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    Romanization of the Greek East: The Evidence of Athens Kapetanopoulos, Elias A. vol. 2
    The Orphic Papyrus Roll of Thessalonica Kapsomenos, S.G. vol. 2
    ει ou ι pour /I/ ou /J/ dans les dialectes coptes Kasser, R. vol. 20
    A Loan of Money with Interest Katz, Philip vol. 51
    [Book Review] The Oxyrhynchus Papyri, Volume LV, edited with translations and notes by J.R. Rea. Graeco-Roman Memoirs, No. 75 [...] Katzoff, Ranon vol. 25
    Two Papyri at Wellesley College Kaufman, Linda Fay vol. 3
    [Review] Anke Joisten-Pruschke, Das religiöse Leben der Juden von Elephantine in der Achämenidenzeit Kaufman, Stephen A. vol. 46
    Ten Dike Certificates from Tebtunis Keeman, James G.; Shelton, John C. vol. 6
    Naphtali Lewis: Bibliography Keen, Ralph vol. 15
    Tacitus, Roman Wills and Political Freedom Keenan, James vol. 24
    [Review] Giuseppina Azzarello. Il dossier della “domus divina” in Egitto Keenan, James G. vol. 51
    Receipt for embole from Aphrodito Keenan, James G. vol. 49
    [Review] Federico Morelli, L’ archivio di Senouthios anystes e testi connessi. Lettere e documenti per la costruzione di una capitale Keenan, James G. vol. 48
    [Review] Papyrology on the Threshold of a New Millennium Keenan, James G. vol. 46
    [Book Review] John Matthews, The Journey of Theophanes: Travel, Business, and Daily Life in the Roman East [...] Keenan, James G. vol. 43
    [Book Review] Constantine Zuckerman, Du village à l'Empire: autour du Registre fiscal d'Aphroditô (525/526). Keenan, James G. vol. 42
    [Book Review] Denis Feissel and Jean Gascou (eds.), La pétition à Byzance. Keenan, James G. vol. 42
    Landscape and Memory: al-Nabulsi's Ta'rikh al-Fayyum Keenan, James G. vol. 42
    Deserted Villages: From the Ancient to the Medieval Fayyūm Keenan, James G. vol. 40
    [Book Review] Frösén, Jaakko, Antti Arjava and Marjo Lehtinen (eds.), The Petra Papyri. Volume I [...] Keenan, James G. vol. 40
    [Book Review] Andorlini, Isabella et al. (eds.), Atti del XXII Congresso internazionale di papirologia. Firenze, 23-29 agosto 1998 [...] Keenan, James G. vol. 39
    [Book Review] A.J.B. Sirks, P.J. Sijpesteijn, and K.A. Worp, Ein frühbyzantinisches Szenario für die Amtswechslung in der Sitonie. Die griechischen Papyri aus Pommersfelden (PPG) mit einem Anhang über: die Pommersfeldener Digestenfragmente und die Überlieferungsgeschichte der Digesten [...] Keenan, James G. vol. 34
    [Book Review] Bernadette Menu, ed., Les problèmes institutionnels de l'eau en Égypte ancienne et dans l'Antiquité méditerranéenne [...] Keenan, James G. vol. 34
    Remarks on Some Tebtunis Papyri in SB XVIII Keenan, James G. vol. 32
    The Aphrodito Murder Mystery: A Return to the Scene of the Crimes Keenan, James G. vol. 32
    [Book Review] Daris, Sergio Papiri documentari greci del Fondo Palau-Ribes (P.Palau.Rib) [...] Keenan, James G. vol. 32
    [Book Review] Clarysse, Willy, and Vandorpe, Katelijn. Zénon, un homme d'affaires grecs à l'ombre des pyramides [...] Keenan, James G. vol. 32
    The WIll of Gaius Longinus Castor Keenan, James G. vol. 31
    Papyrology and Byzantine Historiography Keenan, James G. vol. 30
    [Book Review] Il lessico latino nel greco d'Egitto. 2nd edition. By Sergio Daris [...] Keenan, James G. vol. 29
    [Book Review] The Oxyrnhychus Papyri, Volume LVIII, edited with translations and endnotes by J.R. Rea. Graeco-Roman Memoirs, No. 78 [...] Keenan, James G. vol. 29
    A Constantinople Loan, A.D. 541 Keenan, James G. vol. 29
    Evidence for the Byzantine Army in the Syene Papyri Keenan, James G. vol. 27
    [Book Review] The Documents from the Bar Kokhba Period in the Cave of the Letters. Greek Papyri edited by Naphtali Lewis, Aramaic and Nabatean signatures and subscriptions edited by Yigael Yadin and Jonas C. Greenfield [...] Keenan, James G. vol. 27
