University Unions Graphic Design Office (University of Michigan) Student Work: 1984-2011
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University Unions Graphic Design Office (UUGDO) is a branch of the University Unions, an organizational unit within the Division of Student Affairs that offers services, programs, spaces and student involvement opportunities within the Michigan League, Michigan Union, and Pierpont Commons.

Originally named the Graphic Design Shop upon its establishment in 1985, UUGDO provides graphic design services for units in the University of Michigan's Office of Student Affair. UUGDO offers consultations on publicity budgets and organizational branding in as well as design and production in various media and genres, including booklets, logos, brochures, posters, direct mail pieces, t-shirts, signs, forms, newspaper ads, and imprinted advertising novelties. The design staff is comprised of juniors and seniors majoring in graphic design at the University of Michigan School of Art & Design and includes internship opportunities. Undergraduate students from the Screen Arts & Cultures department are also on staff and lead the production of promotional videos. The design internships teach the day-to-day skills of the profession: dealing with clients, budgets, deadlines, and ever changing production techniques.

Long-time manager of the UUGDO, Lisa Bartlett, began collecting and scrapbooking samples of the graphic work produced in the University Unions marketing office when she assumed a role there in 1984. When the UUGDO was established in 1985, Bartlett, who was named director, continued this practice. She also maintained a local archive of all digital work files produced by the student designers since the UUGDO's establishment. In addition to her administrative duties in the office, Bartlett supervised and supported student designers and provided supplemental instruction when necessary. In 1985, she was instrumental in the creation of a corporate partnership with Apple, Inc. that has since supplied the technical equipment for the office. In exchange for this support, the UUGDO has produced informational and promotional materials for Apple's national higher education program.