South Africa Initiatives Office (University of Michigan) records: 1990-2007
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U [subseries]
Ukrainian Students Club.

(see: Foreign Students-Societies-Europe.)

Ullr Ski Club.

(see: Skiing.)

Undergraduate and-the Lifetime Reading habit, Conference on the

(see: Library-Undergraduate.)

Undergraduate Council 1933-5.

(see: Student Government.)

Undergraduate Psychology Club.

(see: Psychology, Dept. of.)

Undergraduate Zoology Club.

(see: Zoology, Dept.)

Underwriters. Organization for girls working for room and board.

(see: Societies-Women.)

UNESCO Council.

(see: Political Clubs-International Relations.)

Union. 1903-.

(Includes the building (cafeteria, swimming pool, .Pendelton Library, etc.), Union Senate, Executive Council, Committees (House, Social, Public Rel. Campus Affairs, Personnel and Admin., Secretariat) Blue Key and honor awards, elections and installation banquet, Constitution, Open House, Table Carving, Life memberships and M buttons, Leadership training, Merit system, staff workers 'and Muses Soc. see also: Union-Activities; Union-Forums; Union-Opera; Union-Opera-Mimes; Union-Theater; Student-Faculty-Administration Relations (for talks sponsored by the Union); Societies-Faculty (for University Club))

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(Includes: Services: Travel bureau, drama trips, Absentee Voters, Squad Room, Freshman Activities. Smoker, Tutorial Service, Alumni Service, International Subcommittee (American Brothers). Contests: Photography, Swimming, Speech, Debate, (see also: Music); Little Club: (prev. see: Association for Independent Men); Dances: Bluebook Ball, Cranberry Ball, Tennis Ball, Sweater Hop, see also: Football for Golden Rule).,Exhibits and lectures: (see also: Art, Student; Jazz). Periodicals: Misc. Activities: bridge, bowling, billiards, movies, concerts, smokers, Football Banquet, Soap Box Derby, etc. see also: Father's Day.; Union Creative Arts Festival. see also: University Activities Center (1965-))

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Union-Art exhibits.

(see: Art, Student.)

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Union-League Merger Proposals.

(see: University Activities Center (1963-1965).)

Union Creative Arts Festival.

(see: Union-Activities (through 1964). From 1965-see: University Activities Center.)

Union Fair.

(see: Michigras.)

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Union Opera

(1956 name changed to MUSKET ad became coed)

Unionization of Employees.

(see: Employees. United Fund Drive. see: Charities.)

United Nations.

(For United Nations Day and Week Celebrations, see: Student Government Council (Include university and Ann Arbor); Earlier celebrations see: Foreign Students; Foreign Students-International Center. For mock UN see: Political Clubs-International Relations.)

United Service to China.

(see: Foreign Students-Societies-Asia. For other forms of relief to China, see: Foreign Students and Visitors.)

United States...

(see: Summer Session-Campus Events.)

* in World Affairs (1947);
* in the World Crisis (1951).
Universalist Student Group.

(see: Religion-Churches-Unitarian.)

Universities Space Research Association (A consortium).

(see: Space Research.)

University Activities Center. . 1963-1965

(Includes discussion leading to merger of Union and League Activities (1963-1965).)

University Activities Center, 1965-

(Est. June 1965 by merger of Union and League activities. For earlier material, see: Union-Activities; Women's League Activities.)

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University Bicentennial Committee (U.S. Bicentennial)
University Christian Federation.

(see: Religion-University Christian Federation.)

University Club of Ann Arbor.

(Includes the University Club Room at the Michigan Union. see: Societies-Faculty.)

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University College.
University Concert Band.

(see: Bands-Symphony Band.)

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University Day.
University Events Building.

(see: Athletics-Building Program.)

University Hall.
University High School.

(see: Education, School of-University High School.)

University Lecture Committee.

(see: Free Speech.)

University List Scholarship Plan.

(Tuition scholarships set up for Michigan high schools. see Scholarships.)

University Lutheran Chapel.

(see: Religion-Churches-Lutheran.)

University Microfilms, Inc. (Relationship to University of Michigan).

(see: University Microfilms, Inc. (General Vertical File).)

University Museums.

(see: Museums.)

University Musical Society.

(see: Music Series.)

University of Michigan Club of Ann Arbor.

(see: Alumni-MiU Club (AA).)

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University of Michigan Press.
University Philharmonia.

(see: Orchestras. University Press Club. see: Press Club.)

University Publications Office.

(see: Publications. This Office was organized December 1, 1960. It consolidates the activities of the Office of Official Publications-University Press, the Office of Special Publications-University Relations, and the Faculty Directory.)

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University Relations Service.

(For releases see also departments concerned and University Record. For Development Council see: Finance-Alumni Aid.)

University Research Club.

(see: Societies-Research Club of U. of M.)

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University Safety Committee.
University Steering Committee on the Development of Academic Opportunities

(see: Race Relations. Superseded in 1951Broy the Coordinating Committee for Human Relations Programs.)

University String Quartet.

(see: Stanley Quartet.)

University System (of study).

(see: Honors Program.)

Untermeyer Lectures.

(Sponsored by the Dept. of Engineering English (Mr. 1939 1940). see: Engineering, College of (Admin.).)

Upper Atmosphere Research.

(see: Engineering, College of-Engineering Research Institute (for material before 1958)-Space Research (for material 1959--).)

Upper Room Bible Classes

(see: Religion.)

Urban Corps

(see: Employment of students.)

Urban Journalism Workshop

(see: Race Relations.)

Box   56  
Urban Studies. For material before 1968

(see: Architecture and Design, College of.)

Use of campus buildings

(see: Service Enterprises.)

Utilization of Human Resources (Research Project)

(see: Research; Institute for Human Adjustment.)

Utilization of Scientific Knowledge, Center for Research on

(see: Institute for Social Research.)