    Pastoralism in Roman Egypt Keenan, James G. vol. 26
    P.Cair.Masp. II 67135 Keenan, James G. vol. 25
    [Book Review] Leslie S.B. MacCoull, Dioscorus of Aphrodito, His Work and His World. [...] Keenan, James G. vol. 25
    [Book Review] Corpus Papyrorum Raineri Archeduis Austriae, Bd. XIV [...], edited by Georgina Fantoni [...] Keenan, James G. vol. 25
    [Book Review] Corpus Papyrorum Raineri archducis Austriae, Band X, Griechische Texte VII, edited by Monika Hasitzka, Michaela Müller, Brigiite Rom, Wolfgang Hameter, Bernhard Palme, Hans Taeuber, Johann Diethart, Hermann Harrauer, Klaas A. Worp [...] Keenan, James G. vol. 24
    Notes on Absentee Landlordism at Aphrodito Keenan, James G. vol. 22
    Victor, Son of Psaios, and Three Aphrodito Rent Receipts Keenan, James G. vol. 20
    [Book Review] J. R. Rea, The Oxyrhynchus Papyri, Volume LI. Graeco-Roman Memoirs, no. 71 [...] Keenan, James G. vol. 20
    [Book Review] M. Chambers, W.E.H. Cockle, J.C. Shelton, E.G. Turner, The Oxyrhynchus Papyri, Volume XLVIII. Graeco-Roman Memoirs, no.67 [...] Keenan, James G. vol. 19
    Aurelius Phoibammon, Son of Triadelphus: A Byzantine Egyptian Land Entrepeneur Keenan, James G. vol. 17
    [Book Review] Roger S. Bagnall, The FLorida Ostraka: Documents from the ROman Army in Upper Epypt [...] Keenan, James G. vol. 15
    [Book Review] Basil G. Mandilaras, The Verb in the Greek Non-Literary Papyri [...] Keenan, James G. vol. 11
    An Instance of the Military Grade Flavialis Keenan, James G. vol. 10
    Flavius John, Scholasticus: A Note on PSI 963 Keenan, James G. vol. 9
    A List of Debtors (P. Teb. 639) Keenan, James G. vol. 9
    Two Loans from Tebtunis Keenan, James G. vol. 7
    Comparative Approaches to the Social History of Roman Egypt Kehoe, Dennis P. vol. 26
    Dreams in Bilingual Papyri from the Ptolemaic Period Kidd, Stephen vol. 48
    [Review] Peter Arzt-Grabner, Ruth Elisabeth Kritzer, Amphilochios Papathomas, and Franz Winter, with two contributions by Michael Ernst, with the assistance of Günther Schwab and Andreas Bammer,1. Korinther Kloppenborg, John S. vol. 47
    The Dream of Nektanebos Koenen, Ludwig vol. 22
    Notes on Papyri Koenen, Ludwig vol. 16
    A Rhythmical Arrangement of the Fragmentum De bellis Macedonicis Kouznetsov, Alexander vol. 47
    From Logos to Myth: Egyptian Petitions of the 5th-7th Centuries Kovelman, Arkady B. vol. 28
    P.Oxy. VI 846 (Amos 2, Old Greek) Reconsidered Kraft, Robert A. vol. 16
    [Book Review] William A. Johnson, Bookrolls and Scribes in Oxyrhynchus [...] Kraus, Thomas J. vol. 43
    [Book Review] Klaas A. Worp, Greek Ostraka from Kellis: O.Kellis, Nos. 1-293. With a chapter on the ostraka and the archaeology of Ismant el-Kharab by Colin A. Hope. Dakhleh Oasis Project, Monograph 13. [...] Kraus, Thomas J. vol. 43
    P.Vindob.G. 39756 + Bodl. MS Gr. th. f 4 [P]: Fragmente eines Codex der griechischen Petrus-Apokalypse Kraus, Thomas J. vol. 40
    P.Princeton AM11224D = Iliad XXI.464-468 Kraut, Bruce H. vol. 24
    Space, Distance and Gender: Authority and the Separation of Communities in the White Monastery Krawiec, Rebecca vol. 35
    A Seventh-Century List of Jars from Edfu Kruit, Nico; Worp, Klaas A. vol. 39
    The Spathion Jar in the Papyri Kruit, Nico; Worp, Klaas A. vol. 38
    [Review] Egypt at Empire's End Kuehn, Clement A. vol. 46
    [Book Review] Treu, Kurt, and Johannes Diethart, Griechische literarische Papyri christlichen Inhaltes II [...] Kuehn, Clement A. vol. 30
    Dioskoros of Aphrodito and Romanos the Melodist Kuehn, Clement A. vol. 27
    [Book Review] Hunter, Richard. Theocritus and the Archeology of Greek Poetry [...] Kutzko, David vol. 36