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-1871- Alpena, Mich.

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1 of 22 Civil War Maps of Maj. Genl. Alpheus S. Williams: Opening of the Atlanta Campaign, May 1864

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1. Legal Research Library under construction, looking NW from Monroe & Tappan, c. 1930

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10 millionth paid admission at Michigan Stadium. Fritz Crisler, with Larry and Frieda Yohn, 1958 Indiana game

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10 of 22 Civil War Maps of Maj. Genl. Alpheus S. Williams: Movement on the 18th. to 23rd., May 1864

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1000 marchers, mostly Arabs and Arab-Americans, published in People's Voice, page 15

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100th Anniversary of Admission of Women - Fashion Show

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100th Anniversary of Admission of Women - Fashion Show (Cowgirl)

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10323. Washtenaw County Court House

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1042 South Main Street (Ann Arbor), 1960

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10556-2: Interns' Home - interior for Michigan Alumnus Magazine, 1/22/1940

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10556-8: Neuropsychiatric Institute - therapy room? for Michigan Alumnus Magazine, 1/22/1940

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11 Al-Gon-Quian campers seated or standing on board fence near lake

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11 of 22 Civil War Maps of Maj. Genl. Alpheus S. Williams: Movement on the 18th. to 23rd., May 1864 (May 23rd -)

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11012-1 Dr. Bartell (Floyd) [Aerobond] 2/14/1946

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11012-2 Bartell and Aerobond (Bartell and assistant standing in lab) 2/14/1946

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11836 Broken Dam and Old Mill

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11838 Huron River "Where Nature is Instructor"

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11839 Huron River

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12 of 22 Civil War Maps of Maj. Genl. Alpheus S. Williams: Movement on the 24th. of May to 1st. of June, 1864

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12143 Dam on the Huron River

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12th century statues originally on colonnettes in choir and apse of St. Martin

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12th Street Academy, Detroit, Mich.

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13 Glee Clubbers outside in tuxedos

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13 of 22 Civil War Maps of Maj. Genl. Alpheus S. Williams: June 1st. to 20.

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135 W. Lafayette, James Scripps' home, 1867-1875

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13814: Soldiers marching in formation along dirt road

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13819: soldiers working with horses and carts in a muddy lot

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14 of 22 Civil War Maps of Maj. Genl. Alpheus S. Williams: Maps showing positions of 4th, 20th, & 23rd Corps June 11th. & 12th., 1864

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152751: One of the sporting events of the season in Archangel, Russia. A boxing bout between color sergt. Anthony Choike champion of the 85th Division and G. Pionnier, one of the champion welter-weights of the French Army. The bout went three rounds before a large crowd in the Y.M.C.A. and ended in a draw. Sgt. Choike, is at the left, 30 November 1918

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152761: Entrance to the 53rd Stationery hospital (English) in which American soldiers died from the Spanish influenza, 9 December 1918

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152762: Building at Smolny Barracks in which the Hdqrs. of the 2nd Bn. has been set up, 9 December 1918

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152767: Picture taken during the suppression of mutiny among Russian troops, who refused to go to the front when ordered. Two companies, quartered in a large white building known as Alexandria Barracks, were given until two o'clock on the afternoon of December 11th to obey the order. Promptly at this time machine gun and rifle fire was directed against the building. British troops surrounded the building on three sides, while Headquarters Company, 339th Infantry held the fourth. In the distance, at the center of the picture can be seen the barracks with the smoke and dust of the trench mortar bomb bursting against the side. Archangel, Russia, 11 December 1918

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152769: Russian soldiers who had refused to go to the front, after a few shots had been fired by American and British troops, who had surrounded the building in which they were quartered, threw down their arms and ran from the building carrying a white flag. Archangel, Russia, 11 December 1918

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152770: Russian soldiers leaving Alexandria Barracks to surrender to American & British troops who had fired on the building when the Russians had mutinied. Archangel, Russia, 11 December 1918

