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    Zur Personenkunde des griechisch-römischen Altertums Habicht, Christian vol. 21
    Bacchylides Fr. 60 M. and the Kassandra Hadjimichael, Theodora A. vol. 51
    Brothers or Lovers? A New Reading of the "Tondo of the Two Brothers" Haeckl, Anne E. vol. 38
    Zwei Aufträge zur Ausstellung von Kopfsteuerquittungen Hagedorn, Dieter vol. 50
    Marci Aurelli in Ägypten Nach der Constitutio Antoniniana Hagedorn, Dieter vol. 16
    Zur Katenenüberlieferung des Hiobkommentars von Didymos dem Blinden Hagedorn, Ursula ; Hagedorn, Dieter vol. 22
    Das Formular der Überstellungsbefehle im Römischen Ägypten Hagedorn, Ursula vol. 16
    Alexander's Non-European Troops and Ptolemy I's Use of Such Troops Hammond, N.G.L. vol. 33
    The Scene in Iliad 18.497-508 and the Albanian Blood-feud Hammond, N.G.L. vol. 22
    [Obituary] Louise C. Youtie (1909-2004) Hanson, Ann E. vol. 41
    [Obituary] Louise C. Youtie (1909-2004) Hanson, Ann E. vol. 41
    P. Mich. inv. 1933: Accounts of a Textile Establishment Hanson, Ann E. vol. 16
    [Book Review] Cuvigny, Hélène Papyrus Graux II (P.Graux 9 à 29) [...] Hanson, Ann Ellis vol. 35
    [Book Review] Hoogendijk, F.A.J., and van Minnen, P., edd. [...]Papyri, Ostraca, Parchments and Waxed Tablets in the Leiden Papyrological Institute [...] Hanson, Ann Ellis vol. 30
    Fragment of a Letter from the Reign of Augustus Hanson, Ann Ellis vol. 24
    [Book Review] S. Kambitsis, Le Papyris Thmouis 1: colonnes 68-160. [...] Hanson, Ann Ellis vol. 23
    Private Letter Hanson, Ann Ellis vol. 22
    The Archive of Isidoros of Psophthis and P. Ostorius Scapula, Praefectus Aegypti Hanson, Ann Ellis vol. 21
    P.Mich. inv. 1434: Receipts for Syntaximon and Beer Tax Hanson, Ann Ellis vol. 19
    [Book Review] T.C. Skeat, Greek Papyri in the British Museum (now in the British Library), volume VII: The Zenon Archive [...] Hanson, Ann Ellis vol. 14
    P.Princeton 160 Hanson, Ann Ellis vol. 10
    Drei Ostraka aus der Sammlung Moen Harrauer, H.; Sijpesteijn, P.J. vol. 20
    Lydus, De Magistratibus 1.27: A Reply Harris, William V. vol. 16
    Commentary on Odyssey 21 Haslam, M. W.; Montanari, Franco vol. 20
    Attestations of ἡ κοινή in BKT 10.4 (Hom. Od. 15.531-553 with marginal annotations) Haslam, Michael vol. 50
    Αλκαῖος ό τῶν έπῶν ποιητής Haslam, Michael vol. 25
    New Readings in an Early Iliad Manuscript Haslam, Michael W. vol. 28
    A New Papyrus of the Mythographus Homericus Haslam, Michael W. vol. 27
    Gregorian Chant Haslam, Michael W. vol. 27
    P.Wash. Univ. inv. 217: Commentary on Iliad 9 Haslam, [Michael] W. vol. 22
    A Lease of House-Property from Byzantine Oxyrhynchus Hatzilambrou, Rosalia G. vol. 41
    A Duke Papyrus of Herodotus iv 144.2-145.1 Hatzilambrou, Rosalia G. vol. 39
    Some Techniques in the Placement of Papyrus Fragments Hedrick, Charles W. vol. 13
    [Book Review] Bulletin de Liaison du Groupe International d'Égypte de la Céramique Égyptienne XIX (1996) ]...] Hedstrom, Darlene Brooks vol. 36
    [Book Review] Bulletin de Liaison du Groupe International d'Étude de la Céramique Égyptienne XVIII [...] Hedstrom, Darlene Brooks vol. 34
    Des nouvelles de Paniskos Heilporn, Paul vol. 49
    "Thou Shalt Not Kill a Tree": Greek, Manichean and Indian Tales Heinrichs, Albert vol. 16
    Guarding Grapes in Roman Egypt (P.Mich. inv. 438) Helms, Kyle vol. 50
    Petitions to the Dioiketes? Hengstl, Joachim vol. 33
    [Book Review] Corpus der ptolemäischen Sklaventexte: 3 Teile, hrsg. von R. Scholl [...] Hengstl, Joachim vol. 29
    Homer, Iliad 9.320-333 Hennessey, Barry J. vol. 7
    “Goldfinger” on a Leiden Mummy Label? Hernández, Raquel Martín; Worp, Klaas A. vol. 50
    The Dossier of Flavia Anastasia, Part One: Document Prescripts Hickey, T.M.; Haug, Brendan J. vol. 48
    The Dossier of Patermouthis Sidêrourgos: New Texts from Chicago Hickey, T.M.; Worp, K.A. vol. 34
    Two Papyri in Lund Hickey, Todd M. vol. 46
    For Jim Keenan Hickey, Todd M. vol. 45
    An Inconvenient Truth? P.Oxy. 18.2196 verso, the Apion Estate, and fiscalité in the Late Antique Oxyrhynchite Hickey, Todd M. vol. 45
    The Inhabitants of Heraklia Hobson, Deborah vol. 23
    The Village of Heraklia in the Arsinoite Nome Hobson, Deborah vol. 22
    Agricultural Land and Economic Life in Soknopaiou Nesos Hobson, Deborah vol. 21
    [Book Review] Konkordanz und Supplement zu Berichtigungsliste Band I-VII, ed. W. Clarysse, R.W. Daniel, F.A.J. Hoogendijk, and P. van Minnen [...] Hobson, Deborah W. vol. 28
    P.Yale Inventory 1729 Hobson, Deborah W. vol. 1
    Naming Practices is Roman Egypt Hobson, Deborah [W.] vol. 26
    A sitologos Receipt from Roman Tebtynis Hoffman, Jesse E. vol. 49
    Noms sémitiques à Edfou et Thèbes Honigman, Sylvie vol. 40
    Coptic Documents from the Michigan Collection Husselman, E.M. vol. 19
    Two Archives From Karanis Husselman, Elinor M. vol. 1
    Houses in Syene in the Patermouthis Archive Husson, [Geneviève] vol. 27
    Sogdian Tanais in Aristobulus Huxley, George vol. 22