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    [Review] Anne Boud’hors, James Clackson, Catherine Louis, and Petra Sijpesteijn (eds.), Monastic Estates in Late Antique and Early Islamic Egypt: Ostraca, Papyri, and Essays in Memory of Sarah Clackson (P.Clackson) MacCoull, L.S.B. vol. 48
    The Documentary Portions of Morgan M636 MacCoull, L.S.B. vol. 24
    A Further Redating of P.Stras. 397 MacCoull, L.S.B. vol. 24
    Three Coptic Papyri in the Duke University Collection MacCoull, L.S.B. vol. 20
    A Bawit Fragment in Phoenix MacCoull, Leslie S.B. vol. 50
    [Review] Jean-Luc Fournet (ed.), Les archives de Dioscore d’Aphrodité cent ans après leur découverte: histoire et culture dans l’Égypte byzantine MacCoull, Leslie S.B. vol. 47
    The Coptic Verso of P.Berl.Sarisch. 7 MacCoull, Leslie S.B. vol. 38
    [Book Review] Fournet, Jean-Luc. Hellénisme dans l'Égypte du Vle siècle: La bibliothèque et l'oeuvre de Dioscore d'Aphrodité [...] MacCoull, Leslie S.B. vol. 37
    Coptic Documentary Papyri from Aphrodito in the Chester Beatty Library MacCoull, Leslie S.B. vol. 22
    Two Coptic Fragments in the Freer Collection MacCoull, Leslie S.B. vol. 20
    A Coptic Letter in the University Museum, Philadelphia MacCoull, Leslie S.B. vol. 13
    The Bawit Contracts: Texts and Translations MacCoull, [Leslie] S.B. vol. 31
    Christianity at Syene/Elephantine/Philae MacCoull, [Leslie] S.B. vol. 27
    A Papyrus of Iliad III MacKay, T.W. vol. 10
    The Recently Rediscovered Papyrus Leaves of Didymos the Blind MacKay, Thomas W.; Griggs, C. Wilfred vol. 20
    Notes on Romanization MacMullen, Ramsay vol. 21
    [Obituary] William Matt Brashear Maehler, Herwig; Renner, Timothy vol. 37
    O.Col. inv. 1366: A Coptic Prayer from Deir el-Bahri with a Quotation from Tobit 12:10 Mairs, Rachel vol. 43
    Instructions for Islamic Prayer from the Second Century AH/Eighth Century CE Malczycki, W. Matt vol. 49
    The Earliest Corrections in Codex Sinaiticus: A Test Case from the Gospel of Mark Malik, Peter vol. 50
    Antinoite Citizenship under Hadrian and Antoninus Pius. A Prosopographical Study of the First Thirty Years of Antinoopolis Malouta, Myrto vol. 46
    Texts, Contexts, Subtexts and Interpretative Frameworks. Beyond the Parochial and toward (Dynamic) Modeling of the Ptolemaic Economy Manning, J. G. vol. 42
    [Book Review] L'État et les institutions en Égypte des premiers pharaons aux empereurs romains. By Geneviève Husson & Dominique Valbelle [...] Manning, J.G. vol. 32
    [Review] Willy Clarysse and Dorothy J. Thompson, Counting the People in Hellenistic Egypt Manning, Joe; Scheidel, Walter vol. 47
    [Book Review] Hugh J. Mason, Greek Terms for Roman Institutions. A Lexicon and Analysis [...] Marcillet-Jaubert, J. vol. 14
    Une description des os du tarse: P.Lit.Lond 167 Marganne, Marie-Hélène vol. 24
    Souvenirs papyrologiques d’une excursion à Chicago Martin, Alain vol. 47
    The Pharanitai in Sinai and in Egypt Mayerson, Philip vol. 47
    The Embolator in Sixth/Seventh-Century Papyri Mayerson, Philip vol. 46
    The Case for 8,000,000 Modii in Justinian's Edict 13.8 Mayerson, Philip vol. 44
    Grain yield Ratios in P.Ness. 3.82 (VII) Mayerson, Philip vol. 44
    Mega Kankellon and Metron in Late Receipt and Expenditure Accounts Mayerson, Philip vol. 43