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152783: Windmills with their great wooden sails and picturesque bases. One is shown here silhouetted against, the sunset sky on the shortest day of the year. The sun on December 21st sets before two o'clock after only a few hours of daylight. Shengurski, Russia, 21 December 1918

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152801: A snow shoe patrol from Company B, 339th Infantry, making its way across a field of deep snow along the shore of the Dwina river [....] Chamova, Russia, Dec. 31, 1918 [incl. John Cudahy, J.M. Calhounn, Alfred Mardoux, Joe Malinski, Simon G. Davis; Carl V. Pierson, Daniel David, B.J. Smosozynski, W.A. Rypinski, F. Fink, Adolph Pierce, Luther Jacobson, John Padpova, J.A. Peterson, Clarence Schen]

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152802: An old barn in Headquarters village, Toulgas [...] which serves as a billet for forty Company D men, 2 January 1919

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152805: "Thick walled emplacements..."

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152809: Battleground near Toulgas

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152810: Podenga (SP?)

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152811: Col. J. Brooks Nichols and Staff seated at dinner table

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152813: January 7, 1919, Outguard No.1, Outpost No. 1. This, the most advanced outpost of the Vaga River Column is also the most advanced of the American forces in Russia and the most distant post from the base at Archangel. In the distance can be seen the village of Pagosta which is held by the Bolsheviki. The church seen in the picture is used by the enemy as an observation post. Almost daily, machine gun fire is directed at the American outposts from that point. The man on outpost duty is Pvt. Alfred Schuck, Co. A, 339th Inf. 85th Div. Note: Two weeks from the time when this picture and other photographs of the Ust Padenga Front were taken, the Bolsheviki attacked in superior numbers and forced the Americans to abandon this point. Shenkurst, the base, 28 versts to the rear was also abandoned. The Bolsheviki continue to attack. Village Nizhnyaya-Gora at the Ust Padenga front, Vaga River Column, Russia

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152814: Podenga (SP?)

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152818: :Capt. Odjaid in sled, commander Co. A, 339. Nick Alekis (sp?) orderly"

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152820: "Curly Rogers and A Co. group"

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152821: A Bolshevik shot by an American guard at outpost No. l at 3:00 a.m. on the morning of January 8, 1919. When an enemy patrol of seven men attempted to creep up on the outpost position. This picture was taken to show the white cloak, which all the members of the patrol wore to conceal their movements in the snow. The clothing worn by the man was warm and in good condition. He carried, in addition to a hand grenade, which lies on the ground, a Remington rifle, in good condition, and a plentiful supply of ammunition. Village of Vysokaya Gora, Ust Padenga, Vaga River Column, Russia.

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152822: Ust Podenga (sp?)

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152824: January 8, 1919. An 18 pounder 3.3 gun manned by the center section 68th Battalion Canadian Field Artillery, outside the log shelter, which has been built to protect the gun from the extremely low temperatures. Two such field guns are used in the defense of the positions at the Ust Padenga Front. To the left of the picture is Lt. J.D. Winskow, who commands this battery of Canadian field artillery. Vysokaya Gora, Ust Padenga Front, Vaga River Column, Russia.

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152826: January 8, 1919. Here are shown the American and British officers in command of the forces at the Vaga river front. This front is the most distant of all from the base at Archangel, approximately 400 versts. In the front row, right to left are: Lieut. J. Douglas Winslow, 68th Battery, C.F.A.Capt. O.A. 0djard, Co. A, 339th Inf. officer in command, Ust Padenga front; 1st Lieut. Harry H. Mead, Co. A. 339th Inf.; 1st Lieut. A.F. Collar, Co. A, 339th Inf., Second row, right to left; 2nd Lt. H.D. McPhaie, Co. A, 339th Inf; Lieut. A.M. McMurray, F.E.; 2nd Lt. V.A. Burns, Co. A, 310th Engrs.1st Lt. Edward J. Sarry, Co. A, 339th Infantry. Vysokaya, Gora, Ust Padenga Front, Vaga River Column, Russia.