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    Compromissum Gagos, Traianos vol. 45
    Material Culture and Texts of Graeco-Roman Egypt: Creating Context, Debating Meaning Gagos, Traianos; Gates, Jennifer; Wilburn, Andrew vol. 42
    Homerica Varia Michiganensia Gagos, Traianos; Litinas, Nikos; Priest, Nancy E. vol. 41
    Editorial Foreword Gagos, Traianos vol. 41
    Editorial Foreword Gagos, Traianos vol. 41
    Editorial Foreword Gagos, Traianos vol. 40
    Preface Gagos, Traianos vol. 37
    Restoring Heraclas, alias Heracleon (P.Mich. inv. nos. 173a ined. + 175, and 1230) Gagos, Traianos vol. 34
    Towards an Explanation of the Typology of the So-Called "Orders to Arrest" Gagos, Traianos ; Sijpesteijn, P.J. vol. 33
    Receipt for Tax-money, with Some New Officials Gagos, Traianos; Sijpesteijn, P.J. vol. 30
    [Book Review] Corpus Papyronum Raineri Band XVIIA, Griechische Texte XII A, Die Archive der Aurelii Adelphios und Asklepiades, herausgegeben von Klaas A. Worp [...] Gagos, Traianos vol. 29
    Affitti da Tebtynis Galazzi, Claudio vol. 15
    Papyrology in Spain Galiano, M.F. vol. 2
    P.Mil Vogl inv. 1224: Novum Testamentum, Act. 2,30-37 E 2,46-3,2 Gallazzi, Claudio vol. 19
    Riedizione di SPP XXII 117: Ricevute per versamenti di syntaximon e merismoi Gallazzi, Claudio vol. 17
    A Contract for the Advanced Sale of Wine Gallimore, Scott vol. 49
    Amphora Production in the Roman World. A View from the Papyri Gallimore, Scott vol. 47
    [Review] A. Magnani, Il processo di Isidoro. Roma e Alessandria nel primo secolo Gambetti, Sandra vol. 48
    [Book Review] Katherine Blouin, Le conflit judéo-alexandrin de 38-41. L’identité juive à l’épreuve. [...] Gambetti, Sandra vol. 44
    A Greek Christian Liturgical Hymn (P.CtYBR inv. 1584A) Gampel, Alan; Grassien, Céline vol. 49
    An Oxyrhynchite Marriage Contract as School Exercise? Garvey, Tom vol. 47
    A Woman’s Unease about Her Property Garvey, Tom vol. 47
    [Review] Marja Vierros, Bilingual Notaries in Hellenistic Egypt: A Study of Greek as a Second Language. Collectanea Hellenistica 5 George, Coulter vol. 50
    [Review] Hilla Halla-aho, The Non-Literary Latin Letters: A Study of their Syntax and Pragmatics George, Coulter H. vol. 47
    A Unique Christian Epitaph from the Upper Tembris Valley Gibson, Elsa Peterson vol. 12
    The Transformation of the Second Aorist in Koine Greek Gignac, Francis T. vol. 22
    Two Papyri from the MIchigan Collection Gignac, Francis T. vol. 16
    A Document from the Reign of Caracalla in the Michigan Collection Gignac, Francis T. vol. 13
    A Sale of Land from the Michigan Collection Gignac, Francis T. vol. 13
    Romanization of the Greek East: The Role of the Army Gilliam, J. Frank vol. 2
    [Book Review] Robert O. Fink, Roman Military Records on Papyrus [...] Gilliam, J.F. vol. 15
    The Dura Latin Papyri Revisited Gilliam, J.F. vol. 15
    A Note on P.Oxy. I 32 (=Ch.L.A. IV 267) Gilliam, J.F. vol. 13
    Three Ostraca from Latopolis Gilliam, J.F. vol. 13
    Canaliclarius and Kananiklarios (P.Oxy. XL 2925) Gilliam, J.F. vol. 13
    A Legionary Veteran and His Family Gilliam, J.F. vol. 8
    P.Wisconsin 14 Gilliam, J.F. vol. 5
    [Book Review] Caroline T. Schroeder, Monastic Bodies: Discipline and Salvation in Shenoute of Atripe. [...] Goehring, James E. vol. 44
    [Book Review] Jitse Dijkstra and Mathilde van Dijk (eds.), The Encroaching Desert: Egyptian Hagiography and the Medieval West [...] Goehring, James E. vol. 44
    An Odyssey Fragment from Oxyrhynchus Goldberg, Sander M. vol. 15
    Ptolema's Distress Away From Home (SB XX 14132 Revised) Gonis, N. vol. 34
    [Review] Hélène Cuvigny, Ostraca de Krokodilô. La correspondance militaire et sa circulation Gonis, Nikolaos vol. 46
    Further Letters from the Archive of Apa Ioannes Gonis, Nikolaos vol. 45
    [Book Review] Rupprecht, H.-A. and A.M.F.W. Verhoogt (eds.) Berichtigungsliste der griechischen Papyrusurkunden aus Ägypten. Elfter Band [...] Gonis, Nikolaos vol. 41
    Two Entagia in Search of an Author Gonis, Nikolaos; Morelli, Federico vol. 39
    Six Small Byzantine Papyri from the Duke Collection Gonis, Nikolaos vol. 37
    New Directions Gordon, Cyrus H. vol. 15
    [Book Review] Symposium 1977. [...] Górecka, Danuta vol. 20
    Change and Continuity in the Administration of Ptolemaic Lycia: A Note on P. Tebt. I 8 Gygax, Marc Domingo vol. 42