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    The Hapless Recruit Psois and the Mighty Anchorite, Apa John Zuckerman, Constantine vol. 32
    The Health of Ptolemy II Philadelphus Tunny, Jennifer Ann vol. 38
    Heraclides to Petepsais about an Order of Food Szegedy-Maszak, Andrew vol. 7
    Hexameters from Late Antiquity with a Homeric Allusion Eckerman, Chris vol. 47
    A Homer Fragment in The Library of Congress Donovan, Bruce E. vol. 5
    Homer, Iliad 9.320-333 Hennessey, Barry J. vol. 7
    Homer on a Puzzling Ostrakon Cribiore, Raffaella vol. 45
    Homeric Fragments in the Washington University Collection Packman, Zola M. vol. 10
    Homeric Influence in Stesichorus' Nostoi Reece, Steve vol. 25
    A Homeric Papyrus at Yale Mirończuk, Andrzej vol. 51
    A Homeric Papyrus from Oxyrhynchus Oppen, Simone vol. 51
    A Homeric Papyrus from Tebtynis Wayment, Thomas A.; Becerra, Daniel vol. 51
    Homerica Varia Michiganensia Gagos, Traianos; Litinas, Nikos; Priest, Nancy E. vol. 41
    Household Accounts: SB I 5224 Revisited Bagnall, Roger S.; Worp, Klaas A. vol. 38
    Houses in Syene in the Patermouthis Archive Husson, [Geneviève] vol. 27
    How Many Gnostics? Samuel, Alan E. vol. 22
    The Human Body as Social and Political Metaphor in Stoic Literature and Early Christian Writers McVay, John K. vol. 37
    Humanism and Nonhumanism in Greek Tragedy and Culture Lieberman, Samuel vol. 15