Gunnar Birkerts papers: 1930-2017
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Furniture Design 1954 [subseries]
Project Files
Box   9  
Photographs of Sven's Chair 1954 (Ten 2x3-inch black-and-white prints)
Architectural Drawings
Design Development Drawings of Chair, 5/9/54, except as noted (Pencil--on-vellum drawings)
Drawer   1 Folder   2
Partial Plan. Two drawings, one untitled undated (18x24 & 15x18 inches)
Drawer   1 Folder   2
Front Elevation (17-1/2x28 inches)
Drawer   1 Folder   2
Side Elevation. Two drawings (18x23-1/2 inches)
Drawer   1 Folder   2
[Elevations], untitled undated (Pencil drawing on reverse of blue-line print, 18-3/4x35-3/4 inches)
Design Development Drawings of Furniture for Edward Alden Studios (Pencil-on-vellum drawings, 20x36 inches)
Drawer   1 Folder   2
Partial Plan and Elevations of Convertible Stool. 11/16/1954
Drawer   1 Folder   2
Plan and Elevations of Occasional Chair. 11/19/1954