Ann Arbor Anti-Substance Abuse Task Force records: 1987-1992
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The Anti-Substance Abuse Task Force was established by the Ann Arbor City Council on May 16, 1988 in a resolution submitted by Republican council member Terry Martin. The task force was established in response to a perceived growth in drug use and abuse among residents, especially minors, of Ann Arbor and the surrounding areas, and as a reaction to a believed Ann Arbor drug "malaise." The organization collected data from a wide variety of sources before submitting a final report of recommendations to the Ann Arbor City Council and disbanding in 1990. Throughout its existence, the group, and Martin in particular, also pursued a number of policies to be put in place by the Ann Arbor City Government. Most notable among these, were attempts to amend the city's five-dollar "pot law," in response to feelings that Ann Arbor was too favorable environment for marijuana use.