    The Modius as a Grain Measure in Papyri from Egypt Mayerson, Philip vol. 43
    ϲι̃τοϲ/πυρόϲ in Egypt as Deliberate Mixtures of Wheat with Barley Mayerson, Philip vol. 42
    κριϑολογίαand κριϑολογηϑῆναι Mayerson, Philip vol. 41
    άμπελουργο΄ϲ: More than a "Vine Dresser" Mayerson, Philip vol. 40
    The κάγκελλον Artab Measure Equals Five Modii Xysti? Mayerson, Philip vol. 40
    An Insight into P.Oxy. XIV 1902 by Way of 2021 Mayerson, Philip vol. 39
    P.Oxy. IV 708: δείγματα Found to Be ού καϑαρά and Their Implications Mayerson, Philip vol. 39
    Qualitative Distinctions for ε̌λαιον (Oil) and ψωμίον (Bread) Mayerson, Philip vol. 39
    Radish Oil: A Phenomenon in Roman Egypt Mayerson, Philip vol. 38
    A Clarification of φοῖνιξ μονόξυλοϲ and φοῖνιξ καϑαρόϲ/ρ́υπαρόϲ Mayerson, Philip vol. 38
    Сηκώματα: Measure of Wine, Not Jars Mayerson, Philip vol. 38
    The Economic Status of Potters in P.Oxy. L 3595-3597 & XVI 1911, 1913 Mayerson, Philip vol. 37
    έπαλείψομεν in P.Oxy. XIV 1631.17 and XLVII 3354.18: "Oiling" or "Sealing" Mayerson, Philip vol. 37
    Standardization of Wine Measures at Oxyrhynchus in the Third Century A.D. and its Extension to the Fayum Mayerson, Philip vol. 37
    άλυκῆϲ κϑ/in the Aphrodito Papyri = κόλλαϑον of Salt? Mayerson, Philip vol. 36
    A Note on Syriac Sabitha and Kollathon in the Papyri Mayerson, Philip vol. 36
    Transactions Involving γλεῦκοϲ/μοῦϲτοϲ: Must or Wine? Or Must Wine? Mayerson, Philip vol. 36
    Κα(μ)ψάκηϲ in the Papyri, LXX and TLG Mayerson, Philip vol. 36
    A Note on O.Mich. I 249: λόγοϲ οι̌νον ϲακ( ) Mayerson, Philip vol. 35
    ΣΗΚΩΜΑΤΑ--"Standard" Measures for Decanting Wine Mayerson, Philip vol. 35
    Epiphanius' Sabitha In Egypt: Σάμβαϑον/ϲάμϕαϑον/ϲάμαϑον Mayerson, Philip vol. 35
    A Note on κον̃ϕα "Empties" Mayerson, Philip vol. 34
    P.Corn. inv. 127: Letter Seeking Capture and Rendition of Runaway ταρσικάριοι McConnell, Ryan E. vol. 50
    Bandits, Real and Imagined, in Greco-Roman Egypt McGing, B.C. vol. 35
    Transformations of Ecclesiastical Space: Churches in the Area of Akhmim McNally, Sheila vol. 35
    Annotations on Demosthenes 23.103 (In Aristocratem) McNamee, Kathleen vol. 41
    [Book Review] The Oxyrhynchus Papyri, Volume LVII, edited with translations and notes by M.W. Haslam, H. El-Magrabi, and J.D. Thomas. Graeco-Roman Memoirs, No. 77 [...] McNamee, Kathleen vol. 28
    [Book Review] Alessandro Biondi, Gli accenti nei papiri greci biblici [...] McNamee, Kathleen vol. 23
    Abbreviations in Greek Literary Papyri and Ostraca: Supplement, with List of Ghost Abbreviations McNamee, Kathleen vol. 22
    Marriage Agreement, with Property Division to Take Effect After Death McNamee, Kathleen vol. 19
    The Long and Short of Callimachus Aetia Fr. 1.9-12 McNamee, Kathleen vol. 19
    The Human Body as Social and Political Metaphor in Stoic Literature and Early Christian Writers McVay, John K. vol. 37
    [Review] Bronze Coins from Excavations in Alexandria Meadows, Andrew vol. 51
    Logion 97 des Thomasevangeliums Merkelbach, Reinhold vol. 22
    Embodying Archaeology: Theory and Praxis Meskel, Lynn vol. 37
    [Review] Guglielmo Cavallo and Herwig Maehler, Hellenistic Bookhands Messeri, Gabriella vol. 47
    Greek Papyri of the New Testament Metzger, Bruce M. vol. 1
