("Festival of Song"); Music, School of-Midwestern Conference; Bands-Extension Program; Bands-High School Band Clinic; Glee Club; Organ (for Conference on Organ Music))

Music, School of-Honors Program.

(see:;Honors Program.)

Box   40  
Music, School of-Midwestern Conference on School Vocal and Instrumental Music. 1946-

(For earlier groups see also: Music, School of-Extension Program; Midwestern Music Conference.)

Music, School of-Summer session program

(For general series see Music, School of. For programs by a special group see that group, e.g.: Stanley Quartet; Chamber Music; Bands-Summer Session Band; Music, School of-Extension)

Music Education, Dept. of.

(see: Music, School of.)

Music festivals.

(see: Music, School of-Extension Program.)

Music School Assembly. Student Council group.

(see: Music, School of)

Music series.

(Includes: Choral Union Series; Extra Concert Series; May Festival; "Messiah"; Summer Concert Series; Chamber Arts Series; Dance Festival; Dance Series; University Musical Society (and all performances sponsored by University Musical Society except Chamber Music Festival-see below) see also: Music Series-Chamber Music Festival; Hill Auditorium.)

Box   40  
Box   40  
Box   40  
Box   40  
Box   40  
Box   40  
Box   40  
Box   40  
Box   40  
1951-June 1952
Box   40  
July 1953-1954
Box   41  
Box   41  
Box   41  
Box   41  
1958-August 1965
Box   41  
Jan 1965-August 1969
Box   41  
September 1969-August 1970
Box   41  
September 1970-August 1971
Box   41  
September 1971-August 1972
Box   41  
September 1972-August 1973
Box   41  
September 1973-
Box   41  
Music Series-Chamber Music Festival

(note: only for University Musical Society sponsored Chamber Music Festival. see also: (for other groups): Stanley Quartet; Chamber Music; Music Series (for Chamber Arts Series).)

Music teachers.

(see: Music, School of-Extension Program. Musket. (Men's Union Show) 1956-. see: Union Opera 1956-.)

Muslim Students Association

(see: Foreign Students-Societies-Africa and Near East.)