South Africa Initiatives Office (University of Michigan) records: 1990-2007
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Digital Materials [series]

The Digital Material series has been arranged in the following sub series: Ann Arbor Projects, Herman Miller Projects, Pfizer Projects, and other Michigan Projects. The series consists of digital material related to a number of Pollack's projects and includes design files, presentations, photographs, and project plans. The digital material came to the library on CD-ROMs, which were then transferred to a computer using the Duke Data Accessioner and uploaded to the University of Michigan's Deep Blue digital repository.

Ann Arbor Projects [subseries]

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Fuller Road Exhibits 2006
Great Street Toolkit
Mallets Creek -- Brown Park RFP
Herman Miller Projects [subseries]

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Greenhouse Presentation 2003
ZMS Master Plan 2005
Other Michigan Projects [subseries]

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Charlevoix Specification Issued for Bidding 2006
Huron River Bikeway Study
Huron River Bikeway Study General
Huron Whittaker Corridor Study Boards
Segment D Aerials
Segment D Revised Aerial Photographs
Segment D Trail Aerial Bases
WCPARC Border to Boarder Trail Meeting Materials
Sanford Lake Park Site Improvements 2007
Pfizer Projects [subseries]

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2800 Site B10 entry 2002
Baxter Road Entrance Specifications
Huron Parkway Reconstruction
Master Plan Framework
Planned Unit Development