    [Review] Steven E. Sidebotham, Berenike and the Ancient Maritime Spice Route Meyer, Carol vol. 49
    [Book Review] Roberta Tomber, Kathryn Knowles, Donald Bailey, and Ross Thomas, Mons Claudianus: Survey and Excavation, 1987-1993 [...] Meyer, Carol vol. 44
    [Book Review] Peacock, D.P.S. and V.A. Maxfield, [...] Survey and Excavation: Mons Claudinanus 1987-1993. Vol I: Topography and Quarries [...] Meyer, Carol vol. 37
    [Review] Rosario Pintaudi (ed.), Antinoupolis I Meyer, Carol A. vol. 47
    [Book Review] Teeter, Timothy M. Columbia Papyri XI [...] Mirecki, Paul vol. 38
    A Homeric Papyrus at Yale Mirończuk, Andrzej vol. 51
    P.Oxy. 4.755 descr. – a Homeric Papyrus at Princeton (Iliad 5.130-174) Mirończuk, Andrzej vol. 50
    Notes on Five Herodotean Papyri Mirończuk, Andrzej vol. 49
    Zwei officiales in Nöten Mitthof, Fritz; Papathomas, Amphilochios vol. 45
    [Review] Friedhelm Hoffmann, Martina Minas-Nerpel, Stefan Pfeiffer, Die dreisprachige Stele des C. Cornelius Gallus. Übersetzung und Kommentar Moje, Jan vol. 47
    Late Ptolemaic Capitation Taxes and the Poll Tax in Roman Egypt Monson, Andrew vol. 51
    [Review] Charikleia Armoni, Studien zur Verwaltung des Ptolemäischen Ägypten. Das Amt des Basilikos Grammateus. Papyrologica Coloniensia 36 Monson, Andrew vol. 50
    [Review] Maren Schentuleit and Günter Vittmann, „Du hast mein Herz zufriedengestellt...“ Ptolemäerzeitliche demotische Urkunden aus Soknopaiu Nesos. Monson, Andrew vol. 48
    BGU IV 1139: Paramone e Trophitis Montevecchi, Orsolina vol. 22
    [Book Review] Scheidel, Walter. Measuring Sex, Age and Death in the Roman Empire: Explorations in Ancient Demography [...] Montserrat, Dominic vol. 35
    "No Papyrus and No Portraits": Hogarth, Grenfell and the First Season in the Fayum, 1895-6 Montserrat, Dominic vol. 33
    Varia Descripta Oxyrhynchita Montserrat, Dominic; Fantoni, Georgina; Robinson, Patrick vol. 31
    Varia Descripta Oxyrhynchita Montserrat, Dominic; Fantoni, Georgina; Robinson, Patrick vol. 31
    A List of Monastic Garments from Oxyrhynchus Montserrat, Dominic vol. 29
    Mallocouria and Therapeuteria: Rituals of Transition in a Mixed Society? Montserrat, Dominic vol. 28
    A Fragment of a Monastic Duty Roster? Montserrat, Dominic vol. 27
    Notes on Two Literary Papyri Morel, Willy vol. 2
    An Official Report Morris, Royce L.B.; Oates, John F. vol. 22
    The Economy of Oxyrhynchus in the First Century Morris, Royce L.B. vol. 15
    Observations on Menander: Dyscolus 95-102 Morris, Walton vol. 4
    Two Michigan Papyri Moss, Jennifer Sheridan vol. 46
    Much Ado about the Grape Harvest, A Letter from Apollonios to his Father Moss, Jennifer Sheridan vol. 45
    Geographical Information Systems (GIS) in Papyrology. Mapping Fragmentation and Migration Flow to Hellenistic Egypt Mueller, Katja vol. 42
    [Review] Andrew Monson, Agriculture and Taxation in Early Ptolemaic Egypt: Demotic Land Surveys and Accounts (P. Agri) Muhs, Brian vol. 51
    [Book Review] Sven P. Vleeming. Ostraka varia. Tax Receipts and Legal Documents on Demotic, Greek, and Greek-Demotic Ostraka, chiefly of the Early Ptolemaic Period, from Various Collections [...] Muhs, Brian vol. 33
    Ostraca and Mummy Labels in Los Angeles Muhs, Brian P.; Worp, Klaas A.; van der Vliet, Jacques vol. 43
    P.Atheniensis 58 Musurillo, Herbert A. vol. 1